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  1. Computer can't be booted

    @Valtorix It is because some people seem like to act like windows 10 is some boggy man.
  2. Arguing for the sake of arguing? Why because I disagree with you? You the one who referenced the whole official information about a company nonsense. An you are putting on a higher pedestal why? Because it is crowdfunded so it must be the way you see it. As the ones that are not get a pass. An again most of the posts if not all posts on forums of other games it is the community managers it is the moderators that post information not the developers them self. You know like they have done here. Yes they have done posts here and so have the moderators. They even steam where you can ask questions. An you can find all this information from the posts in these forums in the sticky threads. This game I wouldn't call it major crowd funded either. 1million doesn't last long when they got to pay for a office and employees.(Not many last I have heard it was like what 20.) Something we have no clue on is if that 1 million counts for refunds. Oh and by the way they are other crowd funding games out there. LIke Mordhau, Ashes of Creation, Elite Dangerous, StarFighter Inc and Descendant Underground just to name a few. Not all of them have the same kinda coverage for developer conversations or have the same avenue. To me seems way to often people hold one game higher standers then any other. I seen it often in many forums where only this game that game should do this or do that. Yet this other game can do this and not need to do that just because. Shouldn't they all get the same treatment? An shouldn't all games be more open with there development? So what is advertised we get.
  3. This is pointless. . .

    I agree these photos and images should be on the pledge page and not just the forums and twitch streams. Do note they were concepts not placeholders there is a difference there. (They even say as such they are concepts.) Okay they are listed as concepts not placeholder there is a difference there. You just said no placeholder not no concepts. Why are they concepts? Well because they are not rendered in engine. If you want a screenshot fully rendered in engine that that would be a different request completely.(Do note just when you do get one fully rendered in engine. It doesn't mean it is the final version of what it will be in the finished game version of the game.) An that is something they have yet to show off. (They did say they planed to later. They did also say somethings they want you to discover. So which one will they hold them selfs to I wonder.)
  4. This is pointless. . .

    They have shown the apartments and even the cars. They have even shown detailed layouts on there plans for how they will look even.(They showed blog posts and streams. You can even find pictures in the pined topics.) Garages though they have not shown anything of from what I understand though. Well they can't share that information you ask about when it is suppose to launch because here is the thing. That is a guess and will always be a guess for any developer. So if any bug or anything happens that was unexpected it can delay to what they guessed on.(Yes you can call them educated guesses but they are still a guess.) So if they are incorrect on when it comes out again would you be mad or upset? If the answer is yes to this then there is no reason for them to even list a time frame.(Which they shouldn't of done before in my opinion. At least not until they were already done with everything and are happy with it. Which is something they didn't seem to do last time.)
  5. Computer can't be booted

    To me it sounds someone put in a password. So either you did and you forgot it. Or someone else got access to your computer and they put in a password. This isn't a windows 10 issue. Since the same thing can happen on basically any os. How can you make a bootable disk if the os is locked? Did you copy from someone else? Do note it could very well be didn't copy correctly or the copy you made is corrupted. (Again something that isn't a windows 10 exclusive issue.) Maybe you also need to try again. What also could be a issue is related to your hard drive that you are using and it is failing.(Something again not a windows 10 exclusive issue.) Could also be a cpu issue which is making it so you cant fully reinstall the windows 10 os(Again something that isn't a windows 10 exclusive issue.)
  6. dont think this game will ever come out

    What are you talking about? They have said why a few times. Just people don't except that as a good enough reason. That doesn't mean they never did say.
  7. The Discord Repository

    @Norway174 I know discord company forgot about them too.
  8. I just now noticed

    Congrats you earned your self a cookie
  9. Official to who? Game company's release information in twitter often even digital company's when they talk to there community. Last I checked we are not a part of this company so official memos to each other we do not have access to them. Why would we? We after all are not a official part of the company. A good deal of developers in the video game industry do not talk directly on the forums. They use other outlets to speak to there community. If they even speak to there community directly at all. A good deal of times only information you get is from interviews. Yet here we got everything on the forums pined that you can find if you want to look. Even a twitch clip discovery and Q&A post as well. All in one place. I can't say that for other video games where they do not have anything in one directory to find it all. Why are we putting Identity on such a high pedestal compared to other game developers? They get a pass but identity doesn't? Shouldn't it be no one gets a pass?
  10. This is pointless. . .

    Opened door where? Since blog posts ,streams, the tracker and discord clearly isn't enough.(I personally do not know if they have a twitter or a facebook. If they do then there would be more there as well.) So I ask again open door where? About delays this argument would be great if we were not in the video game world since delays happen there all the time. (Need a example Witcher 3 was delayed not once but two times. Need a rough list of video games that have been delayed then here is a link to a list https://www.giantbomb.com/profile/psykhophear/lists/delayed-video-games/26503/) An lets go into the tracker hasn't change much because the tasks are not done.(Did this really need to be said?) Small videos of the town square can be said because of what is in town square. There is not much because it is just a social module. Kinda like imvu and second life or sansar.(Second life with out the custom stuff players created.). Why not shown much of the future stuff because it isn't done or started yet. Again all this stuff is logical why it is or isn't. Not even sure why I need to point this stuff out at all. You can feel one way or another that is fine. Just at times I do not know what is expected here. Does not help when people just say they want more but not say what more or how more they want. (If you do not list in detail what is expected how do you expect that to be fulfilled?)
  11. The Discord Repository

    @Norway174 It was more of a reference to this part of your post I quote "Discord is a free communication platform designed to replace TeamSpeak 3 and Skype. " Discord also replaces Ventrilo. Ventrilo and TeamSpeak use to fight it out. Ventrilo had better quaintly voice over ip and took less resources then TeamSpeak did. It was mainly forgotten because it was after TeamSpeak came out. So people didn't want to switch because they already were paying for there servers on TeamSpeak. Ventrilo had some sense of people moving out of TeamSpeak but not enough did. When discord came about though it was much different in the sense easier UI then TeamSpeak and Ventrilo as well as servers are free.(At least you can have free bigger servers then the other two with out needing to pay. Not that I have seen any servers to buy for discord.)
  12. Stress System: The Stress System is the games anti-RDM (random deathmatch = randomly killing people for no reason) system. What happens is everyone has a stress level, and if you stress is low, you take less damage, and high, you take normal damage. When you pull out a gun, you instantly get high stress, and when one is aimed at you or you are near a fight, your stress will slowly rise. This helps you to fight back and try and get the advantage on a gunman by using the stress system to your advantage. Hope that answers your question. Oh and this here as well Murder: WILL be auto reported and you will be instantly wanted, other crimes require witnesses and a 911 call. Want better and other answers(Since I do not know everything after all just trying to help you out.) you can asked where I linked or you can ask in here http://www.identityrpg.com/community/forum/25-tourism-span-stylefont-size07emqaspan/
  13. Career Poll

    The point is it be better to send it to peoples emails. Sure not everyone would respond but everyone should get the email to be able to respond. Also the thing about people in discord how many are potential owners or, owners or, not or, even no longer have any interest in the game and refunded. Edit: Question did you not try sending this post into that discord for all the amount of people that are "there"? Wouldn't that have the same result you are looking for?
  14. Career Poll

    Yet not everyone is in discord. Nor of course is everyone in these forums either.
  15. Difference in packages?

    2,000 more in game cash, dozen random outfits and, two bedroom apartment is what the 500 dollar package gives you that the Vip 250 doesn't.(You get luxury one bedroom apartment instead of the 500 two bedroom apartment.)