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  1. Hello from Sweden

  2. Hello from west virginia <3

    Hi everyone I'm Jessica. I'm new to role playing game. I so can not wait til this game comes out. I think it will definently be a hit because the few npcs and it'll just be us players. Cant wait to play with the devs and the rest of the people! I'm really excited to try role playing for once! I so hope I don't suck at it lol. Well see ya'll in game. Ohhh and i've been following ya'lls twitch really like the progress with everything and perfect and good games takes a while but ya'll are doing really well with your progress for sure. See ya'll in game on release!
  3. Sam's Introduction

  4. What will you RP in identity?

    Criminal justice lawyer, or a nurse or doctor! Maybe police and ill probably start off in crime and drugs turn my life around and become one of the 4 options up there lol.