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  1. The Jewish Mafia **Recruiting**

    I have without a doubt never seen a worse Mafia in Identity. Is this a joke or meant to be serious because I honestly can't tell
  2. Declaring Independence

    On the one hand, this could be really cool, but it might also be abused so it probably wouldn't work to well, terrorist takeovers would be awesome though, such a shame they're not included
  3. private identity server

    True, bad numbers are the one thing that can make even the best server crash and burn, I know from first hand experience.
  4. private identity server

    Lot of potential here, if you rake in some serious RPers then this could really take off
  5. Common Jobs

    Not to mention jobs like -Chef -Banker (loans etc.) -General Store owner -Taxi Driver All good jobs to consider
  6. Finally some super serious RP with a promising and new idea, I absolutely can't wait for this to become a thing.
  7. Since there are so many of us, I wan to get a feel for what everyone will be doing, I will obviously be doing mafia, but what will everyone else be up to.
  8. Any AUS crime groups?

    Just wondering what crime organizations are based in AUS. The Mariano's are and I'm just wondering about any potential allies/competition out there.
  9. Where are YOU gonna live?

    I am with Johnny on this one, I want to eventually live in splendor but I'm going to start out small and build my way up through the course of my RP. It will also be an indicator of power, how new/rich is this guy? Check out his house to find out.
  10. ITS UNFAIR???????

    Our organization is AUS based so you can absolutely be involved in that
  11. Corruption

    Will anyone be RPing a corrupt politician? Or at least one who is open to it? Just wondering everyone's opinion on corruption in general.
  12. Death

    This was a big problem on Gmod, because without consequence for death, people just put their money in the bank and charge headlong into a gunfight. Apart from ruining immersion, it also makes gunfights way too common and inconsequential. IRL if there was a gunfight, it would be a big deal, because life has meaning, Identity should simulate that as best it can in my opinion.
  13. Biggest Dangers to Identity

    I think the fact that the game is designed for RP specifically, unlike gmod, will dissuade some would-be trolls. It's a lot easier to troll on a system that's been manipulated, rather than a system that's running as-designed
  14. Underworld Roleplay

    I am a co-owner of this server with Johnny and I can say, while we have the occasional bad rper or trouble maker, we have a good solid RPer base and some good staff, and don't be put off by the average server because we really strive for serious RP unlike most other servers.
  15. So whose putting there names down for elections

    @Syym you're the only person who has even a shred of a proper campaign, you've got my vote, and if you're willing to maybe deal in some illicit deals with our organization, all the better.