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    I keep reading about how people are mad about how long it's taking for the devs to release some kind of info about SWAT after almost a year, and I don't see these people talking about some key info which has existed since Identity went on Steam. Identity's Steam store page has the "Early Access Game" section, which has a "Read More" button. This area talks about the approximate release schedule for all modules, and the overall beta of Identity. There are a couple of paragraphs with the title "Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?". The second paragraph basically says this: "With our current pace, we estimate: SWAT: late 2019 Racing: 2020 Feature-complete Identity beta: 2021 ...these are not to be taken as release dates but as our current best estimates." Now obviously, SWAT is past it's estimated release, but given the wording, I think they're "technically" still on the schedule they mentioned in that Early Access info bit. What do you think? Do you think SWAT WILL be released in the first half of 2020? Or will it be much later? Maybe never? Comment what you think.
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    Is the game dead? It certainly feels like but considering this.. I paid with PayPal and unsure if it’s protected within the buying pay as a preorder preorder product so I am unsure if I can get a refund. This is the final game I will ever fund. I’ve done 3 and all gone dead this including and I know the names too so I would look out for anything they try to release in the future and never touch. I was so hoping this would be great and a game changer but it seems not.