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  1. I was wondering if console editions are for this game? Because I myself have a pretty bad PC.
  2. More ideas and suggestions

    1. Is it possible to create games for the in-game computer? 2. Food Delivery? 3. Uploading Videos on the In-game computer? 4. Diseases? 5. Custom in-game consoles and games for them?
  3. More ideas and suggestions

    Thanks for feedback, and I don't care about bad grammar. I'm not American either.
  4. I bet it does take a while to make a game. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. 2021!? I hope its not that long
  6. Oh, how many years...
  7. More than a human?

    Woah, that's pretty interesting. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. Could you be a kid or an animal? Because in my mind some kids could be playing as an adult, and they have a high-pitched voice. To me that's pretty weird. And the animal feature. Someone might want to be a dog, cat, shark, etc. This is an idea and a question.
  9. Car Spawning

    My idea for this would be if nobody is using it at all or if it's owned and/or stolen.
  10. Hacking

    Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Is it possible to hack in Identity?