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  1. New Information from paratus

    "clunky for combat?" It's clunky in freeplay too.
  2. Time to be Real

    This is the third game I have backed that has went dead. This game is also the reason I will never back a game again. The whole "kickstart" "early backing" of games was a good idea but now it is just scams and money grabs. If the Devs truely bit off more than they could chew just admit it and give refunds. For now it looks like a money grab because of the total lack of progress on the game and the total lack of communication on the offical site and steam.
  3. A slight concern

    The lack of updates and info from the Devs does cause people to have negative feelings toward the game. I think the game will be good and I have no concern over the delays because that is just normal for MMO's, but I do wish we were in the loop more.
  4. A rant about the ranters

    I have played MMOs since Beta on UO and almost all of them have delays and deadlines missed. I automatically in my head I replace any word or phrase that has something to do with schedule and deadline with "best estimated guess." If you really want to see missed deadlines and cash grabbing stroll on over to Star Citizen. 2 years behind, constant changing of what is being developed, constant changes in policies, changes to what you get for helping fund it, and still asking for more money.
  5. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

    I was a beta tester for UO and have played MMOs ever since.
  6. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    It's been fixed.
  7. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    If your character is weak it should be pointed out so you can improve
  8. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    I dont think games like this should announce deadlines. I know it helps drive the market and flow cash in, but it also creates this flood of short attention span drones that just bitch about missing the dead line. People need to burn a few leaves, chill out, and just enjoy the great community that is forming. If you dont have patients you shouldn't back games in hopes of getting a leg up and just wait for the shelf version.
  9. A few things.

    I just want a full credit refund so I can buy the better "up scale package" and have almost $40 to spend on dogs and other stuff. Kind of insulting to pay $100 a while back and I could have just held out for the $150 package to go on sale for less.
  10. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    I noticed the sale price for the "upgrade package" that use to be $150 is now cheaper than the $100 package. How can I get a refund so I can buy the better package and have almost $40 returned or credited. Asylum is not responding to emails or FB.