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  1. It looked awesome and I’m definitely excited for the release and it lived up to my expectations ????
  2. Yeah sounds great since I'm an Aussie and love Oceanic servers with whitelisting
  3. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    With police will you have criminal records and if you do have a criminal record I assume you won't be able to join the police for a certain period of time? Will it be hard getting into the police in general? Also will there be Australian Official servers? Cheers
  4. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Okay thats great to know then, can people steal your pledge item or destroy it? like your rusted car or bike? I know I read something about insurance for it. And by the way with driving will there be speed limits and speed cameras etc? Also can you store guns and items in your studio apartment? And if I say bought the $60 pledge but wanted to upgrade once we saw town square etc is that possible? Cause I heard it will be individual items instead of packages once the new website is launched Cheers
  5. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Thanks for the answers Subway and LuckyDuck I really appreciate it guys. Its still hard to figure out of its worth it pledging for a studio apartment cause the new pledge prices will change before we get to see the apartments in the town square module and I'm not sure how hard it will be to buy an apartment in game with how much money you can earn in-game So with the new shop, apart from the prices rising before the release of the Town Square module will there be new pledges with new rewards or not? And with the $1,000 cash I assume that any items or things you buy wont transfer between Official servers or will they? Cheers
  6. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Thanks for that mate I love how you guys answer all questions its refreshing, since money will be realistic and prices of things etc will be as well, I'm trying to figure out if its worth it doing the $100 pledge and having the studio apartment etc with the motorbike since an apartment will be very expensive, also with these pledge bonuses are they always with your account no matter what public server you go to? I assume in a private server you won't obviously have the pledge items? Cheers
  7. G'day from Australia

    G'Day mate! Haha yeah its nice to see another fellow Australian, I have high hopes too it looks awesome and full of features and things that Arma 3 could never be cause of its limitations, I played on Arma 3 life first, then Critical Gaming (CG) what about you? Definitely mate I totally agree it will be the 'go-to' game if its successful which I think it will be, will it actually go through steam servers but be bought through the website or what? Thats the part I was wondering about, and sure mate I'll check it out sounds good! Thanks mate! Thanks LuckyDuck I appreciate that mate, I'm looking forward to the life aspect which is everything really, to the customization of your character to the cars to the jobs and police and interaction with people it will be amazing Cheers Thanks Poly hope to see you soon too mate
  8. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Will this game be fully run off steam? What happens if you already have a passport? Or will the game just have servers through steam? Cheers
  9. G'day from Australia

    Hey guys thought I would just post something and introduce myself, I'm from Sydney Australia and I've always loved life simulators like Arma 3 life and games like that. I've always known about Identity and thought it sounds like an amazing game that is going to be far better than Arma 3 could ever have been. Can't wait to see you guys in the beta Cheers