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    New Blood Salutations everyone! This isn’t necessarily a Dev Blog update, but if you’re interested in getting some insight regarding the current happenings around the office, I think you’ll quite enjoy this read! My name is Brandon, and I’ll be taking up the reigns as Community Manager for Asylum Entertainment! Up until this point, Motown has been working as the Producer for Identity, and has also been lending his talents as a 3D Artist where possible. Seeing as he was also in charge of keeping fans up to speed on development progress, he’s most certainly happy to know that I’ll be alleviating some of his workload! Sean’s given me access to a slew of social media accounts, and I’ll try my best to keep them updated to the best of my ability! Don’t worry though, Motown isn’t about to evaporate from the scene or anything like that. You’ll still be able to catch him around the forums, twitch streams, and discord server! This also automatically makes me his apprentice, so I’m going to be shooting him questions pretty frequently for the first few weeks on the in’s and out’s of my role! Dropping The (Beach) Ball It’s true that news surrounding updates on Identity’s progress has been slow. While the Dev Blog has been gaining traction as of late, information has been rather scarce apart from the Q&As that pop up every now and then. There’s a few fantastic ones I actually studied before beginning my employment here (quick shoutouts to PowerGaming7 and TheDynasty on YouTube!), but it has been quite difficult to get a good glance into the heart of the project from the outside. HOWEVER, this is not to say that there hasn’t been any progress! The fact that Asylum requires someone to solely handle social media should speak volumes as to how busy the team has been. With our transition to the new office, progress is going to move even faster, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as much as possible! With the upcoming advent of the modules, I’ll be sharing as much information as I can with you guys leading up to each release! I got a sneak peak at the world inside module one today and I definitely geeked out a little. In fact, I’m currently working beside Liam and Charles, a Web Developer and Game Developer respectively! It’s their first time working in the office too, so we’re basically getting to know each other while we wait for the fiber internet to finally get installed. Today’s workload is mostly housekeeping items, so getting our asylum accounts configured and checking out the game’s current build are some of the things that have kept us occupied! The Interlocutor The ultimate goal of the Community Manager is to prevent the chain of dialogue between the supporters and developers from breaking. I want to keep communication as open and accessible as possible, as maintaining a healthy discussion with backers is an integral component to nearly any project. I’ll be monitoring the forums and official discord server like a hawk, forwarding potential concerns and criticisms to the devs as go! I’ll also aim to share screenshots or insider information where I can! No, I unfortunately can’t take a print screen of the monitor beside me running the current build, but I definitely would if I could. Any information I can get to you guys that I’m allowed to share, I will! A big part of my role is just to make sure you guys know that we’re alive! I want to engage as best as I can with the community to help tide everyone over until the game’s release. Heck, even I’M super intrigued by the development process. Truth be told, I’ve only learned of Identity about two months ago, and I’ve been hooked on the concept ever since! I’m very much akin to a fan that’s been granted access to all sorts of insider material, and I really want to see such an ambitious project succeed! The worst thing I could possibly do in my position as Community Manager isn’t actually related to going dark. While halting the chain of dialogue would be absolutely detrimental to my role, an even worse scenario would involve me spewing false information that we’d later need to backtrack on. With this in mind, updates will still be somewhat slow for juuuust a little while longer. I need to make sure I’m brought up to speed with where Identity is currently at, so I’ll be in constant communication with literally everyone at the office for the next little while. I might be slow at responding to questions at first, but I’ll be an Identity master in no time! Don’t you worry! I’ve already been added to the official discord server, and have even been graciously invited to several fan made servers already! While I love to chat, I’ll probably be more active within the official mediums provided to me. Still, Motown says I may elect join fan communities if I so choose, but that I mustn't get too carried away! I have the keys to most of the social media already, so you might be able to expect a test tweet or a small facebook post by the end of the week. Nothing major, it’d just be me testing out some of the bells and whistles! I ALSO would like to send some formal messages to the moderators on the forums. Before I came on board with the team, I studied the forums pretty religiously for a few days to help get acquainted with the scene. The mods have done a lot of work for what is essentially nothing at the moment, and I’d like to thank each of you for your dedication to the community! We might also be looking for a few more moderators as traction picks up for the game too, so I might ask for your guys’ opinion on the matter soon! Where Do We Go From Here? For the first week or so, the new members of Asylum will focus on adjusting to the current workspace and will familiarize themselves with the territory. I suppose that’s just an overly complicated way of saying that we’re getting our bearings! We’re all essentially aiming to align ourselves with the project’s current progress and will slide right in pretty soon! For me, I’ll be getting the hang of the social media surrounding Identity, and hope to make my debut on one of the livestreams this week. We’re unsure about a stream today as the fiber internet still isn’t functional, but that’s because the ISP rep that was supposed to show up called in sick today. X_X Ah well, it happens! Thank goodness for LTE usb hotspots, or else this message wouldn’t be reaching you at all! Motown and others should still have the stream going, I think they’ll be playing some CS:GO? No games being streamed from the office, but gaming hour should still exist! Apart from that, I think that about does it for my first day in the office! Sorry the post wasn’t filled with screenshots or anything like that, but I promise to get you guys some juicy information as soon as I possibly can! Maybe some content might pop up in the #new_media channel on the official discord server? :eyes: That’s all for this introduction post, hopefully it wasn’t too long! Thanks so much for the warm welcome on Discord, the active members of the Identity community seem really friendly, and I can’t wait to engage with all of you! Have a good one everyone! -B PS: And now I pray for no spelling mistakes...
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    Beginning of a new era Wow, what a month; busy and exciting and full of promise! While the developers have been hard at work getting the Town Square module ready to go, I've been preparing our new office space and interviewing potential Asylum developers. We've raised almost $800,000, allowing us to expand in a big way and bring on loads of new talent. Asylum Entertainment's new home If you read my last dev blog you'll remember that we had just scouted out office space and had narrowed our search to one. Now we have the keys and I've been working hard to get it operational. I never want to see another hex key again! It's almost hard to imagine that we've been working on Identity with a team spread out around the world. The talent of our small team has astonished me. It's exciting to consider how finally working in a formal setting is going to boost productivity. Not only is working in an office such as this going to make it easier to work together, but we've been on a hiring craze. Having sifted through hundreds of applications over the past few weeks and interviewing dozens of skilled individuals, we've selected most new developers to join our team. Our programming manpower is now three times stronger. Finally, after all this time we're now able to afford a full-time community manager. Joining our team at the new office location next week is Identity's community manager, Brandon! You'll be hearing from him very regulary. We're committing to keeping you in constant contact with the development team. Keep an eye on our website as well as social media! Town Square on the horizon! With our new studio starting up next week and the new programming talent coming on-board, our goal of the Town Square release is getting nearer. It's big news: the official Town Square release date will be announced in the month of October. With all of the changes affecting our productivity in such a positive way, we need to see how everyone works together over the next few weeks. This will allow us to give our fans a date with which we can be confident. We've got the Twitch We wanted to give you a glimpse of the game development process and have been streaming on Twitch to show you how it's done. Four hour (or more) long streams have gone live since my last dev blog; keep an eye on Identity's Twitter for future stream announcements. We try to have at least one development stream per week. As a fan of Identity, one of the things you're going to enjoy most is the flurry of videos which will be coming soon showing off the social features of the Town Square. For a simple social module, there's a good bit of fun things to do! New in the Town Square Our lead programmer, Henrik, has been hard at work these last couple of weeks refactoring our housing system to make it more stable and better performing for the Town Square module release. Everything's looking great at this point and he's very excited to get a bunch of new help over the next couple of weeks. With more great talent joining our art team, we're producing assets and new environments at an astonishing pace. Interiors we only hoped to have in Town Square by its release have gone from concept to reality very quickly. Last dev blog I showed you the concept art pieces produced for the police station. The police station was something we didn't expect to be available in the initial Town Square release, but with our art team hard at work we're getting a lot done. Below you'll find the lobby as it is in-game. The police station in Town Square will be a place for you to learn about the policing career, but it will also eventually feature a shooting range for you to test the weapon systems in Identity. Police station lobby in Town Square Our character and clothing team has also been adding a large variety of things to wear in the Town Square. Both clothing and accessories are being added all the time. Note the attention to detail and excellent quality of the clothing pieces in Identity. New sweater clothing What's to come In summary, we've been moving along with Identity's development at a great pace considering the size of our team; however, our team is growing in a big way right now. New developers are selected and some are starting at the new office as early as this coming week. Once the new guys have been oriented and we get an understanding of their work, we're going to be able to analyze the tasks remaining and give you a release date for Town Square. This is a big deal; Town Square isn't all that far off now and we're already preparing and planning for the next module: SWAT. I hoped to release a video showing combat systems already, but most the remaining work for that falls on myself as the other developers are busy with the real systems for Town Square. I've not had much time over these weeks from preparing the office, so that's on hold a bit; my priority is getting the Town Square module into your hands as soon as possible. Because we're getting further along now, and with the added manpower, we're going to soon start releasing small gameplay videos showing off the different aspects of Town Square. Finally, Brandon is joining Asylum as a dedicated full-time community manager! Brandon will be keeping you up to date constantly. Our silent days are soon to be over! -- John VanderZwet Deja Vu! (I've just been in the place before...) Salutations again! This time it's Brandon talking. John's been too busy to update the site, so I'm here to finally add the 10th Developer Blog to the corresponding section of the forums! You've most likely seen this update if you've been active in "The Town Square" section of the site, so I apologize for not having anything new to share in terms of screenshots or stuff like that. D: No need to get the pitchforks out though! I might have a few things to tide you guys over! (Please don't poke me aaa.) Charles (the game developer sitting beside me in the office) is currently in a skype call with another programmer on the team getting the 411 on the current build of Identity. They're walking through some stuff in regards to the Unreal Engine and talking about all sorts of things that are t o t a l l y beyond me. I took some java and C programming courses as electives when I was in University and MAN, I've had a newfound appreciation for coders ever since. I'll see if I can get some tangible information about the specifics of what Charles is working on after the call, because all I see is a mixture of math and player models! In other news, I've been hanging around in the discord, answering questions where I can and seeking advice from the higher-ups when I'm stumped. It's been going quite well actually! There seem to be a lot of fans enthusiastic about seeing more of the office, so I'm going to try and get a picture or two up on the @Identityrpg twitter. Charles has a 3 monitor setup that looks pretty sick, the lucky dog... Oh! Have I mentioned that there's a channel dedicated to posting small WIP models and other treats in the discord? It's #new_media! Check it out when you get a chance! The fiber internet for the office has also finally been installed! Like, completely! No more router issues or anything, I'm typing this up from a wired connection right now! With this, I should be able to join the stream later today so I can finally speak with the other developers. I'm very excited, and I hope to see some of you there! I don't think I'll actually be playing a game (I'm absolutely trash at most shooters but I swear I'm gunna train up for module two), but I'm very interested in getting my voice out there and meeting some of the developers that I haven't had a chance to speak with yet! Thanks for sticking around everyone! I'll get more information to you ASAP! Have a good one! -B
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    I like to stick to the official server, plus it is better to keep the community together and not segregated even when "region areas" are different.
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    Simms and Sanchez are outside of the police station. Simms reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of smokes. "Hey man its cool we will get him don't worry there is no where to run on this island." Sanchez said as Simms lit up a cig. "I don't know Sanchez this guy is different. This guy has a purpose on this island." Simms says blowing out the smoke from his nose. He looks around and looks over at his 1969 Pontiac GTO jet black. He looks over at Sanchez and takes another hit from his cig. "Sanchez you want to go for a ride?" Simms says looking over at him and then flicks his cig away. "Dude you know we can't go after White Mask I know that is what you are thinking." Simms smiles. Another officer walks outside towards them and stop. Officer: " He got away." Simms: " I told you guys that he is always one step ahead of you guys. Thanks Frank." Frank nods and walks away to his squad car. Simms raises his eyebrow and looks at Sanchez. "Soooo want to go for a ride?" He smiles as he pats Sanchez on the shoulder and they make their way over to the 1969 Pontiac GTO. Sanchez and Simms take off to the streets. "We have to think where he is going to be next" Simms says. Sanchez turns on the police scanner to see if there is anything going on. He turns it down just a little and then grabs his cell phone. "I will make some calls someone should have seen him by now." Simms nods "Good Idea." Just then Simms phone starts to ring. Simms reaches into his pocket and places it by his ear. "Simms here." He looks over at Sanchez and mouths "My Daughter" and points to his phone. "Hey how are you and mum doing?" "Good good" "Yep, I will be there" "Yes I will bring you a cake" "With barbie on it yes." "Alright love you too, tell my mum I will call her later ok love you" Simms hangs up his phone and tosses it into cup holder. Sanchez gets off the phone. "Alright check this out they ditched the red car and got a new one in a parking garage. Of course the cops didn't see them leave but they must of left because there is no trace of them. But good news is that I have an informant on the streets that saw White Mask stopped and got a hot dog and then took off. after that he stopped at the bank, and then they pulled into a warehouse where there was a shoot out. There was a black SUV that left but thats all I know let me make a few more calls and we will find him." Sanchez gets back on his phone as Simms smiles and grips the steering wheel. "Your going down White Mask."
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    Welcome here! @LuckyDuck, putting those links in your signature is a great idea
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    Yeah, that's the point! No matter when the game is out, it'll still be something amazing
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    I'm already playing in my mind, the game release will just be the continuity of it ^^
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    Yup,I don't care how long it takes,when the game is done,I'll be playing!?
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    Just because we don't expect the game to be out for 2 or more years doesn't mean we can't be excited for the game.If they do figure out a way for all the things to work ,it will be the best role playing game ever!
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    It's sad to see that we almost hear the disagreements about this game more than about the game itself
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    Yup,I don't expect this game to be done till 2020 at the earliest....
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    SpaceX Is planning on going to mars in 2024 so it isn't that weird of a question
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    If you really think such things will happen first, my question is why are you even here? What are you waiting for, if you think such things!
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    I don't see why you should even be able to get a refund.. It's a fucking donation it even states that they don't have to give it back and most devs dont
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    Barrett is sitting in the PD station doing paper working wearing his black suite, white dress shirt and a grey tie. He types a few thing here and there and then would right a couple things down. One of the officers would turn the Tv up. Officer: "Hey everyone shut up look!" The Officer points to the screen as everyone in the office stops and looks up to the tv. Barrett would not look up as he kept typing and doing his cop thing like he was told to do. The officers turns the tv up a little bit more so that they can hear the News chopper guy. News Guy:" I...I can't believe what I seeming, are you getting this on camera Frank? Ladies and gentlemen if you are watching this you can see that this is real and that it looks like the Man in the White Mask is back. Look at him just standing out from the sun roof and holding his arms out like some kind of...I wont says god, but I will say a crazy person." Simms drops his pen. it rolls off the table and hits the ground Simms slowly looks up towards the tv. It was him, It was the Man in the White Mask. Barrett's clinches his fist 'He's dead.....he has to be dead I shot him, Anderson shot him...He has to be dead." Barrett's thinks to himself. All the other officers turn and look at Barrett as he stands up his face getting red with angry. "only that cocky son of bitch would do something like this..it's him..." he thinks to himself again. The Chiefs door opens and looks up at the tv and then everyone looking at Simms. The Chief points to Simms. Chief of Police: "Simms!" Barrett shakes his head and slams his fist down on his desk "I need to get this guy and end this once and for all!" Chief of Police: "Sit your ass down you are under orders to sit down and do your job. We have it under control, he is not going anywhere." Barrett looks over at the Chief "Chief he is playing with you guys look at him!" he points to the tv. "He is reeling you guys in like a fish. Don't you think he has a master plan on how he is going to get away?!" Chief of Police: "Sit your ass down Simms or..." Barrett pushes his paperwork off his desk making a mess. "Thats it Simms one more out burst out of you and your.." Barrett raises his hands "I am what? fired? demoted?" Barrett shakes his head "Sanchez take Officers Simms here out for some fresh air before his mouth gets him into anymore trouble!" Officers Sanchez walks over to Barrett and puts his hand on his back "Come on buddy" Sanchez says but Barrett jerks away "Alright alright I'm walking.." Officer Sanchez and Barrett walk towards the front door to get some fresh air, and to calm down. (I am trying the color thingy too now guys )
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    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) 1. How are Kickstarter backers different from website backers? There is only one difference between backer rewards for the Kickstarter and website. Kickstarter backers will receive a unique in-game hat with the Kickstarter logo. Website backers receive a hat with the Identity logo. No new content in the future will ever display either of these logos. 2. Many people are confused on what the game is about. Would you mind telling us what your vision for the game is? Is the game more about Cops vs Robbers, or a balance between all the available paths? Identity is a cops and robbers game at heart, but it is a life simulator in so many other ways. We’re catering to role-play in a way that is possibly the first of its kind. Players have the freedom to pursue careers that will impact the player economy in their own unique way. Become a taxi driver, deliver goods to player-owned businesses, fight fires, save lives, argue a case in criminal court, or just hold out your hand and beg for money. Find, or steal your ‘identity’! 3. What can you tell us about the world? World size? Player limit? We anticipate that the playable world size will be 200 square kilometers, or 77 square miles in comparison. This means that the whole map is 14 km wide, and would take about an hour and a half to walk across. We hope to support up to 300 players (or more!) per server. 4. Can you expand on the professions? We know there will be cops, but what types of jobs will be available for civilians? Will they be able to create their own businesses? Create their own items? etc. Also, Medics and Firefighters? Players can choose from a wide range of professions, including the ability to become a Firefighter, EMT, Taxi Driver, Farmer, Bounty Hunter, Fisherman, Logger, Miner, Delivery Driver and even a business entrepreneur. The options available to you as a player get more specific than this even, but we aren’t yet ready to expand on the full list. The direction of development is prone to change, and we don’t want to promise anything that might change down the pipeline. Business ownership allows players to own factories and small business, giving them control over what items are manufactured and sold. Items created by a factory must be delivered to their destination city where store owners in that area can decide what quantity and type (formal wear, casual, punk outfits, weapons, etc.) they wish to list in their business. Some default items are always available in all stores for when market demand is not met. 5. How will death be handled? When a player dies, some items such as the money the player is carrying at that time, will be dropped on the ground and will become accessible to anyone in the area that wishes to take it. Clothing items will never be dropped. We have decided that a player’s character appearance in a social game like Identity is important. You will always look the way you decide your character to look. If the player is not resusitated by an EMT or teammate, the player is then prompted to respawn at the location of their last sync (house, apartment, city) Private servers have some control over what types of items players will drop on death, if any at all. 6. Can you expand on how the housing system will work? Size and availability of apartments and houses? Players can choose to own or rent housing in Identity, while apartments can also be shared with a friend or roommate depending on the size of the property. For instance, two friends, or a married couple can choose to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment where they both can live comfortably with each other. Apartments and houses are fully customizable, allowing players to place furniture and objects anywhere in the room. Home-owners can invite other players into their apartment or house at any time. Players cannot access another players home without an invitation. 7. Will there be any specific safe areas where people can go AFK or sit and socialize without being killed or robbed? There are safe zones within certain types of buildings in Identity. Metal detectors serve to preserve immersion, and will temporarily remove any weapons upon entry, allowing all players in the area to safely relax, socialize and meet new friends. These safe zones are known to us as “Sub-Hubs” or social gathering points that reflect on the lifestyle theme of their environment (Biker Bar, Business club, Bum alley, etc.). While many of these areas can only be accessed by law-abiding citizens, some Sub-Hubs are neutral and can be entered by any player on the map. Few areas are designated gathering points for active criminals looking for the right crime of opportunity, or new friends to help them plan their next heist. 8. How will player identification work in game? Will names appear above players heads? If so, at what distances will they be seen? As our design stands right now, the official servers do display names over heads within certain ranges. Some things like masks and balaclavas can affect this. Moreover, private servers have an option where they can hide names from all players unless greeted. By this I mean you won’t see the name over another player until they perform an emote action, after which you’ll always see their name.