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    Hello one and all! We're super stoked for the development and release of Identity, so much so that we've already started planning for our own server once they become available. So here we are, opening our doors to you lovely folk We're EU based and as such would be looking to have a server from this region. That's not to say we won't welcome people from all around the world, it's just a heads up so to clarify what the connection would be. I've been a member of many communities, mainly roleplay based and have experienced some great things, I've also been in a few communities that made me question the meaning of my life. Through these experiences I've managed to understand what makes a community healthy, active and enjoyable. We are, after all, here for enjoyment, we are here through choice and, most importantly, we are here for friends. These are the values I hold most dearly for a community. Sure we can all get competitive, sure we can have a red mist descend but behind it all is the desire to play with friends, to enjoy the company and to create memories together. In the coming months we will see the community get ready for the launch of Identity. This is our end-game, this is our goal. IdentityRPG is set to offer a fantastic opportunity for our roleplay needs and is something that I will personally be spending a lot of time working on. So there we are, there's my little plug. Hopefully we'll see some of you stop by and say hello in our fledgling community <3 (you can join our Discord by clicking the image below, or visit our website HERE. - Papa Hedge
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    Happy Holidays From Asylum! The holidays are upon us, and the team at Asylum begins their short rest! We've been busier than ever, and this coming January is shaping up to be one of our biggest months in a very long time, if not ever. Our expanded team has been working hard on game features beyond the Town Square, and you're finally going to be getting a glimpse of true Identity gameplay very soon in the new year; that's just the start. Keeping it Real Primary systems in Identity such as weapons and vehicles are being developed to operate as realistically as possible. Last week a few of the developers braved the freezing temperatures at a local range to record audio directly from a slew of real firearms in all sorts of conditions. It's very important to us that the weapons in Identity look, sound and react as close to reality as possible. We've even modeled the ballistic physics based on real-world mathematical formulas. Powerful weapons are going to be rare in Identity. Assault weapons, for example, will likely be used in major circumstances. For the most part players will have access to less powerful weaponry; melee, hand guns, hunting rifles, and so on will be the norm. Here it Comes! With the Town Square development moving along, we're not far off from showing the world real Identity gameplay! Like I said up there, January is going to be a big month. For us in the studio, we're excited to get our hands on a few new technology demos that might have a huge impact on Identity! For our fans, January is going to be the month you see the first true world gameplay video. Not only that, but soon after we're looking to release a Town Square trailer! Keep your eyes out on Identity's Twitter and Facebook. The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday (except on this coming week due to holidays). We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet
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    Moe's Diner, on the corner of 6th and DuPont Ave. Ol' Moe opened this place with brother, way back when this neighborhood was strictly "Italian-Only". That was a long time ago, back when the Mob owned these blocks. They've since cleared out, now we mostly cater to bikers off the interstate, some Yakuza thugs occasionally frequent the place, they run the docks two blocks over. Moe is an old man now, he mostly sleeps in his one bedroom upstairs, so it's up to the girls to handle most of the work. Gus is the cook, he's Moe's grandson. He's a pervy kid, not more than 18 really. Always oggling us while we work, but hey, at least we don't have to cook. I've been here almost a year and I'm already the closing girl. It's a good gig, gives me money for my "hobbies,". My name's Pam, if you don't see me here, I'm out being bad. Mary's usually here in the mornings with Lacey, and Starla and Darienne work with me, although they're usually just gossiping or flirting, little tramps those two. Leah's the new girl, she's a sweetie, don't know how she ended up in this neighborhood. We don't really have a manager per se, although there's Dennis, he's a piece of work. He's the son of an old friend of Moe's, after Moe's brother got shot by a gangbanger this guy, Ed I think, he was there. So now Dennis is the "manager," although he never shows up, only to steal food, harass us, and try to sleep with us on the regular. He's a coke fiend, usually reeks of sweat, and has some two-bit hooker on his arm when he comes in. And then there's his "friends," big scary tatted-up guys, coming in here looking for him and the money he owes them. That's always fun. Anyway, the coffee is always fresh here, and we make a mean breakfast platter here. The burger's are pretty good here too, and my pies are to die for. Don't order the french toast, that egg wash is not fresh, trust me. Also, the jukebox usually doesn't work, give it a kick or two and you're golden. And don't you think about trying to case the joint, I got a .45 glock under the register, and honey I know how to use it! Moe's Diner Hours: 5:00am-11:00pm Breakfast, All day Eggs: $1 per egg, limit is 3 Waffles: $2 for 2, $5 for a stack Toast: 50 cents French Toast: $3 Eggs in a basket: $5 Bacon: $1.50 Coffee: $1 with refills Breakfast Sausage: $3 Chicken and Waffles: $6 Breakfast Special: Comes with 3 eggs, bacon, toast, breakfast sausage. $8 Lunch, All day Hamburger: $5 Cheeseburger: $6, add a fried egg/chili for $1 each French Fries: $3 Chili Fries: $4 Chili Cheese Fries: $5 Meatball Sub: $6 Cold Sandwich: Options include Ham, Prosciutto, Salami, Pepperoni, Capicola, Roast Beef, Turkey, Mozzarella, Monterrey Jack, American, Swiss, Banana Peppers, Pickles, Spicy Relish, Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, $4, $5 on a ciabatta bun, 50 cents for each extra meat Chili: $3 Grits: $2 Fried Chicken: $8 a bucket Dinner*, 5pm or later Spaghetti: $5 Ravioli: $6 Chicken Parmesan: $8 Chimichanga: $6 Pastelitos per carne: $3 per pastry Gnocchi: $4 Chili con carne: $6 *Dinner may not be served on that particular day Drinks: We serve alcohol after 11am Full bar opens at 3pm Soda: $1.50 Tea: $2 Beer: Bottled $3 Wine: Only at dinner, $5 a glass Mixed Drinks: $7 for house, $9 for top shelf
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    Alright, thanks for the quick answer Duck ! edit : answer*
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    Indeed a super friendly and brutal community that is where I am proud to spend my time in. Love all those misfits.
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    I also fully agree to this take it from the chicken
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    Because who is gonna give away the secrets to making such a large amount of money? And especially if its a high rp server
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    Some if not all drawing tablets which work as if it is the mouse will likely work in the game, but I am not 100% on it yet and will have to get back with a confirmed answer tomorrow. It possibly is a yes but don't get your hopes up!
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    The Cult of Cthulhu is a legally-recognized religion in the United States. It was established in 2008 by High Priest Venger Satanis (also known as Darrick Dishaw). In this excerpt from the Cult of Cthulhu Bible, Satanis explains the origins of his religious beliefs: Discord Server: https://discord.gg/YMDtxuj Join us and praise the mighty Cthulhu!
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    Best community to join IMO. Warm hearted admin that supports his community all the way. If you are looking for a community for Rp on identity, this would be by far the best. Come and join us in other games before the launch of the game, have some fun and make the wait for the Modules release fly by. 10/10 - supportive and amazing community. Proud to be in it
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    I'm always impressed by the art produced by the Identity team! That talent is pretty undeniable.