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  1. Devblog Discussion

    Thanks Devs for the update. Drifted off a bit due to no real news, but this sounds good... Can't wait for more to come!
  2. Secret Identity Image

    Why would one have a last gaming year?
  3. The Lost Identity

    My bet... he's Dutch... Welcome Matthijs, let me know if I can be of any help...
  4. Hello from the UK

  5. Promoting Identity

    Already spreading the word
  6. Couple of questions

    How can you tell?
  7. Spray tagging (on walls) system

    Cool idea!
  8. What is your concern about Identity.

    @Fabulous @xIconikkx Amen to that! Don't want to be negative because this game will be great when it gets there, but how often does one read or hear that developers don't make it till the end...
  9. It's on Facebook. The Coffee Table Book Of Coffee Tables By Asylum (and a bit of Kramer).
  10. Vehicle Customization

    I sure hope it will be comprehensive!
  11. Greetings from the Midwest USA

    Welcome Dopey
  12. Anyone Interested in a Pub/Bar?

    Good plan if possible in game
  13. Inquiring about the release details

    Hi Adam, welcome. Atm they are working on the first module to be released, the Town Square. You will have access to it when it goes live... Grtz. Jack
  14. Greetings from the netherlands ( The hague )

    Aangenaam! Welkom... C U around
  15. Hello from Pakistan

    Welcome! @MrSabqi