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  1. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    people should stop estimating how long one task will take as doing so only brings disappointment when it exceeds your expectation... for christ sake its been over 3 years in development and just because a tracker says one task you all expect: oh hey its just one task, it shouldn't take too long... solving the problem of world hunger is only one task... curing AIDs is only one task... (you get where i am going)... we do not know what that one task entails... (yes the devs could shed more light on that one task) but at the same time you all waited over 3 years, now getting angry over one task spanning a few weeks. When the module comes out and you all can log in to: 1. run around a very limited space 2. customize your character 3. add people to your friend list 4. see inside of your apartment 5. sit on a chair 6. play a board game 7. listen to music .... and pretty much nothing of realize significance, you should be happy with that, then start complaining about not being able to do more in the "game" after waiting so long. The way you all complain it seems as if town square will actually be the full release, its not even the beta for christ sake.
  2. dont think this game will ever come out

    well, it was already mentioned that town square will only showcase character customization, inside of apartment and just running around the town square interacting with other players. This release of TS is not the release of the actual game but only a module (something to show what the game would probably look and feel like) so more than likely it will have bugs that the devs will access and fix. Do not get your hopes up that with town square you can run around rob, kill, drive, etc. TS is not even a beta version of the game. think of it as a 3d version of your facebook, only that you will not be able to upload pics, videos and stuff. just hope that the other 2 modules will drop significantly faster than the time it took for the town square release. only after that can the first real beta version of the game be put out for testing.
  3. why is everyone so overly anxious about town square. you all have to bear in mind that it wont be the actual game.all there will be is avatars running around then standing in front of each other. in a sense it will be a 3d version of social media excepting u cant post pictures or videos. just wait patiently until the 3rd module is near completion they drool about when the first beta of the full game drops. =.=
  4. Devs are still testing...

    everyone keeps getting their hopes up, thinking that, for example, the devs completed a task so the game will be ready at the end of the week... then when a week pass, the complaints pour in
  5. Are there any artwork or rendering of the founder hat, rusted car, old dirt bike, used motorcycle or sports car? ....just to get preview of what we are getting
  6. Date ?

    Just follow the tracker... i believe as soon as all the tasks are completed then a date will be posted...
  7. Lazy and unprofessional developers.

    It would be unfair to say the developers are lazy because unlike the developers of Far Cry, Asylum has a smaller team and does not have a base model to build upon as what they are trying to produce will be ground breaking in it self. Think about this: if the team was to put out an unpolished result and try to refine it while users are testing, we all would be complaining that it is garbage which will result in the project crashing before it has a chance to change the gaming arena. 2015 until now may be a very long time to be waiting given the build up of anticipation and I would think asylum knows this and are trying to speedily get the ball rolling. I can be very impatient at times but if asylum completes what I envision this game to be then it will be well worth it.
  8. in regards to vehicles, instead of vehicle vanishing after, lets say, 30 minutes why not have a more interactive system where you have an impound lot that is npc operated and npc tow trucks. how it could work is like this: 1. having spots where a player can safely park, in indicated areas that are highlighted only when inside vehicle. 2. if an annoying player (and there will be lots) choose to exit and leaves the vehicle anywhere that may be of nuisance to other players for longer than an alloted time then the tow truck comes along and pulls the vehicle to the pound (which doesn't necessarily have to display every vehicle in the lot but rather have the vehicle disappear after the tow truck pulls it in) 3. the owner of the vehicle will now have to enter the front office of the pound and pay a fee to get it back i believe this will prevent congested streets and cars parked on sidewalks, on chairs and god knows where else
  9. Ig/irl linked Stock Market! (POLL)

    why link it to irl stock exchange when using identity's player economy can be so much better for players willing to take the risk. The idea of an in game stock market is great but I believe that getting the core aspects of the game up and running should be the main priority, then after maybe a few years (based on how gamers take to the game) the developers can bring that option to spice it up and keep things interesting. By then a few players would have sizeable ventures up and running to take part.
  10. Hey everyone! This is my first time posting to a forum What I would like to know is, since the economy itself will be mostly player driven: 1a. Will there be a unlimited amount of currency in circulation in the game; or will developers have a starting cap (for example: 1trillion dollars) from which the player pledges will receive $1000-4000 at start based on the package purchased, and as the game progresses, your are rewarded with cash based on jobs completed. if it is the latter when the game amassed a multitude of players will more currency be injected in the game. 1b.If a player runs out of cash is there a loan system in place at the banks or will a player be at the mercy and whim of other players or his/her credit card? Will prices of items be controlled by an in-game system with inflation auto calculated as time progresses; or controlled by players? 2a.Will there be a set amount of each item that is created by developers (for example cars, bikes, etc.), and will there be a cap on the amount of items that can be created by players (for example: a limit of 1mil tons of drugs, or 1 mil tons of agricultural produce, 1 mil units of shirts, shoes, etc.) considering that items in the game will take up physical space in game. Will the value of items in the game be subjected to inflation due to the demand? 2b. Are there measures in place to prevent one player or a group of players from totally monopolizing a certain aspect of the game and thus controlling prices; or is it that the prices of goods will be controlled by an in-game system of some sort? 3. Will the food or objects in-game that is created by players/developers be subjected to decay? for example, does food decay in game; or once it is produced it becomes immortal in your inventory? *** these questions may have been asked and answered by i cannot seem to find it