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  1. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    It's a shame that people like you think they have a clue what they are talking about. It has nothing to do with age, it's the fact that this company pushed back ANNOUNCED release dates, 3 TIMES. Then, finally when the first module was released, we all knew it was going to be small but that wasn't the issue. It was unplayable and just looked like garbage. With the SWAT module it looks promising but if its anything like this first one, they will crash and burn.
  2. Ummm ?

    I'm surprised there is people who still back this game up honestly. Don't you guys find it odd that they were constantly trying to fix the game and add updates and stuff and then boom all of a sudden, NOTHING? lmao they took their money and ran
  3. Ummm ?

    Yeah the game died when it released. A great concept, just in the hands of the wrong company.
  4. Ummm ?

    I mean.....WWII was playable lol. And had more than 2 players online in the entire game.
  5. Ummm ?

    Anyone who tries to defend this _______ (i dont even know what to call it) is clearly in denial. I've bought a lot of games in my time and never have I felt like i've wasted my money like I do with this one.
  6. Ummm ?

    Yaall expecting too much they said a module per YEAR lol thats ridiculous it took them how many years to make town square and it's dog shit...I really had hopes for this game but at this point their arma 3 asylum life is and will be the end of this company
  7. Ummm ?

    they're working on it cause they got funded over a million dollars lol theyd have a huge lawsuit if the town square was all the released....
  8. Ummm ?

    So, does any one still launch this game?? or is it 100% dead lol
  9. The customization of the apartment is super broken anyway lmao
  10. I may be asking for everyone.

    How is it too early to judge the game when it's barely a game in the first place lol
  11. I may be asking for everyone.

    How can I refund this disappointment? I'm embarassed for gaben even letting such a fuck up on steam
  13. Omg I know when town Square is released

    I think the word your looking for is, "never"
  14. Town square info

    But our packages we purchased will be in the final release and beta correct?
  15. Town square info

    Will our items/currency and stuff transfer to the beta and such?