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    As the title says People need to learn and understand. When it comes to game development people either complain that nothing is getting done because the devs are always communicating with the forums and backers etc or people are complaining because the opposite is happening where the devs and team are working hard but aren't saying much. Too many people want their cake and to eat it and it doesn't happen period. For all those saying the game is a scam etc you're wrong and that's a blatant fallacy, the devs delivered town square when everyone said they wouldn't, they added more things earlier than they should to appease people. Hell they're on pretty good time all things considered yet people are constantly complaining and finding things to moan about. I've barely been on the forums in the last year because I don't need to constantly keep checking progress because I know that the devs are working on this and are doing everything they can. I'm sorry to say but it's the community who are the toxic problem and not the devs, my words may be harsh but they are certainly true and we have seen it time and time again. People you really need to stop giving the devs a hard time, and the mods even more so. You wouldn't want to be treated this way if it was you, so please give them all a break, they're only human and they're trying their best, lay off them and do something productive while you wait.
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    I paid for the motherfucking cake.