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  1. Asking to validate when I already have..

    OMG.... I'm a complete idiot! ahahah! Thank you so much... I was able to log in... It is in fact 1337 not L337... I get them mixed up a lot because I use both for usernames. L337 and 1337. I have no idea why I never tried to type 1337 instead of l337... Sorry and thank you very much! However, I'd still like to join the Discord and speak with you sometime! Thank again man! I do have a quick question though. It says i have pledged 0 dollars?? I definitely pledged at least 30-50...
  2. Asking to validate when I already have..

    For sure... Thanks for the help.. Hopefully this will get sorted out before the release of townsquare. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing this, please forgive me if so. But this is the only means to best show what I'm experiencing.. Please go to this youtube link that I've just now made to show what exactly is happening. Thanks again for all your help! Sorry for the quality... Link:
  3. Asking to validate when I already have..

    Well, with all due respect, I'm not sure how else I can explain the situation... So I'm trying to log in... I'm mainly just trying to log in to my account.. The forums at this moment in time isn't as important to me other than disputing this current issue. I guess that makes sense that this forum platform is different then the account I used to pledge off of. But when I try to log in to this forum section or just log in to this particular website in general with my account that I have indeed pledged with, it says what I've stated above. That I need to activate/validate my account.. Which in turn, leads me to believe that the account I did in fact pledge with, is not activated in any angle, thus when the game releases there will be issues. Regardless of that being the case or not, why would I not be able to create/log in to the same credentials as I have when pledging? It says I need to validate my account.. Check your e-mail. Sure enough there was an e-mail to validate my account. However, when I click the link, or copy and paste it into the URL, it says "activation failed". So whether or not this community forum uses a different account from the game/pledges, why am I unable to create/log into this forum as well as my regular account platform with the same credentials as what I pledged under? I know this was kinda worded confusingly, but that's the best I can try to put this situation into words. Thanks for your help. so I saw other forums telling me to log into this link: This link right here is what im trying to log into with my actual account that i've pledged with... Why wont it let me log in? Throws me in a loop that says you must activate, check -email. Then when I type in the URL says, activation failed.. Try resubmitting an activation to said attached e-mail, says account already activated... Here is the e-mail I was origionally sent: Jun 19, 2017 at 12:11 PM Your Identity account has been created. Visit the link below to activate your account When activated, you can login and manage your account using the link below Welcome to Identity! /The Identity Team Regardless of the confusion... Wouldn't it just be easier to force an activation for me please? Or just resend an activation URL to my e-mail? Rather than typing back and forth? As I seem to be stuck in a loop. Thanks for the help.
  4. So my actual account that I've pledged already literally a year ago for some reason is considered un-activated? *note* this current account im posting this off of was made made only to post this issue as my main account cannot log in. As I am patiently waiting for town square to be done, it's been a long while since I checked on the status. I just today tried to log in with my actual account and it says "must be activated please check your e-mail." I could have sworn I already did this, but regardless I found the said email and typed in the URL. Only for the screen to read "activation failed" I then at the bottom of the screen typed in my e-mail for the activation to be resent, only for the response to say "this account has already been activated" Please resend me an e-mail to activate my account as I can see that town square is almost done. I am anxious to get everything in order to be set to go when the module is released. My main acc: EsCL337 E-mail: Thanks.