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  1. [UK/EU] Identity Community

    Greetings Rayvn! Although our community is based in the UK, we already have members from all over the world eagerly awaiting the modules and the game thereafter. As long as you can deal with our quick wit, banter and tea, you're more than welcome to join us (as is everyone) in building a strong and diverse community. - Hedge.
  2. [UK/EU] Identity Community

    Thank you for the kind words, we try and do our best. Not long now until the first module lands!!! <3
  3. Just Upgraded! (& Poll)

    I went with the Cabbie pledge for now. I might well upgrade some more but am happy with a little rust bucket car for now
  4. Hello one and all! We're super stoked for the development and release of Identity, so much so that we've already started planning for our own server once they become available. So here we are, opening our doors to you lovely folk We're EU based and as such would be looking to have a server from this region. That's not to say we won't welcome people from all around the world, it's just a heads up so to clarify what the connection would be. I've been a member of many communities, mainly roleplay based and have experienced some great things, I've also been in a few communities that made me question the meaning of my life. Through these experiences I've managed to understand what makes a community healthy, active and enjoyable. We are, after all, here for enjoyment, we are here through choice and, most importantly, we are here for friends. These are the values I hold most dearly for a community. Sure we can all get competitive, sure we can have a red mist descend but behind it all is the desire to play with friends, to enjoy the company and to create memories together. In the coming months we will see the community get ready for the launch of Identity. This is our end-game, this is our goal. IdentityRPG is set to offer a fantastic opportunity for our roleplay needs and is something that I will personally be spending a lot of time working on. So there we are, there's my little plug. Hopefully we'll see some of you stop by and say hello in our fledgling community <3 (you can join our Discord by clicking the image below, or visit our website HERE. - Papa Hedge
  5. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Some amazing assets already! Can't wait to see what else is added <3
  6. Dev Blog Tomorrow Confirmed

    Looking forward to seeing what's coming up, and to see the release daste of the Town Square of course
  7. Greetings!

    Thank you all for your kind welcome <3 I'm on the Discord now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  8. Greetings!

    Awesome, thanks for the welcome and links, muchly appreciated!
  9. Greetings!

    Hi there! Have been watching the progress of this games for a while and have finally gotten round to offering a pledge, and with it I thought I'd come and say hi! Really looking forward to seeing how this game evolves and can't wait to try out some social things when the first module lands. Anyways, greetings once more!