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  1. Finally Something Done Right!

    Where did you get that devblog from? I don’t get any emails anymore (even though its on in the settings) and they don’t post the devblogs anymore on the official website (last one is blog 19 for me)
  2. Current plan for the next stream (June 28th)

    Can't wait! Can't wait until one of the devs is going to sing a song.
  3. "It will be days not weeks"

    I can wait. I've got a lot of games and it's normal for me to wait since I followed a lot of games while they were in development. the devs need to take the time they need to get the best quality game that they can deliver and to get a good video in a few days.

    Thanks for the information!
  5. Internet on in-game computers

    It would be nice to have a website for every town. Like the activities you can do in that place, some background information of the town and the locations of historical buildings, statues and as a example the location of the police station. It would be also nice if there was a website where you could sign-up for a apartment and that you have to wait for 15 minutes before you could get it as a example. (As I think apartments are rental)

    They also said that the video will come in the upcoming 2 weeks.
  7. I'd like to thank the devs for their work lately

    You should also thank yourself. Without your donation (if you did donate) this game would only be a dream to play.
  8. Asylum Entertainment office tour!

    Ohh nice. Now it only needs to be on google maps.
  9. Will it be possible to have official French servers

    Well I'm also Dutch and I got to say most people in The Netherlands know English very well, In my opinion we dont need any official Dutch servers. I would prefer only official English servers before all the official English servers are empty and people are only playing like on a official French server. I may of understood you wrong, if so I'm sorry.
  10. Prison time?

    Or 45 min. Thanks for the fix
  11. Prison time?

    Imagine 45 minutes in prison. I hope you got a escape plan. Well its good for a other reason so people will think before they do something illegal to prevent it from happenin many times.
  12. Mood of forum is getting to wrong side.

    Hello, Last time I have seen that people are getting pissed off. Right now the most of the questions are going about the release date and I see slowly that people are pissed off because of that. (Including me) This has got to STOP I'm just almost ready to quit the forums because of this. What does people matter? There is a F*cking search bar. Anyone got to say anything about it?
  13. Hello, I have seen that this forum has been met to the bot family and the spam posts that they created. My idea is to add captcha to register and login to the forums to prevent the bots. Captcha has many puzzles to prevent bots: Click on the cars until you dont see any car anymore, typing a word that it says you need to type. I think this will help to prevent bots to come to the forums. I hope the devs can do something with this. Regards, Mitchell.
  14. Captcha to register/login to keep bots away

    New website? Never really heard of one in the making.
  15. Mood of forum is getting to wrong side.

    Yea, I don't understand why people can't wait. It's so simple.
  16. True PC Platform Defining Game

    That's awesome! Thanks for donating to help the development! We are getting everytime a little bit closer to the first module and the release because of people like you. It could take long before first module but when we get it I am sure it's going to be great. Again thanks for donating and helping the developers to make this game true. I hope you will enjoy the final game (I am sure you will like it and I'm also sure I am going to enjoy it) Regards, a fan of the game
  17. Mood of forum is getting to wrong side.

    Yea, thats true. Creating a game takes time, Sometimes a year and sometimes multiple years. I respect the devs I dont mind waiting its normal for me since I have waited for more games. Well complaining doesnt speed up the development. So it is just waiting and waiting and people who are asking about this should know it takes long.
  18. Did I miss anything?

    Hello. I did leave the forums 4 months ago and i decided to check the forums again. I see right now that the forum looks abandoned. Isn't it? I don't know if i did miss anything in the past 4 months. Could someone please explain it in short? Regards, Mitchell. (Sorry if my English isn't correct. I am just awake)
  19. Did I miss anything?

    Thanks! Sorry for the late responce.
  20. Room mate needed!

    I would like to. Go on crazy adventures. Get hookers in the house. You know. ?
  21. Did I miss anything?

    Thanks! It looks awesome
  22. Did I miss anything?

    Thank you all! I will look into the forums
  23. Luprano Family

    I Donatello Cornia ,pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
  24. Looking for a trucking job *Ignore this post*

    I dont need a job anymore