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  1. Text chat

    Bear in mind that most 'natural' English speakers, can ONLY speak english. So if English is your second language you are already ahead on the education front. If anyone is ignorant enough to disparage your accent or grammar... ask them to communicate in your language instead. That will shut them up. But honestly, I don't think you will have any problems like that. Most people are happy to speak to fellow gamers, wherever they are from.
  2. Another Rant about time square

    How did that work out in 'Nam?
  3. Games keeping you occupied?

    I'm playing Elite:Dangerous and ESO, which eats up a fair few hours every week. I imagine I'll still be playing them this time next year..:P
  4. hello from murrica

    Welcome to the land of perpetual whining. Hope to see you ingame sometime before Xmas..:)
  5. Bank Heist Crew

    I'm telling.
  6. Public transport

    I would like a jeepney.
  7. ur new cheif

    Deer cheef, I m heer 4 role cawl. I has expeeriants at beein nicked. Can I has a gun?
  8. ur new cheif

    I wanna work for dis guy.