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  1. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    Totally agree with you. What you buy now is a promise that has no hope. Dev team is horrible and their QA team is horrible also. There are so many bugs that leads to a dead end. Either, they ll scrap and rewrite this "module" or poorly made the next modules.
  2. are we even going to see identity

    @Chriss_Jameshere is an analytic explanation by BeachBall, that might help you. @LuckyDuckL2M.

    Are you serious? Thats public information from the FCI of Canada.
  4. @PARATUS Entertainment Inc&crpNmbr=&bsNmbr=

    The whole community is split into two groups. On the one side, supporters who believe that there is something, and supporters who want to learn if there is something. As part of the second group, I am amazed by your lack of respect and responsibility. Nothing was resolved or answered since the last failed deadline and as a product owner you did nothing. - Your moderators (except few) do not know what they are doing. Its UNBELIEVABLE to be redirected to discord back and forth for a dev updated, while being in the dev forum section, just to read more, on the fly, promises. - How the hell did you think that you could release on April if the game is still not finished? - Also, whats wrong with that last UI bug being Tested? Would you like to finally answer that? - One last thing, which for me is very very suspicious. Why is your company registered office address in the middle of a field in nowhere? PS. Is probably late now, but you should probably change Terms and Condition.
  6. So Y'all Know

    I think someone is interrogating him.
  7. This is pointless. . .

    These things are standard. Studied and developed furthermore by experts with the goal to achieve the best results. You cannot change a project without analysis. Its like cooking without a recipe. Also, in the analysis is included the lifecycle of the project, which is something like a timetable that is required to follow. If you see their interview by MMO back in 2015, their goals, aims and promises are nothing like what their showing now. That concludes; they are just programming without a guideline. This is getting frustrating with you. You studied 2 years of programming, now u are in college - u have experience in programming BUT you are not a programmer? AND you know what you are talking about? There are no facts to bend in order to prove my point mate. I can understand that you have no experience in Development, but how can you say that you know what you are talking about when you are not a programmer, nor a developer?
  8. This is pointless. . .

    This is the first time in my career that someone says - I have a degree in programming and now i am studying app developement. Where did the fundamentals go? How can you call yourself programmer and still dont know the lifecycle of a project? Coz if you knew then, FOR SURE you would understand that this company does not even have a detailed analysis documentation. Wanna be called developer/programmer? Study and actually hold a job for 2 years. Until then, you are an entry/starter
  9. This is pointless. . .

    I assure you he has no experience. And its an insult to other professional programmers to position himself among them. Learn how hard is MCSA is and then conclude by yourself. You are joking me right? The whole management is a mistake. Which company leaks release information on discord but does not update Dev Blog? And how long are u prepared to wait for the full game to be released? Can you wait for 6-10 years? 25 man team. Thats 200hours a day, 1000hours a week, 4000 hours a month. Just make the maths dude. Min wage for an employ is 10 dollars per Hour. (Dont want to mention the amount that advanced and seniors make) 4000 hours x 10 = 40000 dollars/ month. But lets say that they somehow they got the money. With 4000 hours per month, you are telling me that FIRST MODULE is still under developement. Please dude. Thats clearly bad management. Its a insane how you are trying to make people believe this crap.
  10. This is pointless. . .

    Identity is a game being produced by a small, yet expierienced, team of developers. It's pledgers like you who have made Identity possible. Not only will Identity continue to grow, but each contribution helps us get there faster and with a more feature-full game! Its literary at the bottom of the shop.
  11. This is pointless. . .

    First of all, CLEARLY you dont have experience in development. Please never say that again. I am pretty sure you dont even know the rules of object oriented programming. Second, its very clear that the company has a bad project management, thus missing all the deadlines, which at the end will lead them to their end. Third, the reason of holding the release is maybe because there are no developers to develop? Did you really think that after 4 years of development 1.3 million dollars would be enough? Please be more realistic. They are using Unreal Engine 4. Building your own game engines cost much more millions. What you saw in the video are standard animations that UE4 gives for free. Let me give you an advice. Never trust messages in discord, or forums. These messages can be deleted at any time. Unless you get a formal email that proves your statements, then you are good to go. Its good to trust people, but know when to stop.
  12. This is pointless. . .

    I would like to read that from you, but i dont think you have the answer. As @Oroboroussaid, you are an example of arrogance. Blind folded by an idea. Its clearly that your experience in such things is little to non and do not want to accept the reality. I backed many projects in my gaming life and only two of them got released; The Long Dark and KONA. When I tell you that this gaming company does not look promising AT ALL, then i speak from experience. At the end of the day, you ll get a crap "module", which you ll hate, but at least you ll learn from your mistake.
  13. BFA.

    You get a free mount if u complete the last pre patch quest line in WoW.
  14. This is pointless. . .

    @dagtagenjoy the game mate. See ya in 2021 when GTA 6 gets released. Winter is coming btw, lets hope your woolen fleece will keep u warm.
  15. This is pointless. . .

    I totally agree with you @Joe. The sad thing is that, those who noticed that this game is never coming out, quickly applied for refund. The bad thing, is that the community is so hyped for the game, that they became ignorant. Many projects, such this, are being backed by many. But the sad reality is that only very few manage to reach a release stage, and identity is not one of them. I am not a hater btw, i loved the idea of the game. But the wrong company is behind the wheel. The best option is if another company buys the game and finish it.