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  1. Founder , Motorist pack

    i buyyed founder pack 2 days ago for 30 dollar now motorist pack is 30 dollar im gonnaa cryyyy
  2. Getting Keys!

    @Loewe8yea finnaly
  3. Getting Keys!

  4. HYPE ???
  5. HYPE ???

    i sayed sorry in discord sorru
  6. HYPE ???

    nooo its not @Loewe8
  7. Basic Info on Characters

    RP Name: Ceoth Oblivon [i will change im not sure] Description of character: Beach short clasic t shirt and trainers What job do you want to have in Identity? : Bussines or gang leader What city do you want to live in? : Roseport What are your goals in Identity? : live relax and making more money
  8. Backpack system [Dying]

    when we die our items in our inventory are gonna drop the floor or they stay whit us ?
  9. Hello From Turkey

    @cenkmert steamım bu ekleyebilirsin alma yolunu anlatırım founder aldım paypalla
  10. Where are you from?

    @Furigold ekle türküm tüm türk oyuncuları bir araya toplamaya çalışıyorum
  11. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    @erdeminoff ekle türküm tüm türkleri bir araya toplamaya çalışıyorum
  12. Houses and Economy

    @ozan22 ekle bende türküm 30dolarlık pakedi aldım
  13. Taxi

    if will taxi be in the game its will be awsome for not walking all the way to your home its might be a good idea
  14. Android/ios app

    if we see android and ios app it will be awsome like showing ur items money i hope they do sorry for my bad english
  15. New here

    u need to wait module 1 to play when 3 modules will be over full game gonna relase
  16. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    1965 Ford Mustang GT [I Really Want This One]
  17. Current plan for the next stream (June 28th)

    did i miss nooooooo
  18. i dont like crews like that becouse they dont makin rp they just shooting and yelling bad words i hope this crew is normal roleplayer crew
  19. Heyo, From Australia!

  20. upgrading

    i want upgrade but i dont have money i have founders pack
  21. game

    no one has the game now
  22. Hi My Name Is Hasan - Ceothryth im 16 years old and i wanted to make steam group and discord chat for making friends play together find ppl from your country and chat and i did i created intarnatinal steam group and discord chat for Identity If you want make friends and play togather you can come to my steam group and discord if admins or modarators want to come i will give the group to him or i give him permision if he want i readed the rules and i dont see this is illegal if its illigal mods tell me please Thanks. -Ceothryth Steam Group : [Not only Turkey its International] Discord Chat :