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  1. Hilarious! I do wish they would just be honest for once and apologise about what an overt failure this has ultimately turned out to be. But apparently there's something to be gained by playing make believe. The last bit of official info we got that wasn't posted on a Discord that a sizeable amount of the community never visits was basically a "fund this thing for Identity's sake", and that nobody was working on it full time any more. Game over.
  2. Release status update?

    Nobody is buying this. The Kickstarter failed, Paratus should be focusing all of his efforts on the massively overdue Identity beta. We are NOT going to support some Rocket League clone to indirectly support Identity, how stupid do you think we are?
  3. Update Regarding Newsletter

    It's intentionally obtuse at best, extremely scummy at worst. The fact that John is the head of Phony Games is obviously a crucial bit of info that should've been mentioned in the newsletter, and the fact that they didn't is telling. The issue arises from time spent. The indication that Asylum is merely the publisher for the game implies that development for Identity has not been affected by Furballs. Unless John spent literally 0 hours on Furballs, this just isn't true. Basically, it's an attempt to coo meaningless reassurances while also asking for more cash. What a disaster. After months of no communication, we get a new Kickstarter and a death knell.
  4. The newsletter

    So we've got confirmation that nobody is working on this full time, and they're depending on more sales and people buying the garbage they have in the store. Otherwise they're functionally out of money and have mostly moved on to other things. Great! I think the most galling part, though, has to be this: "One of our primary reasons for releasing modules during development was to account for crowdfunding requirements. Having met those demands with the release of Town Square, we no longer have such an obligation and can explore new options." Are they trying to be funny? They have not come CLOSE to fulfilling their obligations for the Kickstarter. In fact, they've actually failed to deliver on the Kickstarter not only in duration (it's been over twice as long to get a full beta and we're not even close), but also through the release of the modules themselves, something they promised they wouldn't do. I have to say I don't appreciate the dismissive tone of the newsletter at all, it's like Paratus seriously cannot grasp how far gone this is. Trickling out features with NOBODY working on it full time and with no roadmap to change that is a surefire way for this to bleed out and die. But maybe that's already inevitable, given the status update. Edit: Gotta say, there's something off about this Furballs thing appearing out of the ether, with John being the only name attached to this "Phony Games". 😒
  5. Curious how people are feeling about things after 6+ months of no contact from the developers, which is dire to say the least.
  6. To the Devs

    The Kickstarter and the kitted-out office were supposed to lead into getting larger investors in board. In all honesty, even if they weren't opposed to the idea, I don't see any publishers scrambling to pick it up anyway. The concept could've attracted that sort of funding, but its track record and (lack of) popularity at this point would be pretty off-putting.
  7. Wishful thinking, perhaps? Hahaha.
  8. Ummm ?

    The game is dead, surprising nobody with the slightest bit of foresight. Brushing up a dismal little module with nothing to do in it isn't enough after years of promises, and it seems most people have caught on. The concept will become a real game someday in the right hands, but you're dreaming if you think it's going to rise from this.
  9. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    It seems you have a vague interest in philosophy and the like which is great, you've just gotta work on communicating such ideas. If you can't communicate it meaningfully, perhaps don't use it in an argument with somebody. This falls under "if people agreed with me/saw what I saw, the world would be better". It's either ignorant (generalizations being thrown around) or arrogant (you actually think you're the arbiter).
  10. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    Either you're going out of your way to obfuscate what you're trying to say, or you're doing it accidentally lol. You're essentially saying "if people would look into themselves, they would agree with me" which is a little arrogant to say the least. But wow these forums are sleepy considering the proximity to the release. Where are the rest of the ardent defenders, the ones who excused every misstep? Seems to be getting quieter on that side especially.
  11. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    Seems like we're describing different people in that case, as I would agree that kind of behavior is unhelpful. That kind of thing isn't synonymous with people who are skeptical about the game, in the same way supporting the game isn't synonymous with ignorance. Also, people who don't think the game is going to happen =/= people calling the game a scam. Personally, the majority of skeptical community members I've spoken to (and myself) consider it more or less a mishandled project, not something actively malicious.
  12. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    I'm not sure you know what shoving your head in the sand means. It means to ignore an obvious issue, in this case it's the launch that's resulted in negativity. If you're worried about productivity, perhaps you shouldn't be perusing forums like this or trying to disregard people's concerns. Because, like I said, it isn't going to stop any time soon, as we're very much in the midst of a bad launch.
  13. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    Sorry, but people aren't going to shove their heads in the sand, and it's crucial for potential future investors to understand just how much of a bad state the game and its development is in. Nice Donnie Darko quote, though lol.
  14. How can people still defend this game.

    Where there's smoke, there's fire. Motown leaving in particular is a seriously bleak symbol at this point that is impossible to ignore. What a disappointment.
  15. Servers

    Just so you know, a mod popped into the Discord and told us it probably won't be up tonight. EDIT: Here's a Tweet: "Update seems to be breaking every time it’s packaged, doesn’t look like it will be tonight guys, I’m so very sorry for this"