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  1. Luprano Family

    I Michael Ferrari, pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
  2. Luprano Family

    alright thanks
  3. Criminal Tag

    How do I receive the criminal roll tag on the website?
  4. Luprano Family

    Are you guys still accepting applications?
  5. The Traffickers (Accepting applicants today)

    Here is a Montage of me playing (Ive gotten better since this)
  6. The Traffickers (Accepting applicants today)

    Job you would like (first choice):Assasination / Hitmen Job you would like (second choice): Thievery / Robbing Job you would like (third choice):Drug Trafficking Age: 16 How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to The Traffickers? 28+ Hours Are you an avid "life" server player? Yes Will you take this group seriously? Yes Do you agree to take ANY orders from a General ranking or the Leader? (Orders received will not be breaking any Identity RPG rules or ToS.) Yes What do you bring to The Traffickers? I have played a lot of life and FPS games. I played Arma 3 life servers, and I was pretty good. I have been playing video gamess for about 5 years and Ive gotten a lot better through out the years. I take commands seriously and I would take this family seriously. Overall I would be a very good asset to this group.