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    If you bought the 30$ Founder package on the identityrpg website, then you need to link your steam account to your identityrpg account at identityrpg.com. - That will provide you with a product key. Activate the product key on steam. It will also give you access to the second, and third module, as well as the beta, and full game release when those are available. If you bought the game from steam then you should be able to start it up, create a character (Or 3), and enter the Town Square. This is only a SOCIAL MODULE, meaning there will be little to do. If you only bought the 15$ Citizen package from the website then that will only allow you to access the game when the game is fully released. The Town Square will be getting content shortly, like the shooting range, cafe, bank, tattoo parlor, and barber shop. The second and third modules are expected to be about a year from release, respectively. Followed by the beta release, then the final game release. I hope this has cleared some things up and WELCOME to the Identity community!!!!
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    This is how it looks before u tap the magnifying glass icon, im goin to admit this...as stupid as it sounds...And i have said im a pc noob...i actually thought that was like to zoom in to read easier lol idk lol im pleading the 5th
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    This is how it looks on my S7 Edge, there is actually No search bar on my screen till i press that lil magnifying glass icon, then it pops up