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  1. Illegally parked cars

    So we all know cars that have been left by their owners is a b***h that's why I was wondering if there is gonna be a way to get rid of them. It would be great if the police had a way to temporarily lock a vehicle so that a towing company could be contacted and come to get the vehicle. This could be used in different situations suits as a normal illegally parked vehicle or in a case when a officer has caught a speeder and he is not allowed to drive anymore. The towing company will then get a payment when the owner of the vehicle retrieves it and the police will have a easy and effective way of getting rid of them, much like how it works irl. This might already have been taken into thought but if not I think its worth a shot. Just leave other suggestion regarding if you have any.
  2. Police Vehicle Colours/Numbers

    Great idea with the police vehicles having their own id number, I just think it might be hard to get in the game because you probably would need a new skin for every car. And it will then be pulling too much power on the server because it has to run a new skin for each car rather than loading the same on them all. But anyway really hope they take the idea into consideration.
  3. Trains!

    So as said "train stations are located throughout the land" My question is then will this be automatically driven or will you be able to archery work as a "train driver" And then when you go on a train will you then just be sitting down all the time or will you have the possibility to walk around and maybe do a little train captur to use it as a "escape train"
  4. So I was thinking it might be kinda hard to start up a new company for some people when there might already is a ton of other carpenters out there. Or you might just be a company that wants to tell the world about the fantastic offer you have on fertilizer. Maybe it would be a idea to have signs, road signs, posters, elektronik posters etc spread around the huge Identity world. You would then be able to rent one of these for a chosen period. Then there's 2 ways of making the image you want up. 1.: Ingame program for simple text and boxes.. or 2.: you upload a picture you made. Either way you would probably need some kind of moderation of it so you dont end up with 10 posters of dicks. But there's probably some devs out there that knows how this could be implemented best. This way you would still be able to show the world your company when you are not online and let people know of what you do unique. What do you all think?
  5. Trains!

    hah.. I think i'll just go with the train thanks
  6. Illegally parked cars

    Awesome that you like the idea! Yes it's great when it gives another job opportunity, good one with the ticket as well. It would really teach people not to take their car for granted by just leaving them in the middle of the street. No one wuld do that irl.
  7. What is your Account ID?

    Wondering whos the lucky 69
  8. YO! My name is QuakIIE

    Hey everyone i'm QuakIIE I'm 19 years old (soon to be 20) and from Denmark. I have been playing life mods for many years and some of those years I have spent managing the communities, I have been kind of jumping from one to another a half year here and there to keep it interesting. Some of you might know me so hit me up. This project have been my dream for a long time and giving that i'm not connected to any certain community right now I really hope IDENTITY will be a part of me from now on. I'm so excited to experience the community full on from now on because it really seems like everything's coming together. But I will see you guys out there QuakIIE over and out
  9. What is your Account ID?

    Going in with the 469 so not too bad as log as it has 69 in it