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  1. *Earning Money in Identity*

    Western Hemisphere & International banks just print endless amounts of money though in relation to the federal reserves, so there's not a locked or set amount of money in any economy. From what it sounds like as discussed in Q&A's, there will be "drug dealer NPC's" in set locations... this in it of itself will pretty much function like a bank/mint/reserve... one produces drugs, sells them, makes money appear out of thin air, just like the banks do.
  2. Alright, I'm out.

    I take it that he didn't get a refund... lemme guess, he doesn't really want a refund. Hehe.
  3. Can you marry. (or homosexual)

    I feel like ISIS and the KKK will pop up though... better join a server that believes in the 2nd amendment LOL.
  4. Who will join my KillerTeam

  5. Hunting traps (for animals ofc)

    Trapping in a game won't get it banned... what? Not in the USA anyways.
  6. Can't upgrade pledge

    I originally pledged $15, cause I was unsure if the game would release anytime soon, now that I see the town square module is near, I attempted to upgrade my pledge to $30 in the shop today, but my payment will not go through. I am using a visa debit card using the standard PayPal debit card payment function (not loging in and trying to send balance funds). I don't yet believe I clicked on my "claim pledge" button yet in my profile, although I don't know if this is required to do before upgrading, or if it just doesn't matter. My original $15 pledge was made on this website... I never have used kickstarter for anything. I am going to attempt using a different card from a family member although it has entirely different billing information, so unsure if that would be an issue given that my first pledge was made with my billing info.
  7. The I.I.A

    I think this would obliterate any private server player-base... it would be cops or nothing imo, so any people that cannot be a cop would eventually leave, or players would enter and leave, never to return. The police would be able to do pretty much anything with impunity.
  8. Adjustable Laws/Penalties & Political Structure

    I see. Thanks. I would hope to see atleast a general system of cops being obligated to write a report of some type on the defendant's arrest, so that at least some level of honesty could be outright checked, if a cop does give false testimony. I also heard that cops get paid commissions for arrests in a Q&A, so I would be fearful of cops lying to get the arrest half the time, and the criminals always always lying, especially gangs. Of course admins can attempt to moderate this situation, but a lying cops would probably slip by the radar for a very long time.
  9. Adjustable Laws/Penalties & Political Structure

    Thanks for the answer. So being that there are no Judges (or a District Attorney), I'm assuming the arresting officer would be the individual who finalizes the plea-deal agreement, if a plea is offered at trial? This might sound a little too much, but what functions would be available in the hands of a player (plantiffs/cops/defendants), to possibly help substantiate facts, such as a mechanism in-game that would allow individuals to video/voice record encounters? If this had to happen out of game, I don't think anyone would bother, but if it's not a feature, I would imagine court trials would just end up being perjury 24/7.
  10. Ran a search and watched quite a few developer Q&A's, but have not heard or seen this topic discussed. Adjustable Laws/Penalties: I think it would be a wise idea, if not already intended, to allow private server admins to adjust the sentence lengths on specific crimes, and any fines that may be affiliated. Why? It would give admins the ability to adjust the atmosphere of the server to a level that they are looking for. Some admins and players may want a more forgiving casual experience, while other admins and players want a stricter realistic experience. For example a more casual server could be tuned to carry a sentence of 10 minutes jail-time for murder, 8 minutes for bank robbery, etc, while a stricter server could be setup to carry a murder jail-time of 1 hour, and 50 minutes for bank robbery. On a stricter server, players would be less likely to commit severe crimes due to harsh penalties. This would also probably provide a method to establish a more consistent level of play in a server geared towards harsher penalties, due to players not necessarily resulting to spur-of-the-moment excitement based on boredom, or a need for quick cash on the spot such as someone wanting to buy a car, and resulting to a quick robbery attempt so they don't have to spend more time working for the cash. Players or admins who don't desire this, could simply adjust the penalties down to their liking, or adjust the penalties for a few specific laws that they don't want frequently broken or violated on a "willy-nilly basis" so to speak. Also the ability for a player's charge to be changed or plead down to a less severe penalty or crime I think would be important. For example, if a cop charges someone with manslaughter, but then later based on evidence it get adjusted to a murder charge before a trial begins. What I am unsure of is that,If this situation occurred in-game, a player would finally get to trial, only to be found guilty of manslaughter because the arresting officer already charged him with that title of crime, or can a Judge/DA reassign the charge before/during/after the fact, so that the appropriate jail-time is issued by the Judge, in the instance that it was not actually manslaughter, but rather murder? Political Structure: This idea, although less important than the above, but also related in certain ways would give admins the ability to change things up and offer more diversity to the game. Having the ability to either setup a server with a political structure locked in place, or allow the political/government structure on a server to gradually change to something that is drastically different from what was originally in place. For example, being able to set a server up and run a communist regime atmosphere, or a democracy, or any other general form of government structure. Maybe a democracy is set forth, then it slowly begins to change into a communist government through gradual changes in policies, corruption, propoganda and the use of money to manipulate politicians/civilians/law enforcement. I think there is a few more things I could have added to this, but this is generally what I'm thinking would be great ideas, so I'll leave it as is for now. Let me know your guys input.