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  1. Posts getting locked

    I think they enjoy locking the odd post here and there because it must be refreshing to use some working functionality once in a while
  2. Ummm ?

    Let be honest, the game is dead... does anyone know of anything like this that has a hope of release? Or are we all just going to have to wait for GTA VI? Realistically, IF and thats a very big IF, this game does come to Fruition, it will likely be a full game realease around 2021-2022...By that time, this game which already looks dated, will look like Goldeneye 64 looks to us right now - which in its time, was great, but in todays market, looks like a piece of shit. by 2022, there will be so many other better games developed by capable developers, perhaps time to start looking at following those titles rather than this dead horse turd of a fuckup?
  3. lolz... this phrase is probably the most important part of that statement... Just anticipate 2020 or 2021 and u wont be disappointed.
  4. Ummm ?

    So in all those 'patches' you listed... there was no actual new playable functionality? I think you will be lucky to get a new shop with nothing to buy in it and some additional karaoke songs!
  5. Ummm ?

    Oh right... Well let's see what the first of these patches includes shall we? I would anticipate a shop you can go into but not buy anything from... Or perhaps a new song on the karaoke? I have genuinely seen more functional university dissertations of throw away games than this... Incredible idea for the game, but wrong company to develop it I'm afraid.
  6. I'm afraid you have got it all wrong... What you see now is most likely it... there will be a few additions im sure, but this will probably never be a fully playable game as intended as no one in their right might will be purchasing it based upon the thousands of steam reviews 95% of them negative. Funding cut, this game (game being very generous!!!) will not be able to progress any further...
  7. Ummm ?

    game is more dead than Ned Stark... RIP to those who invested in cars LMAO
  8. Jesus! Is that a record low on steam?? You could probably release a calculator and it would get more hits than that!
  9. Patch notes

    What are u even trying to play? There is literally no content in there yet. Just wait another year and try again, it will be a much better experience.
  10. So, whats coming next?

    I may be way behind here, I really dont have time to be trawling through dev blogs etc... As far as I can see, I have completed Identity as it stands... Done some karaoke, stole some clothes, did some graffiti, customised an apartment, played with chess pieces etc. Yes its all buggy, but for the most part, it works. So exactly what comes next? I believe there are going to be a number of small updates to contribute to TS over the coming months/years. Is there any idea about what the upcoming content will be? Yes, the tattoos etc, but what about the next part of good functionality that may give players something to actually do? Some kind of grind? I would love Asylum to start to be a bit more transparent with exactly what their roadmap will look like over the next year. Give people something small to look forward to each month?
  11. Realistic chess

    In all honesty, this is probably all due to laziness, rather than 'let the players regulate the rules'. But think about it.... realistically, I doubt there is anyone who will actually play a game of chess on here? Why would you? Plenty of other better platforms to play it on. Saying that, i would much rather the devs concentrated on some good content than write rules for a chess game no one is going to play. Let's not make a big deal about this, lets get the devs focused on content worth playing
  12. Yes you can... its even on special offer with 10% off at just £21.41!
  13. This is my opinion/held by me alone and many may disagree which is fine, but let's be human here. I'm not being funny, but I personally feel it is a disgrace that Asylum are trying to flog this game on Steam - its one thing to screw up the kickstarter people, they knew what they were in for, but to try and sell this as a game on steam is just dishonest. The community has done its best to try and protect those spending their actual money by leaving the deserved feedback/reviews, but there will be many people out there who want to try it anyway and will end up being scammed with promises that Asylum have not proved that they are able to deliver. They don't know the history behind all the delays, promises etc. Judging from what has been delivered, (ignoring the bugs) can you honestly believe that Asylum have the capability to deliver the following functionality to a level that is playable and fun? - Guns - Cars - Jobs I understand that upon release many games have bugs, I get that... But, Asylum have literally shown hardly any understanding of game development. Ignore the the main bugs and look at the game... Look at it for what it is... This is a sub-par university final year project/dissertation, not a game people should invest money in, let alone the additional apartments, dogs, cars and clothing! Absolute disgrace in my opinion that this has been put up for sale on steam.
  14. Its a Prank??

    Just logged on and played some of this 'Game'. Fucking hell... that is all...