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  1. can i knock someone out and drag them tie them up and then wake them up tied on a chair. Then torture them until they become mad and then kill them??
  2. Make Your Character

    Name:uddin Appearance:fat Race/ethnicity/nationality:north Korean Personality:pleb Education:worked in a sweat shop from birth Sexuality: bent like my left toe Misc Facts:likes to touch children Background:lived in a tent for 18 years
  3. :)

    RP Name:James Knight Forum Name:0_0 Age:15 Why do you want to work for Supremeā„¢?:The clothing interests me because it's unique and i've always wanted to work in a fashion buisiness. What area are you looking to work in? (Corporate, Design, Retail):Design What Position are you applying for?:Merchandise Associate Do you have a working mic?:Not at the moment, but I can easily get one. Tell me a little bit about the history of Supremeā„¢: Supreme was founded by James Jebbia. The first supreme store opened on Lafayette Street in Manhattan in 1994. The second location opened up on North Fair fax Avenue in Los Angeles California.