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  1. Hello from Denmark

    ja det vil jeg mene en politimand er jeg er lidt ubestemt endnu, kan ikke beslutte mig mellem 2 ting florist hvor jeg farmer egne blomster. hvis muligt. ellers en der laver smykker
  2. i wish the game was already out from that video i just watched. Thank you for that.
  3. hehe that would be nice if you could do just that, i love flowers. the video you linked me, will it show me how you can design a car or jewls if that is the profession you go into ?? i like jewls, such as rings and all that.
  4. thanks not fond of discord, but thank you. can you be a florist, farming your own flowers ??
  5. uhh awsome thanks. So just how does the design stuff works ? is there a video you can watch or something ? kids is fun, but i also bet it will take some work to make it work somehow in a code, and i guess you can always make an update to the game later.
  6. Hello from Denmark

    hvis dette er scam, er jeg glad for at det ikke er en af de høje pakker jeg brugte penge på men det er træls uanset hvad. 3 år er lang tid og jeg hørte først om spillet i går.
  7. hi. I'm a new player and and bought the pack where beta game was included, does that mean i can try it out somehow ?? and also i was reading that you can be married in the game and share your life that way, does that mean you can get kids together to in the game ?? i was just wondering about that right away when i read it so i figured i would ask, at least i wont hurt to do so. And if it is not something you have thought about, well you can now. hugs Wiccani
  8. Hello from Denmark

    mange tak glad for at være her. skal du så være ond eller god ??
  9. What will you RP in identity?

    you all have a very clear mind in what you what to do. I myself want a crimefree life designing something, maybe jewls if i can even do that..... i'm completely new here so just reading up on stuff. I dont even know how to get to claim my pladge (did i spell that right... or not) nevermind we will see what i chose when the game really comes out, a mob boss could be fun to maybe... but that is the crime side
  10. Hello from Denmark

    i'm a new player from Denmark. So hi to you all, must say i'm a bit worried after reading trough the forum and how this game have been delayed... but i will take my chance for now since i only just found out about it I wish you all well and happiness /wiccani