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  1. Ummm ?

    Sooooo it's not dead
  2. Show me your apartment

  3. My opinion on the town square

    The electrical plug appeared automatically. Now that I think of it, I didn't tested all the outlets in the apartment. I tested the one right under the window on what I think is the bedroom with the twisted lamp (can't remember the name). The cable pops in as soon as you place the lamp and can be turner on or off pressing E when aiming at the lamp. As for object over surfaces, I was able to put the used ashtray (the one with cigarettes in) on a table (can't remember which one), over the ledge of the pool table and a piece of furniture (buffet something). I was also abe to place the pool cue on the ledge of the pool table.
  4. My opinion on the town square

    It depends on the item you are placing things over. I was able to put stuff on a table I bought. Need to be fixed nonetheless. I had no trouble using the electrical plug. Actually i didn't know that feature was there. I only wish the cables were longer, cause there are only a few sockets in the apartment. That is bugged as hell... I was able to paint, but only if you pick a very large brush and put your cursor right next to the canvas, but not over it. As soon as you "touch" the canvas, the brush will freeze. In other words, you can only paint around the canvas. Maybe delete that character? Probably the database issues they were having caused this. I have some items in my inventory that I can't delete, it's probably related.
  5. Apartment issue

    Happened to me as well, redesigned the apartment again, and today, when i got in, it was a mix of both designs with furniture overlapping everywhere... had to remove half of the furniture lol. Still, I'm glad it was saved somewhere. I was able to hang a picture I painted myself.
  6. I've played a lot (well, about 6 hours) already, most of the feature are working, but heavily bugged. I was able to play chess, watch a movie, buy clothes, customize my apartment, put some furniture in it, paint the wall next to the bank, use the easel and canvas (sorta lol) and hang the picture on my apartment wall, check the other floor plans and even visited other people apartments (by the way, the peep hole works perfectly with people outside). The last two days I was able to actually have some fun... Had a couple of laughs with some random people, even RP some situations... All in all I can see some future for this game (in contrary of what I said in another post somewhere in this forum). For the first couple of months I would suggest the Devs to invest a lot of time in bug fixing and overall optimization, so people can actually taste what this game is about. The lag spikes and features breaking every now and then are distracting and subtract a lot from the experience. They are already delivering hotfixes and updates daily, so I guess they are on the right track for now.
  7. Identity in a Nutshell - VIDEO

    Perhaps you should refrain from doing that again
  8. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    I totally agree with the OP... especially with the part "If you are done, then be done and move on from the forums." But I also understand why people act the way you described. After more than a decade of social networks, people (younger generations) are used to comment (positive and negative) about anything in their life: what they eat, how long they have to wait for the train, how school "sucks", without actually doing anything about it. And seeing this behavior everywhere it can almost be considered cultural. I grew so tired of this kind of behavior that I never opened any account on main socials... just Facebook to help me remember birthdays dates... I almost abandoned this forum few months prior to release cause I was sickened of people complaining on stuff (that could be actually true, at least for them) but did nothing about it. There were just a few individuals who actually refunded and kept posting here. Again, I have nothing against people voicing their opinions, but dude, you gotta be pretty darn stupid to realize you are being slowly scammed and all you do is observe and cry about it. The saddest part is that generation will be the next politician caste... About the game, this is pre-alpha... don't expect to have fun... Get in game (if you can) and seek for bugs... they are everywhere. Help the devs list all the bugs and classify them. Participate, be useful, be part of the community.
  9. Realistic chess

    Let the money get into the game and I'll show you in 5 minutes why moving the pieces anywhere is a good thing (for me)
  10. How can people still defend this game.

    I had such high hope for this game, still I don't see it coming back from this. And I'm not blaming the module, I've played it for a couple of hours and beside the art gallery, everything worked (sorta). The devs are working like crazy non-stop for the last few days and that is honorable. They will squash all the bugs, I'm sure. But I really don't see a bright future for the game itself. After this launch, they won't get a fraction of the funds they need to continue the project. I'm talking about expanding the team, recruiting more people, renting servers, and so on... Even the already small team is breaking apart... We lost the community manager a few months ago and now Motown left the project... The real question is: would you pay whatever you invested in the past into this game NOW? My answer is no. Hands down. I really, really hope that someone, anybody could prove me wrong.
  11. I guess only when the game fully releases... like in 2-3 years hopefully
  12. new patch thought??

    Yeah, they are working like crazy... Even after the tsunami of bad reviews and critics (which most are deserved tbh), they are still there, working non-stop. It's gonna be a rough couple of weeks for the Devs... Really hope it pays off in the end
  13. new patch thought??

    Guess it's normal... probably they sent out this patch to prevent us from getting in game and spam the servers... maybe they are testing stuff server side and need them to be live
  14. Game is out!

    Got in game, ran around for a couple of minutes, saw two more players, but could hear a thing (assuming they tried to talk). Started to browse some items in the shop but no UI showed up and got stuck in there... had to ALT-F4 to exit. Got between 30 to 17 FPS
  15. Servers

    Of course, that is true, but can you imagine what would have happened if they pushed/canceled the last release date? All of this only add to the fact that they are not experienced enough to handle such a project... I don't know man, I have mixed feelings about this whole thing