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  1. My time in identity..

    when i started the game it went to the screen where it says lets get started and all i see after that is half a mans shadow on the wall a closet and the tv in the corner every time i click anywhere it doesnt work help would be appreciated
  2. Totally off topic, relationship topic, personal and venting

    Thanks guys I appreciate it. I feel better today went for a long walk with my boy in his sleigh...goood exercise always makes me feel better
  3. Hello there fellow people of the identity community, I am reaching out through this forum because I have no one.....not a soul to vent to....not a friend to lean on.....only my child young child who is now left without a father. Just recently I found out my boyfriend of only two years as to whom which I have a child with has a drug problem....meth to be exact. I thought he only had an alcohol problem. This is the saddest situation I have ever had to deal with in my life....for one he has been a part of my one year old boys' life for a year now, broke his promise to fully be there as a father figure and two I have to break it off with this man and separate his son from his father. That alone kills me inside as a mother, to all the women out there who knows this to be the worst pain to go through, taking a father from their son no matter what the reasons be.... My son will now never have his real father in his life due to drugs and the hold it has on this mans soul. Background of it all the father was taken from his mother at the age of 4 due to her being an addict and alcoholic, he was raised by the system and therefore thinks everyone should bend backwards for him no matter what he goes through. Myself; raised by a lovely family that seperated at a young age, but was also raised with an alcoholic mother and became very fairy tale like and vulnerable when it comes to meeting someone new. I was also molested as a child from the age two until the age of 13..... I grow attached too fast and worship the shit out of the person I became involved with because Im just a really nice girl with alot of love...I dont know if that is codependent or what but I can do without a man, its fine. I have to in order to find myself and to grow. I have lost myself in this relationship, believed the lies, felt like I was number one but all along was never.....Ive never been hit before and he has hit me, ive never been thrown on the ground before and that was brutal because my back is all ****ed up now....when he says sorry I believe him and get right back to trusting. The truth is Ive lost myself to a man-child/drug abuser/alcoholic/psychotic and I need some support more then ever now because of this trust that has been broken. As I sit here and ponder what Ive done wrong, why has he chosen this path instead of the sober one with me and my son, do I look ugly, is my personality ugly? Am I a loser? Then I wonder what the hell do I care what people think of me now, the world is crap and its only getting worse, I am just a door mat to these maggots they call people and Im sick of being the best I can be for someone and for them to just throw me away like garbage. Maybe I am garbage? See there I go again looking for reassurance other then my own self.....screw this Im giong to go play my guitar Thanks for listening, Im glad I got that out....
  4. Identity Trailer

    im eating salty twists
  5. What will you RP in identity?

    I'm going to be a serial killer specifically targeting strippers/prostitutes/drug lords...on the side I will be listening to heavy metal and classical music in my apartment eating corpses and painting beautiful art work for money to buy more space in my freezer for the meat muhahahahaaaaaaa Jk ill be just an artist\song writer no more no less
  6. If it hasn't been said already...

    I didn't know this. Would. Turn into a big debate but ok. I'm still supporting the developers. And their awesome. Efforts and dedicated. Work to make a cool game
  7. If it hasn't been said already...

    GOOD JOB IDENTITY YOU GUYS DID AN AWESOME JOB ON GETTING TOWN SQUARE WRAPPED UP AND KEEP UP THE AWESOME HARD DEDICATED WORK!!! Awesome game play video, I appreciate all the time you developers spend working on this for future epic gaming. Good Day
  8. R u Kiddin us??

    sing your heart out, that's what you do when and if it finally releases....but I have a feeling the hype will have warn us impatient unhopefulls out so badly that it wont be that exciting when and if it releases anyways lol Half the people will be walking around town square like really unenthusiastic, slouching, living dead people saying, "Yay town square wuhoo." Real dull like For the other half of us we will be singing are hearts out in rejoice and winning lol
  9. Games keeping you occupied?

    When I find time, I play Miscreated, SCUM or Kings Quest
  10. Kareoke

    Pink Fluffy Unicorns...while waiting for TS lol jk have a good day peoplez,
  11. R u Kiddin us??

    The housing thing is what is taking it so long......think about it......everyone who pledged has already purchased apartments and such wouldn't you think if they had to start from scratch scripting and coding out the bugs it would take a very long tedious time doing so
  12. Can we please have some honesty and transparency?

    The internet: where your opinion doesn't matter. lol
  13. Kareoke

    lol yeah too deep LOL and perfect i LOVE singing Gangsta Paradise
  14. Kareoke

    What song would you like me to sing when I hit the stage? I can sing evanescence songs like "broken", "my immortal" etc, metallica, nirvana, system of the down (his softer stuff), the offspring, guns n roses, korn.....I like anything really, I believe I have a good voice, but you be the judge. Anyone else have a song they are really good at singing and have a passion for and wish it to be on the karaoke list?
  15. Getting Keys!

    I still have 600% faith in this game though! just sayin