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  1. German community (DE)

    I know that there was a german community, but is it still active, now that we can test the town square? I would like to roleplay but I'm not that confident in english...
  2. What will you RP in identity?

    A while ago I posted my idea for my character, I will post it here too: Name: Emma Solstice Appearance: long brown hair, medium height, slender Race/ethnicity/nationality: white, from Germany Personality: Emma is very kind and has an easy going personality but you have to get to know her to get past her initial shyness. She is also rather careful and likes to think before she takes action. She wishes to be more courageous and tries her best to see every situation as an opportunity to grow. Education: She went to a Christian school and university. Sexuality: straight Misc facts: She abhors violence. Background: Emma grew up in rural Germany in a very religious family that is proud of its old roots. When she went to university in the neighboring town she met Markus Seefeld and they fell in love. They were just engaged to be married when he died in a bank robbery. This fateful incident changed her life. To get away from everything that reminded her of her lost love she left her family, her friends and even her country to start a new life from everything she held dear. She changed her last name from Sonnenwend to Solstice and started to live in Identity. She wanted to help those who needed help and so she became a paramedic, always trying to save lives and fighting against violence, in memory of her beloved Markus.
  3. Pledge rewards: The blueprints of your apartments.

    the windows or the flats? well the flat for sure, right? That stands in the beginning here... so you mean the windows? I'm kinda excited about the whole game right now..
  4. Pledge rewards: The blueprints of your apartments.

    What do you think in what way will these apartments be "fancy" or "luxury"? Might they have windows that go down to the floor? Just trying to imagine them...
  5. Will Sports be a Job?

    I think there is a two-bedroom apartment right now, the VIP for 500$...
  6. Pledge rewards: The blueprints of your apartments.

    Are there any screenshots or concept arts of the pledge apartments? I looked around but didn't find any, sorry if I missed it...
  7. Room mate needed!

    Oh, didn't see it that way... It sounded urgent, like he wanted to buy a pledge right now before they change.. Maybe I'm interpreting too much 'cause I'm in this situation
  8. Room mate needed!

    You would need to buy the 500$ pledge, right? That is the only one with a two-bedroom-apartment right now... Makes 250$ each... I only plan to get the 100$ one... And what about the timezone? Are you only looking for someone who is somewhat near you, or at least online at similar hours?
  9. No, I meant this website: https://secondidentity.net/ I think it will take some time until the game is completed. But the first module will be coming soon and after that two other modules so you have something to play while you wait.. I am going to buy a new computer anyway so I don't worry about that now. And regarding the promotion of the game, maybe someone else can help you with that. My guess is that it is a rather small team that develops this game, but right now they are growing in numbers, hiring new people and also a community manager and they even move into a new office right now. Bis das Spiel ganz fertig ist dauert es wohl noch etwas, aber das erste Modul Town Square wird bald kommen und danach kommen noch zwei Module (S.W.A.T. und Racing). Da kann man die Ungeduld dann besser aushalten Ich werde mir eh noch einen neuen PC kaufen, also mache ich mir da jetzt noch keine Sorgen. Was das promoten betrifft kann ich dir auch nicht helfen, vielleicht kann das jemand anderes... Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass das Entwicklerteam so klein ist, aber sie wachsen gerade, stellen neue Leute ein, auch einen Community manager and sie ziehen gerade in ein neues Büro.
  10. Hello Nexion and welcome to the community! I am also from Germany but I am currently only here on the official website and in discord... In the other introduction post was a link to a german fan website, you could check that out. Have fun here and in the game! Greetings, Emma Willkommen in der Gemeinschaft, Nexion! Ich bin auch aus Deutschland, treibe mich aber eigentlich nur hier auf der offiziellen Website rum und im discord. In dem anderen Vorstellungsthread gab es einen post mit einem Link zu einer deutschen Fan Website, da kannst du ja mal nach schauen... Viel Spaß noch hier und beim Spielen! Grüße, Emma
  11. Anyone interested in EMS

    Thank you! Right after I found out about this game I went on vacation. My internet is not the best here but soon I will be back and then I watch the streams and make my pledge...
  12. Make Your Character

    Didn't know that there will be pets, now I definitely have to have some
  13. What is your character going to be like?

    I want to live a normal life as well, socialise and being a paramedic... and adopting some pets...
  14. Anyone interested in EMS

    Sounds good! I want to think and not just click on a person once and it stands up again... but you don't need to have any prior knowledge in the field from real life?
  15. Anyone interested in EMS

    Do you think EMS will have to change into their workoutfit like the police to get into the "work mode"? And if so, what will there HQ look like? Maybe we can see it at least from outside in TS?