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  1. Records show we replied to your application a couple months ago. Your application may now be expired and / or role may be taken. If this is the case please fill out another application.
  2. Hi ITSDUNCAN, If you're interested in applying for one of our available roles, you can do so here. Your position is not determined by the amount you chose to invest. However, potential investments may be spoken about at a later date with one of our CEO's and financial director. Thanks.
  3. ANNOUNCEMENT: Our customer beta website is now LIVE! See below for link.
  4. Our discord is now open to the public again after temporary closure.
  5. More positions will be available soon. Keep an eye out on the post for updates.
  6. Welcome to the team! And yes, anyone interested may apply here.
  7. POST UPDATE + Added detailed warehouse plan to post. See 'Warehouse' section for more information. + Added 'Our Discord' section with information on our public discord.
  8. ANNOUNCEMENT: Introduction video has now been released! More detailed information will be added soon, so keep your eye on the post! Thanks - Velocity Logistics Team
  9. VIDEO ADVERT RELEASING SOON! - Expect new concepts and ideas following the release of the video advert, keep an eye on the post
  10. Hmm interesting. Some of this looks very familiar *cough cough* I would kindly ask if you could make some erm, adjustments. Thank you
  11. Thank you everyone for 5,000 views!
  12. On behalf of the whole Velocity Logistics Team, we would like to welcome aboard @chazmandevil as the newest member of the apprentice driver scheme!
  13. On behalf of the whole Velocity Logistics Team, we would like to welcome aboard @acenewton1 as the new human resources manager!