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  1. Pledge Upgrade

    Ok thank you for explaining.
  2. I noticed that the pledges reduce in price once you have made a purchase. If I was to take another pledge now would I get everything on top of what I already have or does the upgraded pledge replace the items I would have been getting originally?
  3. Items that can be held.

    Ah yes I didn't mean the objects recording for me, i meant the item being a cosmetic item to enhance RP. Obviously recordings would be done my side.
  4. Items that can be held.

    So we know that we can hold guns and holster them, but I was wondering if we will be able to hold other objects.. For example I have plan to open a News Agency.. but will we have a Camera and Mic for people to hold? This isn't just limited to my plan though.. I suppose the main question is.. can other items, away from guns, be held?
  5. How do you plan on paying people? Where will such a big profit come from straight from the off? Surely it would be best to start small.. build a profit and then pay people for their work. Or am I taking this too seriously? Sorry I'm fairly new to this stuff haha.
  6. For example; Will the police just have a police car or a police suv, police van etc. Will the medics just have an ambulance or a suv etc. As for the rest of the careers the questions is the same.. fire.. just a fire truck.. taxi.. just a normal cab..
  7. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Will things such as the newspaper stand and the mailbox serve a purpose? Maybe a job as a Newspaper editor or a mailman for real mail sent by players.
  8. Stimo - 28 - UK! Newbie!

    Hey all! I'm new here! The Name is 'Stimo' I'm 28 years old and from Nottingham, UK! I have a huge interest in role-playing and started out on GTA V on a server with over 150 players! I have around 6 months experience in the RP Medical/Fire Department and this is something I look to hopefully be involved with when playing here at Identity. I'm really interested in how the mechanics/features of the game differ to those of GTA servers and that's one of the reasons I want to experience this upcoming game. I have just pledged so I'll see you all hopefully soon in the Beta! Thanks for having me!