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  1. Dev Blog Deletion

    Have been wondering about this too
  2. Car requests/suggestions

    just like gta
  3. Car requests/suggestions

    What about a mazda mx5 mk1 ? cheap tune car
  4. Who or what will you become?

    Will it be possible to make car brands? Because i would be in for that
  5. Car Spawning

    Or when you take out another car the old car goes back into the garage, altho at the other hand it could be usefull to lend your car to a friend for example, so u can drive with 2 cars
  6. Thank you Moderators

    i will say 2 words: Thank you devs and mods <3 (and other people that work on identity)
  7. its been a week

    Listen, if you code a code, and its going good for example u can say, it might be ready that moment, Right, when ur making it, outa nowhere theres an error, then u have to fix that error, good luck finding the error, when that error is fixed it can cause an other error, and lets just say sometimes things can take longer then expected, not because they dont put their time in it, but because unexpected things happen.
  8. Hand-to-hand combat

    i wanna become the new boxing champion! it would be amazing if you could learn like some other styles of fighting (in the future at least)
  9. Car Spawning

    i think 30 minutes is too short, You can always be in RP scenario that goes on longer than 30 minutes, and when u go back to where ur car was u dont want it just despawned.
  10. Greetings from Belgium

    Hello there, im also from belgium, i also like bikes and wonder what they will offer to biken and also cars with customization. i also played a ton of arma rp