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  1. The New Website

    What im worried about ist that they can add "new Tasks" everytime to the tracker
  2. Hey guys, is the picture which we can See in the last dev blog, real? Is this the in game graphic?
  3. Hello from Germany!

    Ich auch I
  4. My rant video

    if it doesnt come out in april, ill refund.
  5. Hello devs, many people probably think about getting a refund now and i really understand. The ts release is getting pushed back again and i think you should give a little bit more to the people who still believe in this project. What about giving everybody who pledged before ts comes out a little extra money? Biker and up-sized 2000$ Speed demon 4000$ VIP 8000$ What do you guys think about my suggestion?
  6. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    It is one month later now ... They did it again.
  7. Hey community and devs, i got an ultrawide 21:9 monitor and i just wanted to ask if that will be supported
  8. Hello guys, if i bought the speed demon pack for example, do i still have my apartment and my car if i would go to another Server? (Private Server)
  9. To the devs

    luckyduck could you please tell me where i can See the luxury one bedroom apartment?
  10. To the devs

    Hello developers, the ts Module will come out soon and after that the prices will go up. It would be really helpful for us to see what we are paying for. If somebody would know how the apartment and the Sports car would look like i think that we would be more interested in upgrading. And more money helps you guys to speed up development.
  11. Luprano Family

    I, António Cavalera, pledge my allegiance to the Luprano Family. Looking forward to see you guys in game
  12. Hey guys, im new here and i got some questions. 1. When the first module will be released will it be for everybody who purchased anything above 30$? 2. Will it be available on Steam or can you download it somewhere else? 3. I saw many ppl say that the game will probably be released early 2019 but if you look at the fact how long they needed to release module 1, how should that be possible? Thanks for your help