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  1. Pre order

    Yeah and somehow only my school has this policy.
  2. Pre order

    Well, I'm still a student, my vocational school has a policy, that students can't work, can't have a job and I have 3 hobbies, 3 things that needs money and that I like to do, so I just can't let myself spend money on games right now. However I'll buy beta pass whenever I'll have money that I can spend on the games
  3. What's your Steam account?
  4. Game platform?

    Heya fellas. On what platform Identity is gonna be, or maybe it will have it's own launcher? I hope it's gonna be on Steam.
  5. Pre order

    I bought passport for 15 euros, after some time, when beta will be announced, I'll spend another 15 to get Beta pass.
  6. Car Poll!

    I want to open some sort of bussines, like delivery or Uber or something you know, if my knowledge in english language will let me to do so. But for the start I'll probably be a simple mechanic or driver. If I will get lucky with money income then maybe I'll start my collection, I'm not sure yet
  7. Artist with too much time on her hands

    Looking forward to see your works! Until then I'll just wish you good luck . Take care!
  8. Just came to say hello

    Thank you
  9. Job Poll

    I hope that I'll open something like delivery bussines with trucks and etc., if not, then maybe just a small shop or something, I'm too tired of "killing" games, if I will want to play something that involves killing and shooting I'll play Rising Storm, in Identity I want to simulate calm life, without blood.
  10. Just came to say hello

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. I bought passport for the game and waiting to try it out. I was always dreaming about the game like Identity.
  11. Police Applications

    I agree, that it would be great to avoid kids in the professions like Police Departament, but however I like the "tutorial" idea, as all we know, in SAMP, GTA V RP there is applications for almost all professions, PD, Firefighters, Medics and etc., but for player like me it's a bit confusing, mainly because I don't speak english, I can write (also with a lot of mistakes), but somehow I just can't speak, I have terrible accent when I'm trying to speak english, and that's why I can't join any of these professions in any RP game, but I hope in Identity it's gonna be possible to just complete some sort of tutorials and other stuff, that's controlled by the code, not human, only because humans takes the game too seriously and this small problem that I have is always the main isue why I can't enjoy the game in the character of police officer.
  12. Just came to say hello

    Heya people, I'm a new guy in this forum, I don't know anything about it yet, but I just wanted to say hello to yall. I'm planning to buy passport as soon as it will be possible for me to do, also excuse my shitty english, I'm from Lithuania, if someone here cares. I was looking at some topics here and noticed, that most of the future cizitens of the "Identity" gonna be criminals, assassins, street thugs, killers, robbers and etc., so I'm wondering, what's the idea of this "world"? I have read the Q and A, Dev blogs and etc, I know what they're planning to build, but I think the biggest part of everything in any RP - Real Life game is player base, so I'm just curious, cuz I'm a new face here and I don't know anything yet, is this game gonna be something like crappy Garry's Mod Roleplay servers? I played Gmod RP for a very very long time, and it's just ridiculous, just another cops vs robbers game with playerbase of 14 years old kids, who kills everything that moves, so I'm a bit confused how will things work in Identity, in Gmod you can't even go AFK, or just randomly go walk around the streets, meet new people, even in the your own house you need to put bars on the windows, to stay safe, it's like a warzone. I hope things won't be like that in the Identity. Also I have played ArmA 2 and 3 RP, SAMP, GTA IV RP, GTA V three multiplayer mods, RP servers/gamemodes, so I just want to play like a normal person, without killing, stealing, bullying and etc., well, like in any normal city in the real world. Again, sorry for bad english, I hope stuff that I wrote here is understandable for you and have a good evening (or day).
  13. Join the Russian-speaking community.

    Do you have Facebook page, Discord, Steam group or something besides vk? I'm not russian, but I speak russian way better than english, so I would join your community, only one problem is that I don't have vk, sadly we don't use it in my country
  14. What will you RP in identity?

    I'm not sure yet, but I will try to RP simple, working guy, I'm not a big fan of gangs, mafias and etc., so probably I'll start as a delivery guy or something, maybe a cab driver and later time will show what opportunities will I have.