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  1. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Will there be any German servers ? I have a 400 People clan, and we dont know, if there will be any German servers, 1. in the trailer, where the officer is entering the car, will that be the final animation for the game, or will that be changed ? 2. how to get Jobs, do you habe to go to shool, universaty or other shool, to get special jobs ? 3. how many cars are in the game, and any cars like in rl ? 4. when will the game Progress go to 90% ??? Thx for helping me, bye
  2. Pc Build

    I know, but thats a think, you can browse the internet, wheres the WLAN device ? Can you buy it ?
  3. Pc Build

    HAURYGRENADE, i dont mean that its required, to build an pc for Games, but, the game wanna be an RL game, so in RL you can build own pc, or buy one, why nit build an own ?? And, if thats nit the fall, its not really an RL game, because, you need to build stuff, you can buy chairs and so, why not a PC ?
  4. Pc Build

    Why not ? Or the devs theyself add some minigames, you can buy from 9.99 - 60 Dollars or so
  5. Pc Build

    Why not build your own Pc ? because, you have a Laptopin the game, an PC Tower, and why not build it first ? Would be an whole new experience, because, if you dont build it right, ist not working, and then you can buy games, from stores, and you can play them, but the players need to create a game, but ya know, not a copyright game, because its not allowed lol, but that would be rlly awesome, that was my idea, do what ya want with it ceep the good work up ! ??