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  1. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    We've seen gameplay, its not like they built their engine from scratch, its not like they are building complex plotlines with multiple characters, the thing that I could understand taking the most work is probably map design and building, and they haven't even started from what I've seen. They said first module would be out after a short delay less than a week before, what is this? Did they not even start? What kind of work are they even doing? Its not like the modeling team can't model while the other team makes the rest of the game, its not a step by step process. Animations still suck and all they said is that they had to import them or some shit.
  2. This is pointless. . .

    more posts more encouragement, what have they really been doing this entire time? They didn't build the engine from scratch
  3. dont think this game will ever come out

    They say the game needs more funding and money but they've already made this much with a small team and they act like they're paying anyone except themselves, they're a small dev team they don't need more funding, its been more than enough to make the game
  4. Prison Suggestions

    Being jailed for that time would make people quit the game and not get back on. Making the prison times longer would mean people will just prefer to die instead, which will always happen because the death timer won't be 45 minutes. Also crimes tend to add up, generally you won't be arrested for one homicide, you'll be arrested for evading, robbery, multiple homicides to avoid arrest, ect. Going to jail for more than like 45 minutes is excessive, 45 minutes is fine because thats enough time for it to matter, but still not too much time so I can just go make myself a sandwich and watch some TV or do something else and leave my PC on if I don't feel like doing whatever minigame they have for prison, which I have a feeling its going to be a bunch of people just talking/trolling because what else do you have to do.
  5. Thats actually really good and I'm impressed he's actually bothering with testing it on his own You're right and I think thats a really good stance to have on it.
  6. Don't completely remove anything from the game just turn down textures to be easier on your graphics card, and dang sorry I don't want to see every individual blade of grass I think y'all are forgetting games can die, and if the playerbase is only people with good PCs thats really bad for the game, and its on unreal engine, they didn't make their own so we can generally know what to expect, and I hope they aren't just throwing a million things in the game while completely ignoring anyone with lower end PCs
  7. This post was literally just discussing issues people have in the community and I was enjoying hearing other peoples opinions on the state of the game. Nothing said in here was straight "Fuck this game" or anything, so don't close it when some people are trying to have a conversation just because you don't like it.
  8. So... what's happening?

    Everybody I've talked to said they will not buy the game right now even if they save money because they don't even know if its gonna be done, they don't believe the devs will come out with a real product and they have no trust for a company who is on their first game. If there was more public relations, feedback, or even talk between the community and the devs were more transparent on their game and people actually knew they were working for it and that it was going to be a good product then people would buy it, and everyone I've met outside of this forum also agrees if they preorder, buy the game, for $15, they should get beta access, no company ever has made you pay for beta access (because right now you're valuing beta access at $15 the cost of the actual game), and don't even talk about the modules, they're minigames, they're minigames to show how development is going, they're not real products, but they're good fun and a good demo. Not to mention they haven't met one deadline. Those are the reasons people are skeptical of the game and there would be a lot more preorders and funding if these issues were solved
  9. regional cost

    Thats a fr waste of money for some virtual dollars/cars/house
  10. regional cost

    You got a point, it depends on just how much content they really do put in the game, and I hope its a lot more than what they're just talking and showcasing because it sounds a lot like "SantosRP" from gmod with some extra added in systems and a bigger map But the game is still in early early development so its a little harsh for me to judge so quick tbh, I still think $45 is a bit much for a company's first game, no matter how ambitious, and I'm not against people getting their money I'm concerned with the player activity of the game if it costs $45, a lot of people will shy away from it with that pricetag
  11. regional cost

    $45 is too much tbh Armas made by a consistent, reliable, professional company and a company with a track record of good games and its only $40
  12. Lazy and unprofessional developers.

    The work is not groundbreaking, groundbreaking is an exaggeration for anything here really. Its a great idea for a game, doesn't mean it should take this long. Its fine for it to take this long, whatever, work at your own pace, fuck it. The issue here is that they advertise dates they KNOW they can't keep up with just to look good. The player textures from the town square look like action figures and they move like them too is my issue right now.
  13. Revising the Prison and Judicial System

    Then prison should actually be interesting and not a minigame then, they say thats gonna happen but I've never seen it done well before so
  14. Revising the Prison and Judicial System

    prison sentences should be increased to 2 hours or something, but only for certain crimes, and the hours should pass while you're offline
  15. Arma Inc.

    Have a mic, I can help make sure operations or deliverys and security go smoothly, as well as make sure buildings are bought and work is going through. I am also more than capable of making sales myself