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  1. Up North Canada

    This is true ^^^ Also, welcome to the community and we hope you find everything conveniently. There is a forum labeled Town Square with a post labeled screenshots. They aren't all in-game because there was a lot of concept art, but they have a good amount to show you how far the game has come and how well the polish looks on the items they have out. You can also follow them on Twitter and follow their "in-developement" live streams. There is a twitch channel for identity and there is also one for leetperkins (environment artist). Give them a follow!
  2. Townsquare Module Housing

    It makes sense that you can't rent out an apartment but you can rent out a house you own. Being said that you can share an apartment with multiple people, can you share a house? Also, if you live with someone else in an apartment, how would customization work? Would it come from the person paying rent, or can currency and items be shared to rent and buy items for the house? Also, can we throw house parties? That has been a big thing in a lot of games with player owned houses. It is also a good way to meet people. Adding to that, if we can have house parties, can we look at/trade each other's paintings, clothes, and any other home items.
  3. Thoughts on the release date?

    I know it's going to be a lot of work for their team. But with their new employees and the plans they have set, I don't think they can say it will be set to a later date. This is ONLY the Town Square Module! Being in the same building with more experienced people in multiple fields, hopefully they learn from each other and progress faster than they think. They probably are taking their time checking to make sure everything is near perfect and that's respectable, but hopefully they can produce more especially with the new 3D Designer that they are excited to have and the new Developer. Good Luck to their team as we all wait for the release of more content and updates.
  4. Hi I'm Jon :)

    I didn't think jobs would be this early anyway really. All the factors needed to take into consideration for jobs, money, and proper management are going to make the coding take a while. We got the beta for the rough sketch of the final release though. And I hope to help improve it by letting them know about bugs, or glitches, or anything that can help them.
  5. Hi I'm Jon :)

    Hello friend, I can not wait for the release! I really want to test all of the jobs out to see how they work with the laws. (good luck to governers, mayors, etc.) I'm also very excited to try making some art for your homes and clothing for our classy folk. The customizations look great! I'm glad the Asylum team is doing this. Nice to meet everyone! Sincerely, JSpenceGlass
  6. Name the World

    Alfirin - or - Arnor
  7. Motocross, atvs, and side by sides

    They should have a spot in the garage to put decals and numbers on dirtbikes, four-wheelers, and other vehicles! Having raced my dirtbike my whole life, I agree we need this!