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    I agree with @FrancePourLaVie, debates should be strictly for politicians only. I won't lie, we have had our disagreements within the past couple of months but I do agree that if it's a political debate, only politicians should be able to participate. Plus, it's her that is organising/proposing the idea so it is up to her to decide who should be allowed to participate. As for public interaction though, there's no reason why citizens can't join just to ask questions via the designated text channels that IPO provides, so long as voice chat is strictly for politicians only. The debate should also be moderated by IPO staff. P.S - If not too late and if permitted, I would be interested in attending and participating.
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    @Norway174 pay attention.
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    Well... Yep! You heard it here first folks. @FrancePourLaVie DENIES a citizen from joining what seemed like a public debate based on personal opinion.
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    Thanks to Jade ! Don't forget his ArtStation => https://www.artstation.com/jade77
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    March 21st is when Module 1 releases and You will be able to buy it but when the new website launches before that date, prices will be significantly higher and most and if not all pledges above the "Founder" pledge will be gone. The game will cost likely its full retail price which is roughly $45 and Founder which includes the Beta and the modules will be higher than the game price. However no prices are confirmed but the full retail price will be around $45 and so it could potentially go that high for just the citizen package! You can buy it before or after but you won't get these prices for much longer. It is not on steam yet and so it must be bought on this website's store page. This is not kickstarter. Kickstarter was 3 years ago, this is the Identity crowd funding page.
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    He is not a politician, this is for politicians and besides, he is also personally rude and his only goal is to cause problems like a bigot.
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    Yes you should be good but we can never be too sure right now because well it is way too early for there to be a good set of data right now as there is still a good set of optimisations to be done and stress testing. While the earliest time there will be such data will likely be when Beta starts after all 3 modules.
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    Happy Holidays From Asylum! The holidays are upon us, and the team at Asylum begins their short rest! We've been busier than ever, and this coming January is shaping up to be one of our biggest months in a very long time, if not ever. Our expanded team has been working hard on game features beyond the Town Square, and you're finally going to be getting a glimpse of true Identity gameplay very soon in the new year; that's just the start. Keeping it Real Primary systems in Identity such as weapons and vehicles are being developed to operate as realistically as possible. Last week a few of the developers braved the freezing temperatures at a local range to record audio directly from a slew of real firearms in all sorts of conditions. It's very important to us that the weapons in Identity look, sound and react as close to reality as possible. We've even modeled the ballistic physics based on real-world mathematical formulas. Powerful weapons are going to be rare in Identity. Assault weapons, for example, will likely be used in major circumstances. For the most part players will have access to less powerful weaponry; melee, hand guns, hunting rifles, and so on will be the norm. Here it Comes! With the Town Square development moving along, we're not far off from showing the world real Identity gameplay! Like I said up there, January is going to be a big month. For us in the studio, we're excited to get our hands on a few new technology demos that might have a huge impact on Identity! For our fans, January is going to be the month you see the first true world gameplay video. Not only that, but soon after we're looking to release a Town Square trailer! Keep your eyes out on Identity's Twitter and Facebook. The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday (except on this coming week due to holidays). We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet
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    Clock and Decor Mirror made by Jade !
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