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  1. Hello from Sweden

    Hello, I'm a young 30 year old male that pledged to this game what seems like an eternity ago, just recently did I take the opportunity to become a member of the community as well (because I found a typo I annoyed myself with :P) Anywho.. I live in Sweden, I'm new here and trying to poke around in different threads (I'm sorry beforehand if I accidentally necro something, or ask some stupid question because I forgot to search for it before replying to a thread.) I haven't decided on what to play as in Identity, but I think I'll base the character on myself, but rp a profession of my future choice. And hopefully make a lot of friends.
  2. Who will join my KillerTeam

    Uh... pass.
  3. Kidney

    Why stop with kidneys, there's people in need of hearts out there..
  4. Better to be arrested then killed?

    I have a feeling I'll make some great friends in jail.
  5. I usually rp as someone else, but for once I thought it might be making a character similar to myself for once.
  6. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

    What an unnecessary addition to the unnecessary post.
  7. Let's Build a Future Together

    2053: The topic is yet again revived by some bored lurker.
  8. Anyone want to play some games?

    I have 525 games but too few people to play with. Hit me up with a friend request on steam and we might be able to play sometime!
  9. Fallout

    I've tried the early Fallout 1 and 2 when they were new, but never really get caught up in that isometric view. I really enjoyed the 3rd installment, didn't really play NV much, and I absolutely loved Fallout 4, the story was decent, the sidequests were entertaining, world was amazing, easter eggs were great. Haven't 100%'ed the game yet. But at some point I just might.
  10. Anybody play ATS and/or ETS?

    I play ETS2 Multiplayer every now and then with a friend, quite damn fun. I remember once I bought a car, was speeding down the roads, suddenly there was a curve and I was in the middle of putting out my cigarette, I smashed into the railing and flipping over another trucker which yelled in the mic: "WOAH DUDE.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!" and I just continued rolling into the woods. I deleted and rerolled my account.
  11. Typing With Eyes Closed Game

    Vote for the Hamilton Party Easy when you poked a keyboard too much Next: I necro'd this thread because I was bored.
  12. Perfect typo

    Such a perfect typo in such a wonderful place. Really look forward playing your game, looks neat!