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    Crime Doesn't Pay, This Time Earlier this month we released a quick and raw gameplay video showing off an interaction in a rural area of the world. The art in the video is very much in development, but it's a great way to see some of the features and how they work. You'll get a glimpse of a drug production mini-game, the computer system used by police officers, and more. For this dev blog I wanted to toss in a couple clips that didn't make it into the video; all in glorious GIF form. The environment shown in the video is actually quite old. For example, those trees have been in use for a couple years of our development. The character animations (in fact, the entire way you control the character) will also be much different when you get into the Town Square. To give you an idea of how our art has progressed over time, see below one of the older placeholder trees, as is seen in the video, compared to a more recent tree which will be found in the Town Square. The Finishing Touches As you'd expect, our priority for the last month has been getting the Town Square ready for play! We've been working overtime getting everything into place, and it's shaping up very nicely. You'll see from the image above that our artists have been producing absolutely incredible assets. In my own opinion, it's the nicest looking environment I've ever seen in an MMORPG to date. With the original release date for the Town Square quickly approaching, it's become evident that we're unfortunately going to have to push the date back, although the delay will not be long. More work is required to ensure that the launch goes smoothly; we need time to reinforce our server structure and do more internal playtesting. The Town Square will be released to all Founders (and above) one month later on April 23. This is an unfortunate reality of game development, but we want to make sure you get a quality product which isn't rushed out the door too soon. To help ease the pain of waiting for a taste of Identity, we're going to start throwing more media out for you, including a Town Square trailer video overviewing the features you'll find inside. Making it Big! We recently hit the incredible milestone of $1,000,000 USD raised! In fact, right now as of this writing we're in at just under $1,025,000. The support from our community and pledgers has been absolutely incredible. I wanted to take this chance to say thank you; it's because of you that Identity is becoming a reality. The game we've all wanted for such a long time is coming. Around the Studio We're in overdrive over here, working hard to get the Town Square ready to go! As I sit here in my office typing this blog post, Andrew is finishing up the new character creation system. The user interface Artur made is beautiful. I couldn't be happier with the new UI systems he's produced following Scaleform's demise (our old middleware which is now dead). The biggest change here in the office this month is the addition of Mark (who the community has dubbed Marker), our resident graphic designer. He's pumping out amazing art for in-game brands at an incredible pace. This will translate into all sorts of clothing brands and patterns, wallpapers and much more. He'll be bringing you a whole lot of customization options throughout Identity. The real big news, though, is the birth of our lead programmer Henrik's (Sone) new baby boy! Be sure to congratulate him if you spot him on Discord. He's probably too tired to read, though. Liam has been getting a lot done on the new Identity website, too. You'll be seeing the launch of this new website quite soon, and it's going to bring a whole bunch of new options and features for you to enjoy. The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday. We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet
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    I'd rather get a polished game late than a buggy mess early. *COUGH* Ark, PUBG, BF4 *COUGH*
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    Lol they delayed to April, this is why people think this shit is a scam. Stop pushing the fucking release back, holy shit. We keep having to wait and wait for the new release dates and right before it hits "oh unfortunately we have to delay but we will post more media" bullshit. They should already be posting as much as possible. I don't know how anyone could not lose faith in this game and refund this is just sad.ill be in a retirement home before TS is out
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    DISCLAIMER: This is a concept and will not represent the finished business plan or its features. Welcome to the Skull And Bones Record Labels business plan, this record label will be a subsidiary of Velocity Logistics. Our vision is to supply the world with a fair and equal opportunity music platform for all the worlds artist to achieve what they want to achieve. We will give our artist a stage in which they can propel themselves into fame and glory or whatever path they may choose. We intend to push forward the boundaries of music and keep it moving in a forward motion for as long as we can. We will essentially allow our artist to grow by dealing with their concerts and their recording processes all the way up to release Including PR and Marketing. We will attend to all our artist's needs and well being and make sure all our artists are performing well and are happy. We will also handle their copyright situations and music licensing for streaming platforms and radio play and any legal matters that may come up. We will be open to every genre as I mentioned before we are a musical platform based on equality and all genres will be welcome and we will have specialists who're expertise will excel in each different genre. We may even break the boundaries and form new genres. We will have nothing but the best for our artists when it comes to recording equipment we will pride ourselves on being the best and most advanced in the world. Our studios will also be the most advanced in the business we will have multiple studios to maintain an efficient schedule for our artist's recording time. Fees will be discussed with our respective artists as all of their needs and requirements will differ. Be assured that our fees will be fair and competitive and we will always be open to negotiations. Don't hesitate to send me a message we will always be looking for new artists to bring to the table. Even if you just want to ask a question we will always have time to be as helpful as possible, we understand that signing to a label is a big commitment and you will want a full understanding, as well as the best deal for yourself. Below are our current projects and future releases. Keep an eye on this section as more projects will be announced and added shortly. The Collection - Volume 1 Genre: Mixed Release Date: TBA Artist(s): TBA (Still looking for artists) Jay Eleven - No Face Case Genre: Drill Release Date: With TS Module. Jay Eleven - Fountain Of Life Genre: Drill Release Date: TBA 6IX Savage - OP Block Creepin' Genre: Drill Release Date: TBA The job positions here at Skull and Bones Recordings are as follows: Chief Executive Officer ?@MichaelPayne Chief Operating Officer ? @silentunion Chief Financial Officer ? @FrankLucas Talent Management ? Available Hospitality Management ? Available Legal Representation ?@Saavedro (Grimson Law Firm LLC.) Music Producers ? Available Sound Equipment Technicians ? Available Sound Engineers ? Available Artwork Designer ? @HarryM Graphics Designer ? @Mantisoli Security Guards ? Available Personal Assistants ? Available Secretary ? Available Projects: We are currently looking for DJs for upcoming radio project we have. PM me for details. To apply, simply send us a private message to discuss further. Thank you for reading, -Michael Payne CEO of Velocity Logistics and Skull And Bones Recordings.
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    DISCLAIMER: Everything in this post is a concept and will not reflect the finished business plans and features. Welcome to the Velocity Logistics business plan. We are a logistics company that will strive towards building a solid and stable logistics core in a domestic and commercial way. Our aim will be to tackle our clients needs by offering them logistical solutions. The services that we will provide will range from, but are not limited to: ➤ Supply Chain Management ➤ Document Courier Service ➤ Logistical Solutions & Advice ➤ Home & Office Removal Service ➤ Commercial Delivery ➤ Domestic Delivery ➤ Specialty Delivery ➤ Heavy Haulage For more information, see "Future Technology" section of the post. (Video created by @Zebra) At this time as we do not have a feel for the games economy or market. So the financial department has decided not to release pricing until the games release or until more information is released about how the games economical systems may work. Below is the Start-up Cost sheet as of now for Velocity Logistics. These are subject to change due to the variability of costs in game. These are just estimates and does not include a pro forma (projected) profit and loss statement or a pro forma (projected) balance sheet. Those will be added after the economy in-game has been flushed out properly. Anyone looking to invest should contact @MichaelPayne or @VelocityLogistics. - Andrew, Financial Director This vehicle will be used for everyday delivery for both domestic and commercial operations: This vehicle will be used for high-priority & express delivery, again, for both domestic and commercial sectors: For heavy haulage, long distance and larger cargo, the vehicle shown below will be used: For commercial and domestic removal service, including homes and offices, the vehicle below will be used: To ensure that there is no delay in our operations, we have decided to implement our own maintenance division which will include these vehicles shown below: The future technology section is to showcase our ideas for future mods for when mod support is added in Identity. Whether it be vehicle technology or a pseudo global warming mechanic. See below for some of our current ideas. The above images show a custom in-vehicle operating system that allows the driver to log in with their unique credentials provided to access an array of custom features including delivery schedule, navigation maps, important updates from HQ, panic button, SOS breakdown recovery (and more). We would also like to implement a custom "Start/Stop" system, acting as a type of AFK mechanic. So if your vehicle is left unattended or idling for more than 15 seconds, the engine will cut off and then will automatically resume when the accelerator is pressed. This will save fuel and add immersion. Here is the PDA that we plan on using for our drivers when they are delivering goods. Our warehouse will be modern, in a vast and easily accessible area to meet all of our storage and operational needs. Exterior: Interior: This is our high detailed warehouse plan, it was made with full efficiency and productivity in mind. We took numerous hours to plan and assemble the blueprint. See numbered legend for specific details on each room. The office building will be the back-bone of our company, so we want to make sure it's comfortable and stylish for our employees. Exterior: Interior: Here at Velocity Logistics, security is of the up-most importance. So it is vital to us that we keep our customers belongings and logistics safe. To ensure this all employees will have a ID card for access to our warehouses and offices. The plan I have envisioned for Velocity Logistics is a consistent and efficient security procedure which will allow for smooth operations in any situation. Now I know that data protection is a very worry-some topic among businesses, so here at Velocity Logistics, all of our data centers will be kept securely in an isolated room with 24/7 surveillance and if that isn't enough, all electrical devices will have anti intrusion software which changes it's algorithms to match whatever type of cyber attack is happening. As stated above, all the employees will be given a special key card, with higher authority allows access to more places. Our warehouses will be fitted with hidden CCTV with facial recognition. As for our delivery vehicles, they will have GPS tracking integrated inside, as well as alarms. - Jin, Security Director Our uniform will be sleek, modern and comfortable. In addition it will be practical for all our staff. Below are the official partners of Velocity Logistics. Click on each image for more information. (Owner: @MichaelPayne) Skull & Bones is subsidiary of Velocity Logistics and specializes in signing talent and releasing music. (Owner: @Saavedro) Grimson Law Firm is our partnered law firm and specializes in a plethora of legal matters. (Owner: @Kyleson) We have partnered with Kylson's Fruit Imports to take care of all their logistical needs. (Owner: @Blue_Foot) APA is our partnered promotions agency and will be dealing with a lot of our marketing and advertising needs. (Owner: @JackC) Supreme is one of our newest partners and we will be taking care of all their logistical needs. (Owner: @BreadlyHovis) We have partnered with Nova to take care of their logistical needs which includes things like alcohol, food and much more. (Owner: @Levi_King) We have partnered with LK Motorsports as their Tier 1 main sponsor. We will also take care of the teams logistics which will include things like transporting cars, pit equipment etc. (Owner: @ZachLaVine) We have partnered with Supercar Saturday on a life-time sponsorship deal. This includes investments, advertisements, and logistical services. If you wish to become part of the Velocity Logistics team, please fill out a short application form below and we will get back to you. Please note that applicants must have have a microphone and may be asked to join our discord server. Please note that higher positions (Directors etc.) will require a more experience and a more in-depth interview. Roles with available positions are marked * Available Positions CEO ➤ @HarryM & @MichaelPayne Logistics Director ➤ @itsDuncan Logistics Management ➤ @Rhys1101 Financial Director ➤ @FrankLucas Marketing Director ➤ @Vincent_Luciano Legal Representation ➤ @Saavedro (Grimson Law Firm LLC.) Security Director ➤ @Jin Senior Security Manager ➤ @Villasenor Personal Driver Operations Manager ➤ @shadowkiller Human Resources Manager ➤ @iLife Business Development Manager ➤ @nikichuu Enrichment Administrator ➤ @JohnCrawford Warehouse Manager ➤ @Cstove * Head of Maintenance ➤ AVAILABLE * Business Development Team ➤ AVAILABLE; @Xamar (Limited: 1/2) * Human Resources Team ➤ AVAILABLE; (Limited: 0/3) * Warehouse Operator ➤ AVAILABLE * Personal Driver ➤ AVAILABLE; (Limited: 0/5) * Vehicle Mechanic/Technician ➤ AVAILABLE * Customer Service Assistant ➤ AVAILABLE * Driver ➤ Unlimited (Not Listed) Velocity Logistics Application Form Our Discord server has now been opened to the public. Anyone is welcome to join, if you have any questions to ask, want to apply, pre-order any services or anything else you can do so by asking a member of staff in our Discord. We hope to see you around. (Click to join our Discord) Thank you for reading. http://velocitylogisticsbeta.altervista.org/ - Velocity Logistics
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    This is going to be unformatted and my opinion. I am open and willing to hear all of your guys' voice in the replies, but here's what I need to say. So the release date on Town Square Module is set for March 22nd (I think). At the time of me typing this, it is February 28th or one day before March 1st. Therefore, we have about 22 days and 3 hours until the release (Same time as EST). This is exciting stuff. We have a new and fun game planned to come out in less than a month! However is this a real estimate? I know things always change around and things go wrong, but is it a real date we can look at? In my opinion no. We have looked at things such as the gameplay video which was promised in January, then wasn't delivered. Then promised on February 1st to be done in days. And once again, wasn't delivered. Then after two weeks into the month, we finally got something that in my opinion was very underwhelming and disappointing. So how can we trust that it will come out fully in the month of March? Is it because the devs said so? No. Because the devs also said they were just polishing the Gameplay video on January 22nd. So in all honesty, don't be surprised if no big set back occurs, and your waiting for the month of April to actually get access to the game.
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    The Dark Ops On the outside we could be like one of you... but on the inside is where the true evil lies. We could be your best friend, your parent, maybe a fellow employee But whatever we are... we are not normal. What do we do? We are group of many talents. We will do anything from petty robbery- to mass production of illegal substances. If it produces income and profit we are on it. Our operations will be more concealed. E.X. We will Produce drugs in the middle of no-where E.X. Robbing in very concealed areas (We will rarely rob anyone) We are not just criminals... we are d̸̤̒̑̈͗̔e̷̱̙̬̊̎m̵̥̔̏o̸̢͔̰̜̐̒̃n̴̦̎̋s̵̗̻̒̆ Payout For each operation we will run with 3-6 people. Depending on the job of course. For each associate helping with the operation- will receive a %10 cut. Payouts do not change. Rules 1.) MIC Required 2.) If you do not cooperate=instant expulsion 3.) You will not use your RP name... Think of a code name, for sake of yourself and the gang. 4.) If you're planning to do an operation have at-least 3 people if not 2 day operation suspension. 5.) If you harm, snitch, or verbally abuse ally gangs = 1 week operation suspension 6.) We are civilians in the eyes of everyone. Do not tell anyone you are with The Dark Ops, you will be introduced to your other gang members. 7.) Allied gangs will not know if you are with The Dark Ops, but after joining you will be sent the code word to say to your offenders.. if they continue they are enemies. 8.) Do not snitch on the gang, you will just end up in a ditch dead... you cannot escape the darkness. (No reason to snitch, they will not find us...) Want to join? Message me and I will see if you are fit to join. Want to be Allies? Message UNITE to me We will be allies with everyone...
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    I agree 100% with you on this mate. It truly is am absolute joke at this point and I think 2025 is actually still too soon at this rate. Also yeah expect town square waaaay later in the year if at all
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    Really good video man... Look at the trees... Is that a joke?
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    Welp, glad to see that these predictions didn't even last 1 day. Probably just gonna avoid the forums for a bit, I don't want to see all the forum posts about it. Im just gonna say they better not delay again.
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    To be honest i'm quite annoyed at this, yeah yeah we get it the devs are a small team we've heard it all before, now i recognize the devs are hard workers, really they are and they've done a good job so far, but the constant push backs and delays are starting to annoy even the most patient people which is including myself, when you announce that you're 99% certain that it will release with no problems and only has a 1% chance of needing more time and then by some chance it needs pushing back, people are going to start getting a bit pissed and frankly i can't say i blame some people. some of the things we've had release have taken god knows how long and now all we want is to play town square, i'm not making demands nor am i asking for it right here and now, i'm simply asking that the devs don't make announcements about things unless they're absolutely certain because a lot of people are feeling like it's not happening. i believe this game will be a success which is why i pledged and committed myself to it but for heavens sake asylum entertainment please stop with the push backs INB4 every single defender gives me the usual i'd rather have a polished game that takes ages to release yadda yadda
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    You can steal cars yes, not government vehicles. Likely you will lock pick the cars if locked
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    At the beginning everyone was begging for a sign of development either the Town Square be released or a gameplay video and almost everybody wouldn't shut up about it. Now they released a video and everyone is trashing it. You need to be thankful that they listen you their community and quit complaining because they try as hard as they can on these things. This is what they were scared about taking about it being too early for a gameplay video or Town Square.
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    Hello devs, many people probably think about getting a refund now and i really understand. The ts release is getting pushed back again and i think you should give a little bit more to the people who still believe in this project. What about giving everybody who pledged before ts comes out a little extra money? Biker and up-sized 2000$ Speed demon 4000$ VIP 8000$ What do you guys think about my suggestion?
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    Thanks! We'd like to thank the community of Identity for the 1000 post views! -Michael CEO Of Skull & Bones And Velocity Logistics.
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    yeah ill probably take a bit more time before i put a topic on the site again and yeah that is very silly its just the first thing that came to my head and i already know i am horrible with names
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    March 21st 2018. They stream every week on a Tuesday and Thursday. They give more communication than you think.
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    I've never ever talked about how faith by itself would help Asylum and their project. When I first found out about Identity, I was interested with the values of it, immersion, changing the definition of RP. Then I pledged for it, so that means I give my support for the development of this game. Even though the module isn't out yet, I still gave my feedback on a few things about the game. I'm fully aware this is not a triple A company behind Identity, in fact this is the second large project they're working on (you can check the Asylum Entertainment website). The reason why I invested into this project is because I want to see it succeed. I'll put my heart into it. And I'm wondering, did you get a lot of bad experiences with scams, or even games that never came out? I understand, some people are cautious and really want to be sure that this game is definitely true. In fact, there's quite a lot of fake stuff in the Internet sadly... But if you look at the amount of details they put on those "things and stuff", and putting them together. Also it surprises me you haven't mentioned about any videos at all. For now, what you think is up to you and your judgement and past experiences in the gaming industry. But what I know is that one of the big moments will be about Town Square (video and module). I strongly doubt that they would just sit in their chair just to make fake assets, they are ambitious people who love gaming and role play. I've even chatted with Sean (Motown) and a few moderators in the Discord voice chat. They are really nice people to talk with. Also, Brandon (Beach_ball) came and asked me one time if I had questions for the stream, which is very nice in my opinion. Asylum is very implied and do listen to the community. I'm not saying they're doing it 24/7, because of course they are very busy sometimes. It was said multiple times in the Developer blogs that John wanted to make a video showing crime, shooting and arrest. The Town Square video will come before the module and will be much better. They're not going to tell any estimated dates to avoid over hyping people and plans to release it when they're ready for it.
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    The video was a BIT of a disappointment, but let's wait and see how the actual game is before we abandon it. Only a few more weeks (fingers crossed) The development process is worrying me but I have what I like to call - FAITH
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    Because we see potential in it, and I pledged a lot of money for this project. Yep it's been half a year since John have first mentioned about a game play video he wanted to make, on the Dev Blog #008: "and now we want you to see vehicles, drug production and weapon systems." But things didn't go as he expected, as all the charge was on him when the others was busy on Town Square, as mentioned on blog #010. On #012, he seems to get back on the plan of working on that short game play video. On #013, he thinks that the video might be released, then work on Town Square video. Then finally, on #014, he said days not weeks, due to a set back with animations (I believe the guy working on them didn't give it on time). Another note which wasn't in the blog was that the animations was also causing the Unreal engine to crash, and it took quite some time to troubleshoot. Along with a bit of polishing, transferring things, making the build on multiple computers, recording several times, tweaking things out, etc. Incompetence is the lack of knowledge and skills. Things out of control doesn't count. Also that's not a wise word to chose to describe the team of Asylum. Have you seen some of the cool stuff they make? There's quite some talented artists and modelers. If you believe this is potentially fake, I can argue it is not. With Q&A Twitch streams since October the 11th, and a few other developers like @Jade also stream their work. You can check all the Twitch clips that @Beach_Ball takes the time to put together: