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  1. Your Computer Specs?

    I got new specs: i7 6700k r9 390x strix 16GB of DDR4 H100i cooler
  2. Other countries

  3. A Military Base?

    I heard that they will add other maps for dlc and you can travel by an airport but there could be border control
  4. Grappling hook

    yes I understand we don't want civs with grappling hooks but maybe like the hitmans or robbers who are pro that will break in through the roof or something like that
  5. Grappling hook

    no no no not the one where you grapple and fly to it its like the the one you throw and you rappel up on the rope like in rainbow six siege
  6. How does jailtime work?

    I think you should make it a few hours it would be more realistic
  7. Your Computer Specs?

    AMD FX 6300 six core processor 16GB RAM Asus Strix R9 390X
  8. Hey how much players will be in the server because this game has such a beautiful and big map and if anyone's on it it's like a ghost town 

    1. Krystian


      anyone's not*

    2. Krystian


      Nevermind i heard it would be around 300-400 people

    3. ITz_TeNaCY


      300? Are you crazy?? I would say likkeee 80-100. With this number it could be ok but w/ 300 ppl it would lag so hard

  9. A Military Base?

    A cool thing to add to this amazing game is a Military Base because on one side there could be borders in the game and they could use the soldiers as border patrol and if you in for the criminal life you could smuggle guns out and do some gun dealing won't it be cool?