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    The finishing touches Greetings, and again thank you, to all of Identity's backers receiving this dev blog. Everyone's been hard at work putting together a game that can change the industry, and you're soon going to be getting your first taste. With the Town Square (Identity's first social gameplay module) nearing release, we're hard at work testing and putting the finishing touches on two of the major features. Everything's been progressing very well and I'm quite proud of the team. These last systems are the art/canvas mechanics and the player housing. Both of these have been functional for a long time, although a couple tweaks need made before we push Town Square out the door. A few minutes of decorating an Ash Hill penthouse We've added a new button in the elevators to allow you to visit a public version of any apartment. You can run around and see them in their default state before committing to buying them for yourself. This will be a very useful way to explore the available options, given that some of the floorplans will be very rare to come across with other players. Above is the penthouse after a few minutes of quick decoration. I'm not exactly a decorator, myself, but you can get a good idea of the way it looks now! It's a huge space with three large bedrooms (which means you and two friends can use it as your home) and tons of storage. We've had to refactor the backend of the housing system a good bit, but the end result you see is everything you saw in the prior Identity Insider apartment video. All features shown then will be ready for you soon in the Town Square! We have lots of other cool features coming for your house parties that you haven't seen yet, too. In case you hadn't seen that video, or you want to see it again, I've linked it below. Identity Insider: Housing - CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO Town Square gameplay live stream With my last developer blog post I included a link to gameplay video from our live stream showing character creation and the exterior environment in the Town Square module. Recently, I joined in on another development live stream to show about 20 minutes of more Town Square gameplay. This time I showed off interior environments as well as a few of the gameplay mechanics you're going to come across in the Town Square. YouTube Town Square preview live stream 2 - CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO The team and I are so very excited to show you guys what we've made in the Town Square and beyond. The Town Square isn't enormous on its own, but it's a very good way to give you an idea of how the world looks and feels. The task master The Task Tracker is a new tool on our website which displays up-to-date data pertaining to how much work is remaining for the Town Square release. If you've been following our progress through the tracker, you'll have seen that just a couple of days ago it progressed to its current point, with only two tasks remaining at the in-testing state (the ones I described above in this blog post). Keep your eye on the tracker to get the best idea of when we're ready to go. You will of course also get notified by email when the Town Square is published on Steam! The future of the Dev Blog This may be one of the last couple developer blogs being sent out in this format as we're planning on soon transitioning to more frequent developer video blogs! In the past, it's always been myself who wrote these blog posts. They've been a great way to reach out and letting everyone who doesn't follow us on social media know what we've been up to. That said, I think I speak for most people when I say video is more interesting and entertaining! Look forward to meeting the team face-to-face in short but frequent videos. Some will be general updates about our work on Identity and some will be focused on certain aspects within the game. Also, on that note, you're going to be getting a very interesting Identity Insider very shortly, covering criminal activity and gameplay. It's a major part of the game and we've surprisingly not been asked many questions about these systems in the past. You'll be getting all kinds of juicy new information and ideas of what you're going to encounter! The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday. We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet
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    New Good Times Community Discord: https://discord.gg/N3BUNjz
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    ... the community’s patience.
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    Hey all! I logged in to see what the game development status was and saw there is actually activity on here now! Yay! Brief intro, I am pretty damn awesome and a gamer... so that's about sums me up! Oh, and I live in Northeast, Ohio. #GirlGamer #GlamMaGamer #Jess #Jess76 #EstablishedIn1976 #OldSchoolGamer #BeenGamingSince1981 #42
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    The devs multiple times have said what the tasks are. 1 is to do with the painting feature and 1 for inventory system in the apartments.
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    Does anyone know who they really are? Actual first and last names? I asked this as a question to get a response, but yeah considering EU data protection stuff, probably best not to list more than 'yes they have' and such to avoid any unwanted information leaked. I just thought this would have been done considering a lot of us have only seen a dude in a myspace-esque profile photo in a mask (which is your average dude gonna send a dick pic territory as far as I am concerned haha) . It's already a sausage - fest dev team. Didn't need any from-the-shadows stuff going on and google is no help. While I appreciate the response, I think it is best if we all at least edit surnames out.
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    It's coming home - The lightning Seeds, Baddiel + Skinner You know... just because it is
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    It was considered long ago, a monthy optional subscription type of service. Decided against it though.
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    There will be microtransactions, yes. But really, the devs just as well as everyone else dislike them too. It's more or less just a way for them to get gradual funds through the game's lifespan as they continue to work on it with updates. Things like Identity branded shirts and more. The plan is for it to all be mostly cosmetic but there are other things purchasable. There are unique apartments and cars as well, but please do take that with only a grain of salt. In NO way do they intent to add things like super cars or anything of that sort. Atleast not as a mictotransaction. They will be lower-ish end vehicles for if you really just need a ride RIGHT NOW. Then there are unique apartments. Totally optional in comparison to other homes. Just apartments too. Thankfully, money will never be a purchasable in-game with real currency (beyond just the current pledge package rewards). Mictotransactions are ugly and we all agree with it. But when they want Identity to be an ever-growing game and not just a release and move on, it's just there as a way for possible revenue to keep coming in to help development further. DLC is possible but not entirely planned. That's years into the future. If there is anything it will likely be a new worldspace. But there still is no confirmation of DLC.
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    Well we can all agree that's a good thing. One of the things I dislike most about GTA online is that everything is over the top in prices. Haircuts costing 200 bucks upwards, outfits costing 100,000 dollars ??. Can't wait to play the full release of identity and go clothes shopping where 500 bucks will get me some decent threads ??
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    Hey! Welcome back. Alot has happened haha, new website is coming soon!!!! Excited
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    Thank you very Much, we are forever trying to shape this site around the members, So if you have a suggestion. Post it on the Website
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    Paratus, do you have a launching date for the town square module ?
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    Then you won't be disappointed ? devs have said before that prices in game will reflect real life so houses and cars will be expensive and things such as clothes will vary depending on shop bought from etc.
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    I think it’s alright. We might not be the most open on names, but we’ve put them out there for people to see. Just got to look in the right areas. Appreciate your wishes in wanting to have respect for the team, Preston_Bodhi_343, but really, it’s okay
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    Female Polo Shirt by Umut: Female Bomber Jacket by Umut:
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    There will be mansions, and they will be big. Certain mansions will function as a capture point for cartels/other criminal organizations. These mansions will be similar to the one from the movie "Scarface". The other "mansion" will be a penthouse. As of yet, there is no official price for the mansion. https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedCautiousKumquatPeoplesChamp https://clips.twitch.tv/HyperCovertLasagnaPrimeMe
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    I would love to see a Satriale's style building, kind of like what they did in GTA IV.
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    I have reached "400 Content Count"!
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    I think everyone can understand that there always can be issues and hiccups. Point is that you promise something and you delay it multiple times and while that is also understood, You better start finding a way to convince the community because frankly just saying "it happens during development" or "we had to rebuild" is not convincing. Rebuilding is not starting from scratch, Again we're in 2018....
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    The Town Square had been re-made several times as the expectations of the art time have risen, so when remaking the Town Square, everything was improved, the layout, models and textures. Not only that, but this module includes the core mechanics of the game, so tons of coding takes place for everything to run smoothly as it's getting built from the ground up.
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    I don't think you have a tiny bit of a clue of what you're even talking about. Please read the whole post instead of trolling. I stated i used both, unity and unreal 3d engines and it surly does not take 3 years to create a scene. the TS module...what do you think it is??? All it has is a bit of GUI added to it such as character creation, pause, settings...few models and some shaders. Today you can create a playable descent size map in a month with the tools that we have to our disposal. They actually have an office now and a team to work on this, But it looks more like they just started. I am not saying this is a no go or a fail, i am saying that the amount of time they have spent it seems like they took a long vacation on it or simply not telling us the whole truth. Honestly tell me where do you see game play in the TS module..i seen someone running around the map..If that is gameplay to you then i am stunned.
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    This game came out on Kickstarter when it was concept only. Once they hit their goal, they got to work right away on the game. Why would anything in a pre-alpha be final?