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  1. So much hate recently that needs to stop <3

    I personally believe that investing in a game is like investing in stocks. You should wait to see if the stocks [The Game] go up or down which when I'm saying you should see if it goes up and down I mean you should wait to see if your are happy about the game you invested in by being patient and letting the developers take their time. When you invest in stocks you don't nag the stock which could be apple or google to make good decisions or to make a new you just wait. So to sum this up if you paid money for this game great, wait, be patient, and if you really feel like you want to help go give the developers constructive criticism which is way different that just roasting the whole development team which have families and try their hardest.

    I feel we're not going to get the game in 1-2 weeks which is 7-14 days. I feel we're going to get the game in 3-5 weeks due to the 10-day steam process and also I would much rather the game to be tested many times to make sure all bugs are gone.
  3. Mod Support

    Hey, I was just wondering when the full game comes out will there be any form of mod support like the ability to customize the in-game car's skins or to customize the light patterns on the police cars or even get different police cars in general. I've been naming a lot of skinning and accessibility to cars but I'm just curious about how far you will be able to customize the game so it doesn't become old but if you cant at all I fully understand. And yes I did read that it is a possibility in the future but my intent on this post is to have a steady ground on what will be accessible to mod in the game.


    It was a very cool to see gameplay

    I'm sad we didn't get to see the jumping animation I was really hoping for one.

    Come Down And Watch Heres The Vid Also I was also really hoping for a jump animation but feel free to put your input on the stream
  8. Career Poll

    I can't wait to serve the law
  9. S.W.A.T

    There will be a progression system in the police force so maybe at some point, you unlock the ability to become S.W.A.T but the thing is you can only be the swat on calls that need them like bank robberies and the way you become it is when the SWAT truck spawns and you can gear up. At least that's what I remember reading somewhere on the forums
  10. Then maybe you can answer his question I'm not sure about the queue thing
  11. There will be no queue there will be many official servers in a server browser that you can join.
  12. My Card Is Being Declined [Cant Buy From The Shop]

    Yes actually I did have success today I tried to buy the $30 package and it let me purchase it maybe it was an issue with the card thank you though.
  13. Revising the Prison and Judicial System

    I strongly agree I think the DOJ And Prison system needs to be reworked with times I would recommend the max jail time to be at least 4-6 hours but hey maybe on private servers the jail times can be messed with in the settings.
  14. My Card Is Being Declined [Cant Buy From The Shop]

    Hello when will the website with more payment options come because I've been waiting and I'm starting to come with the fear that the game is going to be done and more expensive before I can even buy a package so I was just wondering when the payment options will come for a vanilla Visa Prepaid Debit Card which is what I have so I was just wondering