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  1. Town Square

    Look at the steam page/numbers first if you still wanna go for it sure, but I'd recommend on waiting to see if it comes out of early access or gets any other major updates beforehand because it's currently pretty dead and still not really a game unless you wanna customize your house and play chess
  2. Devs haven't been online since august

    This is blatantly a scam at this point. There has been little to no game development over these years and they have 1.5 million dollars worth of funding
  3. Identity was a Cashgrab

    what a shit rule
  4. $30 to play virtual chess and decorate a house like the sims
  5. No update for 2 month??

    Fair response
  6. No update for 2 month??

    "Limited time offer" for years now, selling packages people haven't even coded yet, pricing beta separately from main game for exact same price, selling beta separately, 1.4 million raised according to homepage, year is 2019 now and we're just getting guns, game is priced on steam for $30 even though its early access and in a "module", it costs as much as Arma 3, most people raise their prices when a product has merit and is reputable. I'd be happy if the devs, or anyone, was upfront about anything, but late deadlines and the product lacking when it does come out. Such as the "Crime and Punishment" trailer. It makes a lot of people lose optimism. They delayed the Crime/Punishment trailer according to needing a walking animation if I remember correctly, and then upon release claimed it was a placeholder and made no statement on it. If the walking anim was a placeholder then why was there a delay? It's minor, but small lies like that make people feel like they can't trust the devs words. In the gun video, it was shown that melee fighting has real physics, and showed none of it? I doubt it's done, but maybe I'm wrong. In fact, chess, with the town square, was often broken on release as well as numerous decorations within the house. I definitely heard "you can play chess" a fuckton of times before that release. I know plenty of much smaller devs that are a lot more personal and humble about their progress, most people in the community wouldn't care if it was small things to be updated about, or just an honest "It is not done." tl;dr Fuck the devs personally for cash grab tendencies coupled with blatant lying about progress. lol "executive" tag
  7. No update for 2 month??

    I would request my $15 back but theres no way that is happening Ran off with my shit and I didn't even get to play what they DID release
  8. People need to understand

    Nobody ever complained about the devs communicating lmao, everybody complained that what they say just blatantly isn't true. Remember when they said the trailer was being delayed to get the animations? Then it released and they said don't worry they're just placeholders? And then when the placeholders are just in the actual game now? (I'm pretty sure, if not,the animations look like shit anyway). People complain because of broken promises and lack of commitment to a PAID PROJECT. It would be different if this was a passion project or hobby, but this is being made out by the devs to be their job, and they fucking suck at it as well as selling things on the store they haven't even coded yet, and WHEN do the $15 pledgers get their copy? Oh right, never. I would be empathetic with the devs as I know creating projects can be hard if it wasn't for blatant dishonesty, greed, and lack of quality. It's easy to hash out a fever dream and boast all the ideas you have, the part that matters is doing it.
  9. No update for 2 month??

    I check the forum once a month or 2 months, it still doesn't seem to matter. The game isn't getting anywhere they ever said it would be. If it does get done it'll probably be lackluster, that's just the reality. I wouldn't put any more mental effort into checking the forums and expecting something. If the devs see this, even though I doubt they check the forums anyway, or they wouldn't be failing easy promises all the time, if they do see these posts then I hope they consider it a challenge to prove me wrong. Trust me, I'd love to be proven wrong and look like an absolute clown right now. I hope it happens, but man, you'd be better off scraping your own dev team for this one. It's unreal engine, I've seen more work from a solo dev I know on a VR game in the past month than identity has put out in the past year. They got paid and stopped caring it seems. It's a kickstarter game by a low quality arma 3 dev team. Edit: Don't throw gun progress back in my face, it wasn't that complex, they made bullet physics according to already existing formulas is what they said. It's impressive, but not after this much time.
  10. Illegal/underground culture

    obviously yall never played SantosRP original server back in alpha and beta that was the shit
  11. So.... Is Identity dead?

    With all this crowdfunding maybe they should hire more than what seems like 3 coders using coder as a very general term
  12. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Idk why they don't just admit that they are not working hard on this. How long have we waited for guns, " Guns, guns, guns! The shooting range in the basement of the police station is now open and soon will give you access to a few guns to try out.This will give you a taste of how guns will work and feel. We'll show you how awesome the gun systems are with a video when we come closer to this release." They're adding stuff to town square like its DarkRP to "start a small economy" bitch just give us a fucking map and the systems we've asked for it is not that hard with such a large team ON UNREAL ENGINE. People always say they're building a game from scratch give them a break. I understand that, but also holy shit it's been this long with how big a team? Not a small one, 27 people is not small. I'd be completely fine if they were absolutely transparent and didn't act like they're some hard sweating workers pumping it out. Then also they've never met a due date, at some point, I don't remember when, I realized I'll never be seeing my $15 dollars worth. Not to mention pricing access to beta and modules IS VALUED AT ANOTHER $15, people defend that it's donating, but that shit says SHOP for a reason. Selling virtual dogs that they haven't coded yet. I wanna be patient and I wanna believe in them but I truly think a team of 10 real developers could get this done in 1/4 of the time. Maybe not the modeling, but fuck man you don't need 300 different types of furniture, I just want the game. At some point, it's not just disappointing to your customers. It's downright embarrassing to everyone on the team. Especially that Crime and Punishment trailer we got, where it got delayed a week to get sent the animations that weren't placeholders, BUT THEY WERE PLACEHOLDERS ANYWAY, IT WAS NOTED BY THE DEVS. Sometime tells me that meth system didn't work either and was just an overlay with no effect because if it had been working they would have shown it considering they show every piece of minute progress to prove that its GOING. I think that they'll get it done, one day, just not in my lifetime, the devs have a great idea and I want it to succeed and do well but nothing had boded well for the game since its original conception.
  13. How is module 2 going?

    Anyone else wondering? It's been looking like the guns are going well. The models are nice to see! I think many of us want to see progress other than models however since the gameplay is truly the thing we all seem like we bought this game for.
  14. Anyone still play?

    honestly idk why they hyped up town square, glorified sims. Hope the real game actually does well. Might feel dead with the $45 pricetag though