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  1. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    All outstanding tasks are now marked as being "in testing". Good progress from the Devs, despite what some people may think. Not long now!
  2. Hello All!

    Welcome! Blimey I haven't heard of The Sims Online in ages! I remember it was big but short-lived. See you in game hopefully!
  3. My passport has just arrived!

    Hi Luke, and welcome! Happy to team up with you, I'm also from England. Add me on Steam and I'll add you back once I'm back from holiday: stig4532
  4. Helllllooo

    Hi all! My name is actually Alex, but I opted for this username as it is much cooler! I'm from England. So I found out about Identity from YouTuber TheDynasty. I was a regular player of PERP and DarkRP on GMOD until it all got a bit stale, so to see Identity be so diverse in its features is wonderful to see. After watching the recent stream, j got my hands on the Founders passport. I haven't been this excited for a game since Battlefield 1. What will I do in game? I'm not too sure. I'm quite creative so perhaps I'll join a furniture company or make my own. I'm a casual gamer in the sense that I like to take this they come. Looking forward to the release of the Town Square!