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  1. System to disguise a player's nametag.

    in my opinion i don't think name tags should be shown unless you great yourself or get very close to someone
  2. System to disguise a player's nametag.

    maybe the cops have a id scanner that can scan your face and tells them info about you so cops can ID people quickly well not to quickly maybe the ID scanner has a 10 second scan time the releases info like Name: Simon Lich Age: 38 Sex: M Hight: F 5.8 (M 1.7) Job: Shop Assistant Criminal record: None
  3. A Mafia Commission

    you think I thinks its GTA or Saints Row. I wound never play I RPG online like they do in there games that stupid how far you think as a crime lord i wound get. I wound say about 10 mins into the game and get jailed shot or banned.
  4. A Mafia Commission

    what name you think i should have then and no i didn't copy and paste everything
  5. Pros/cons of intoxicants

    well in rl to me anyway me getting drunk makes me have better reflex like in cod sober i get 5 kills and 20 death but then im drunk i get like the other way round weed in rl don't have a effect really just get more hunger and need sleep
  6. Pros/cons of intoxicants

    i mean as in less effective then weed maybe up to 50% less fall damage in till you get addicted
  7. Pros/cons of intoxicants

    that wound be good but less effective as its legal to get drunk
  8. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Dear Kevin We wound like to offer our services to you We don't want to join you'r family but can i offer an alliance. we will do the jobs you guys don't want to do. if we are the outsider you speak of then you will know all jobs assigned to one of out top member will get the job done and done fast We are about intel we act fast to get jobs done if its killing someone robbing a bank or strapping people to chair and using our UNFORGIVABLE methods to get info there will be no rats in our gang as all of them i know in RL or from games i played with them for a long time
  9. A Mafia Commission

    i will be polite this time for the mafia my name is helios fusion owner of scorptek and by the name you mostly know what we do mostly we are going to be in EU hate cops will not even give them to time of day. buuuuuttt a crime family, with out branches of organisation we can be a power to have a long side you don't want to say to much but intel is our thing
  10. Pros/cons of intoxicants

    Weed: 5 grams reduced fall damage by 25%. 10 grams reduced fall damage by 50% change of addiction by 25%. 15 grams reduced fall damage to 75% addiction to 50%. 20 grams reduced fall damage to 100% addiction 75%. 25 grams 100% addiction no change in fall damage. if addicted 150% increase to fall damage Cocaine: 5 grams 1 extra bullet sponge. 10 grams 2 bullet sponge 25% change of addiction. 15 grams 3 bullets sponge 50% change of addiction. 20 grams 4 bullets sponge 75% change of addiction. 25 grams 100% addiction no change of bullet sponge. if addicted -2 bullet sponge LSD: 5 grams 25% faster aiming. 10 grams 50% faster aiming 25% change of addiction. 15 grams 75% aim faster 50% change of addiction. 20 grams 100% faster aiming 75% chance or addiction. 25 grams 100% change of addiction of addicted 75% slower aim speed Speed: 5 grams 25% running speed. 10 grams 50% running speed 25% change of addiction. 15 grams 75% running speed 50% change of addiction. 20 grams 100% running speed 75% chance or addiction. 25 grams 100% change of addiction of addicted 50% slower running speed magic mushrooms: 5 grams 25% jump height. 10 grams 50% jump height 25% change of addiction. 15 grams 75% jump height 50% change of addiction. 20 grams 100% jump height 75% chance or addiction. 25 grams 100% change of addiction of addicted 25% less jump height ok name some drugs and i put them in this and modify it
  11. Create Your Identity

    Name: Helios FusionAge: 21From (City, Country): England Appearance (Body, Face): female 5'8 slim Attire: purple gang cloths with the logo on itJob: crime, hijacking cars, robbery, killing muggings, drug trading and everything elseDetail of House: noneDetail of Car/ Vehicle: none she hijacks cars then blows them up or sell them for partsPersonality: destructive, hates rats, mean to most except them that follow her Background: was a rich kid till her family got kill when she was only 14 by a cop, now she is looking for revenge and will take everything out of the world mugging people robbing banks, hijacking cars, killing people everything you think of she is mostly done it or is going to do it, cops will pin most crimes on her gang and they are probit right to do so as it probity is them
  12. Cutting power

    cutting power to a city is a bit silly but cutting power to let say a bank then disabling the alerts and backup gens wound be good for coming a crime making it have a lot of planning involved maybe able to cut power to a 15m radius a if you can get a laptop or phone and hack into the service networks around area but this type of think wound make it so the cops get a delay in crime say 30mins delay then they get notified
  13. i'm looking to be able to do everything i wound not do in real life be gangster own a gang kidnap people demand there money kill high valued target with info on our gangs ops robbing a bank and come out shooting up all the cops trying to get away own a drug business own a factory to have custom gang cloths i come from apb reloaded so you know what i'm going to be doing oh and btw mess with us and we kill you or just strap you to a chair and make you die of hunger or dehydration did you see this post ????? good because if anyone asks and you tell them we will be coming for you we know everything