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  1. Computer can't be booted

    I think the Win 7 is better than Win 10 ,Windows10 has many drawbacks
  2. Computer can't be booted

    Thank you for reminding me ,When I was on vacation, i haven't used my computer for 10 days , that's what happened when I got back ,I asked my parents and they had no access to my computer ,but I've tried other passwords, and the computer doesn't accept them.
  3. Computer can't be booted

    Maybe the Rufus is not as useful as i thought .
  4. Computer can't be booted

    Before I created a bootable disk, my computer displayed a "The user name or password is incorrect" when I logged in it with password . After boot the computer, I tried to log in to the computer, but it still needed my login password, and it gave me the same prompt :The user name or password is incorrect
  5. Computer can't be booted

    How to do ? It doesn't seem to support Windows 10 .
  6. Computer can't be booted

    Windows 10 has many bugs ,Windows 7/8 will indeed be more stable than Windows 10
  7. Computer can't be booted

    My computer´╝łWin 10 ) was locked , so i make a bootable disk for it , But strangely, my computer didn't boot successfully ,does anyone have any relevant experience? I don't know what to do next ?