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    @JamesLuck01 @Shimozukachi What separates PC gamers from console gamers truly is that half of console gamers still don't realise a console is a PC, just with a different GUI, OS and standard hardware crammed in a case. So the new Project Scorpio having a full size card suggests that it is becoming more of a 'Desktop' than before and if anything is displaying it's inadequacy to the PC more than ever, because they are becoming ever similar.
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    This sounds like extra programming and extra features. It would require the Devs add a "Burglar/Thief" career path to the game, and program a bunch of features in order to accommodate for it. While not a bad Idea, it's not strictly necessary for the release of the game and is extra work that won't necessarily make more people want to play it.
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    Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia vvvvvvvvvv CHECK OUT MAIN PAGE THREAD! vvvvvvvvvv Welcome to the Langston Family, or the Dark Ace Mafia. we have already recruited many men, and have made many connections. We are looking for more loyal men that enjoy the Mafia style role playing. This crime family will control everything from the production of drugs, the dealers on the streets, the weapons trade, smuggling, hijacking, robbery, and whatever else we need to do to get that money. Everything illegal happening on the streets will belong to "us". This means if their is a petty dealer dealing on our streets, well, lets just say he won't be there for very long without paying some fees. On top of all the crime, and money, we are a family, we support each other in times of need, and stand on the building blocks of loyalty that this family operates on. We will be a Suit Mafia, wear tailored suits, drive nice cars, and we treat everyone with respect, unless we are shown disrespect. Join this family, and have a lot of fun in identity, and make lots of money while doing it. Now a little about me not as a Don, but as a person. I am not the Don that sits in my office all day. I am not the Don that steals from the poor. I am the Man, that spends time helping the community. I give money to the poor, and just am a very public kind of guy. Am i scared of being public, sure, you never know who wants to hurt you, but living in a room, is not living. I hope to see many of you in the game. Who can join? Anyone, if you like crime style playing, and mafia type scenarios, this is perfect for you. What will we do? We will do all the things a Mafia does. We will control the drug dealing in the towns, with dealers operating under us, giving us a cut of what they make, and we give them more product. We will control illegal gun trading in the world, doing big role play like deals, with other Family's. We will break the legs of anyone trying to take our turf, and if it becomes necessary, use our assets to have them taken care of. This is just a glimpse at what we will do when the full game is out. Climb the ranks of the Mafia family and become high up and powerful, and make a name for you, and your family, on identity. RANKS: First I have to say, ranking up is not about the money you bring in. You will not be ranked up before spending a considerable amount of time in the family, and proving that you deserve to move up the chain through nothing but pure dedication and success. 1st, Associate: You will role with us and see how things are done. Bring in $500 into the family, and prove yourself to the family to rank up. 2nd, Soldier or Street man: You will scout the streets, bringing information of people selling anything from guns or drugs to the attention of the family, you will be able to also show other Associates how we work. Bring in $2000 into the family, and prove your loyalty to the Langston name to rank up. 3rd, Enforcer: You will be tasked with doing some... shall i say, dirty work. Now don't get ahead of yourself, your not a hitman. You will be an enforcer on the streets, intimidating, and maybe even kidnapping people who disagree with our rules on the streets. You will also be able to take soldiers and associates with you on jobs such as robberies and other various tasks. Bring in $10,000, 1 new recruit, prove that you deserve this promotion, and complete one mission for the boss to rank up. 4th, Capo: You will be in charge of territories and men. You will have your soldiers and associates, although this does not make it a competition between you and other capos, it is just that you are at the stage of control. You will have more leeway to do jobs and activities of higher caliber. Remember, we are a family, so no matter where we are, we always help each other. The capo can also give his own jobs and assign his own tasks to enforcers or soldiers, if he/she is confident they can get it done. Bring in $15,000 to the family, and 3 new recruits, show you are ready, and complete various tasks for the boss to rank up. 5th, Underboss: This rank will have limited slots. Whether i want 2, 3, or 4 is undecided yet. The Underboss(s) will act as the commanding voice of the family when the Don is away. They can assign major tasks to the capo's to then assign on their men. The Underbosses will be entrusted in handling many meetings with other family's, supervising major deals and shipments, to ensure everything runs smoothly. You are the ones with the most experience meaning you make the calls above everyone under you. Special Division 1. Hitman: What i meant to say was, special tool. To get to this rank, you must make it to the enforcer rank, and than come to the Don about this... Special job. You will be tasked with many, special assignments to say, clean up messes, or take care of things. You get the idea. RULES 1. Respect, 2. RESPECT 3. Loyalty 4. Obey higher ranks 5. Got a problem, don't freak out, come to the Don personally. 6. No Snitching, no talking to cops, civilians, or even your own sweet mother about things we do. 7. All rats will be caught, you wont last long as a rat, we'll have people watching over everyone, and you will meet our special tool. 8. All money collected on family related jobs, will be split to 70% for those who "collected" the money, and 30% for the family. 9. Family money is not one mans money, it is the money we use to further our organization, whether that be buying a poor soldier a suit, buying more cars for the family, getting "merchandise and tools" for the family, it all goes to the family, not just one mans personal pleasure. 10. Steeling from the family is not smart, as this makes you a thief to the family, and that breaks this rule, and rule #3. Not only does the Don himself despise people who steal from the family, but everyone does as your are stealing from everyone, as that money could be spent towards the family and gaining even more money. If your short on cash, don's hold back your % on jobs, simply ask someone for a loan, or even the Don himself doesn't mind loaning money to his family members, because that's what we do. 11. Don't do ambitious jobs or activities that could jeopardize the family organization without consulting the Don. 12. Along with the rolaplay fun of the family, take some time off once in a while and just have fun, try other jobs, it is a new game and if you want to try new things, just take a break, ask the Don. 13. Always have your family's back. 14. As an associate or soldier, before committing any crime at all, ask a superior if it is ok. 15. Last but not least, if your caught, it was your individual choice to do what you did and you had no influence from anyone else. Sometimes you just got to eat some dirt to keep your family safe. This will not go unnoticed as sacrifice, is a quality of a very loyal man. 16. Close members of the Family's wont be selling drugs, personally delivering illegal shipments, etc. This will be for outsiders that are under our control. This is to keep the crime semi disconnected from the family and helps insure the integrity of our operations. 17. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, are you to discuss plans, activities, operations, etc, with anyone outside of the family. Doing this will make you a RAT, and you know what happens to rats. Please message me if you are interested. Best regards, Kevin Langston
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    FAQ's Who Are We? Keys is a company which specialises in unique high-end attire and on the rare occasion every day items such as pens, wallets and furniture. Our target market is aimed at men only, however that doesnt prevent us working with women. We specialise in formal wear however we arent limited to that. What Makes You Different? We spend a large amount of time working on each design we produce and there isnt a single button on any of our products that isnt there to serve a purpose. We also work closely with our more wealthy clients to produce unique one of a kind products that satisfy every single persons desires. How Do I Apply? Reply to this thread using the template provided. Hierarchy Administration CEO - @JoelKeys Chief of Marketing - @Cookie Chief of Design - @RemingtonVanderbilit Chief of Finance - @ErjonBerisha Chief of Research and Development - @ThomasKillah & @MarvinForman1 Design Department Designer - (Max. 4) *Researcher - (Max. 2/Department) Marketting Department Marketing Representative - (Max. 4) **Model - (Max. 3) *Researcher - (Max. 2/Department) Other Secretary - (Max. 2) *Researchers are assigned to a department but ultimately work under the Chief of Research and Development **Models work for free/almost free to start out but it is a good entry level job to the company Should you require any information on any jobs, comment below and ill explain it. All employees are entitled to a complementary suit from Keys. Thanks for reading, remember to ask questions.
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    Hello, my name is Jaxen Coe, and I live in Canada, I'm extremely excited for this game and I am planning to buy the Founder's pack (the Canadian dollar is garbage rn). My in-game name and information is yet to be determined, I have ideas but they are all sort of like my IRL name. I got inspiration to make an account and decide to save up for the Founder's pack from a YouTuber named TheDevilDogGamer (Check him out), and I always wanted to make my own game like this. DevilDog does alot of Gmod SantosRP and he did some Altis Life too I believe. Currently I'm building my PC and when this game comes out I plan to put many hours in it. Check out my Thread in the Job Bank if you are interested about learning of my Company Unit 6, this will probably be my main focus on the game, even though I'm not sure if I am going to go through with the Company in the release and I might settle for a different job or occupation. If everything goes well and my PC is finished I might open up a YouTube channel and record many scenarios in this game, I am truly excited. Thanks for reading, and much love from Canada eh! (Jk we don't say eh after every sentence...)
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    Hello everyone, I am adding yet another guide that I have written in the past that will help you with making stock or business trading. This system has been tested and actually does work with little to no interaction from staff of a server, and has little to do with the actual game economy. This also coincides with my other guide for a business model found here: http://www.identityrpg.com/community/topic/1760-business-system/ ---- Business Stock Market Guide It is the objective of this guide to provide a clear view into business trading. The math is easy in the guide for a reason. This guide allows you to conduct business trading with little to no staff interaction or economic changes to the server. Example: Business A, sets a market value or valuation of $100,000. This means that the company makes $100,000 per in game session. A share of the company is worth .001% of the company in other words 1 dollar, whereas 100 shares of the company is worth 1% and in other words is an investment of $1,000. Should someone invest $1,000 into a single game period the market value of that company goes up to $101,000, this increases the value of the company, but lowers the amount of shares. A smart investor would buy when the company has a large amount of shares and a low cost, and then would sell the shares of that company to make the return OR the investor could collect a percentage from the game period's profits. Investments can carry over to other game sessions. So if "Investor A" was to invest $1,000 or 1% into a company worth $100,000, the market value of the company would increase to $101,000, The next investor that wishes to buy 1% of that company will have to pay $1,010 for the 1% share of the company. "Investor B" Invests $50,000 into the company at the rate of $1,010 per 100 shares of the company. This increases the value of the company to approximately $150,000. "Investor A" Decides to sell his or her 1% of the company for the return of $1,500, and a profit of $500, while the net value of the share only lowers to $1,490. ----------- What makes this a working system is that it requires no staff interaction to setup and use. It only requires the agreement of the businesses involved and of course lawyers and what not. This fuels a market fraud charge. ---------- Should you have any questions, or anything you would like to add to the guide, please leave a comment.
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    Very great questions, most of this I explain with people on an individual basis with similar concerns about the organization. I do have a good understanding for how the organization will function but I'm trying to make pretty pictures and the such and it's taken a little bit of time - hopefully in the next day or two. Advisers will consist of the director for each division - Mining director, 1-2 other business owners, 1-2 political figures, Godfather, myself ; and whoever else we determine to be a respectable opinion. These people are likely already leaders in their own respects and will know how to manage and direct their own companies - as a group we will come together and determine what the best decisions for everyone would be at that time by looking at the big picture from every angle, business, politics, gang activity and so on in a manner that benefits everyone. "As someone who plans to run a bank, I have a huge problem with this. Business loans inherently need high interest rates to offset the risk involved with investing in businesses. Basically, the best case scenario is that you lose money due to a majority of businesses failing or the worst case, you will crash the economy because you give out free money without appropriately compensating for risk." Replace loan with the word investment, because that's essentially what it is. Lets say that we decide mining will be the most profitable investment to capitalize on as the very first business in the game. If we build up our mine first we will all substantially profit from it - if that's something we decide we can guarantee then we would not only have the mine and its employees willing to invest towards it - but also players from politics - players from the mafia etc. Because as a large entity we can guarantee the swift production of such business and capitalize on the market early, even 20 people's 5% investment to startup costs would earn them a lot of money. Then we do the same thing with our second business, 3rd business and so on. It won't all click together at first as you say, and that's why hand selecting our affiliations and leaders is of great importance - for those who can see the big picture and continue to work together when you have 5% invested into 6 companies that we've accelerated the growth and production of as a group then you will surely start to see a large flow of income. If The Neighborhood chooses to promote a business, it will be the best of its kind - not only guaranteeing it's success and profitability but also the encouragement of multiple investors so that we can get businesses up bigger and faster for expansion purposes. A bank would still be of great importance to our community, and it would be the only bank all of our businesses and mafia members etc will use - So it will be guaranteed to be the best bank because it has the best business - see what I mean? Not to mention the security of all the wealthiest and most powerful people. Ideally we wouldn't need a bank for loans, however this doesn't mean that outside organizations and players won't want to get a loan at the most reputable bank. "Where are you going to get the money to run these services? Yes you have businesses as "members" but what does that actually mean? Do they pay you a % of their profits as a membership fee? Do you act as a parent company and oversee the profits of the company and it's distribution? I'm not really sure how you plan to run this, aside from, "we'll decide what we want to do later." This is a massive conflict of interests. While not illegal, anyone who votes John Rockafeller to be president is an Idiot. The entire point of a company is to make profit. That is it's sole mission. If someone with loyalty to a company then controls the government, it is their obligation to pass laws to make a company more profitable. Meaning they either betray their company, by being a good politician, or they betray the people by being a good businessman. It's putting too much power in one organization. Oh what do you know I was right...." As I explained above money will come from investments that we can guarantee. Most companies will get their startup money from what they collect early on doing odd-jobs, perhaps even a few of their employees will contribute to the startup costs. But how much do you think this will be exactly? 100k or more to start up a business? Let's say that takes the average player about 2-3 months to accomplish (I want to reiterate this is hard to explain to an accurate extent especially tax %'s and numbers because we don't have all of the information, but this is a rough idea) well, as a collective group we will have over 100 members, of which I'm sure we can find 20 of to invest in our first business getting it off the ground in maybe a couple weeks - capitalizing on the market much sooner than any other companies and accelerating the rate of return profits. Everyone will want to invest in everything we do, perhaps even at the cost of not getting their business up first because of how much profit they will make overtime investing in multiple different startups that we plan on controlling. Mafia will want to invest in business, business will want to invest in mafia drug trade - everyone will take a % of income from where they want to take a % of income and everyone's best interests will be the security of each other - hopefully eliminating any thoughts for backstabbers or people who want to defy the neighborhood from within. The mafia could try to overwhelm us and seize control, but would they really want to when they're profiting so much and surrounded by the advantages of all the biggest business? The Governor who creates laws beneficial to the businessmen is not necessarily betraying the people, since ideally WE would be the majority its perfectly reasonable to create laws for the mass. Having someone that we support, and who supports our ideals - will naturally make our environment flourish more. Yes it is a lot of power to control, but its necessary power - going against it is simply not a favorable idea, and working with it only includes advantages. I will try to touch some more on these details a little later. I'm working on revamping the entire post to better explain some of these things since we've acquired a lot of great affiliations recently.
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    It will be real players RPing.
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    1. Yes using your phone to talk to a guy across the map. 2. probably optional, not sure but not really realistic which this is needed. 3. Probably optional.
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    Good post, Frank. I feel privileged to be apart of this (hopefully) capable crime family.
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    I really like the idea of being able to print newspapers on weekly events, maybe even making a twitch account to properly present a daily or weekly news show in game. Taking the time to set it up like a proper news channel.
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    Hi, I'm Bob Ross, and both I and my company, Bob Ross Inc: Promoter of the Arts (Click on Signature for more info) are proud members of The Neighborhood. If any of you would like to know more about the conglomerate, or my business association with them, please do feel free to PM at your convenience.
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    Hello people of identity Tyrone Ramsey,a man to have your future to be bright,to start off on the right foot. Why should I be the first governor of Identity? What are my political views? What is my political party? Why should you vote for me? ------------------------------------- The reason I should be the first governor of Identity is simple,I will work with you and for you. I have been a firm believer of helping people my whole life,no matter if it makes me the popular person or not,I do the right thing,for you the people. ------------------------------------- My political views completely align with that of with that of the Conservative coalition party,but of the issues not stated in the party platform here they are -I am a full believer in the right of gay marriage. -I support lowering taxes on big businesses,to make work for the people. -Raising taxes on the wealthy is not right,as they bring in the jobs. -I am against abortion except in cases of rape,incest,and when the mothers life is in danger. ------------------------------------ The Conservative Coalition Party-Working with party leaders I hope to receive many endorsements soon ------------------------------------ To begin your time in Identity right,having a minor in government and politics I promise you a bright future,low taxes,and the chance for you to live out your dream. ----------------------------------- Endorsements:
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    If anyone is interested in starting a marijuana grow operation ring message me. All this will be a rough copy for now. Looking into making it a little more professional in the near term. Actual game features may change our organization. Growers United Purpose: Start a network of pot production, distribution for the purpose of money making. I hope also to expand the network to include middle-men to the gun distribution networks, setup a money-laundering operation. Recruitment: Prospective members must provide a monthly kickback to Leader, and provide information on other marijuana grow operations in the vicinity. Once the beta opens up I will try and layout our territory. Members may not have a criminal record to when they join. If a member does get themselves in trouble with the law, The leader will back the member with financial support and retribution is necessary. Methods: Hopefully we can integrate with known clean business to further our cause. No-No's: Anyone caught talking with Police or law enforcement will be dealt with "properly". Bring all concerns/problems to the leader first and they will be dealt with. Trust is a major asset. Respect for the unwritten rules of the underworld is a must. Structure: Boss: BernyBernhard Right hand Man : OPEN Treasurer: OPEN (deals only with the right hand man and the boss) Business Liaison: OPEN (only deals with the boss) Growers: OPEN (Will only deal with the distributors) Distributors: There are 3 main distributers positions open (Distributors will only deal with the right hand man) Dealers: OPEN (will only deal with the Distributors) **Note** I will starting to get more active shortly. Really just waiting to get into the town center and check stuff out. IF anyone has information on how the drug production game mechanics are going to work PM me.***
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    In the united states depending on the location most city's separate there fire departments from there EMS. Now this is beginning to change due to the lack of fires happening around the world, you just dont see it much anymore but there still needed. And because life revolves around money, city's and towns are now more and more having there fire & ems combined so they pay less people and dont have to staff 2 departments. Currently im working as both a fire fighter and a paramedic and 100% out of the 800 calls we have per year we have more EMS runs than fire. So to correct your earlier statements, YES there are JUST fire departments, and JUST EMS, but out here where I live you will see most departments conjoint. As the game goes I would love to see them conjoint, but I guess that would depend on how many departments they plan on having in this world??? Maybe have just Fire and an EMS crew in the city and a conjoint Fire & EMS in rural? Here in America we run under the NREMT which stands for National registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, and they set the standards of everything a EMT-B should be able to perform, and so on and so forth. To make mater's less confusing you still need to get licensed by the state, but overall to become a paramedic takes about a years worth of studies and once you get the job, they will train you for about another year. Being a firefighter is completely different, you have different classes, your 36 hour training (volunteer fire department) your 240 hour card (part-time full time departments) and if you want to advance yourself you can get Hazmat technician (takes about 2 months) fire science degree (associates about 2 years) OR train to be an officer...to long....and a pain...and you get to sit at a desk an point a lot... All together for me to be a paramedic/firefighter at 20 years old...took me 2 years but I still want my Hazmat tech and fire science so another 2+ years...but you dont NEED them to get a full time job, only for a promotion. Hope this helps!
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    Keep in mind copyright expires after 29 years I believe...At least that what it does in Canada
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    Nah could never be me, I'm British for gods sake the worlds least friendliest race on planet earth, take the mental guy from manhunt instead
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    surely by telling everyone the rules and stuff of your "family" you are technically ratting as well as telling the law enforcement what operations you run. i see this a load in the identity "gangs" community, they bare all while also despising rats. i understand that there are little rivalries already between groups but at the end of the day, we are all going to be utterly different in game than on forums, therefore your current "allies" might just turn around and steam roll you into the ground, most of the groups on here would be fairly easy to dismantle, simply by throwing them into chaos with a simple trick i like to call the rat trap, which im not going to share with you because unlike some i actually have a sense of keeping tactics and ideas to myself and associates. also i suggest staying out of drugs because the sheer amount of people sourcing them will devalue them unless the police force somehow arch up their powers. im just going to say now, i can bet you that a ton of people are going to end up locked up super fast with the ways they think they are going to do things.
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    Great Question!!! That money is not really a go to the boss thing. Basically as devs had said, for your "Company" you can have a separate bank account than your personal one. Any money that is paid to the family is basically split up according to people who contributed to that specific job, and or spread out for time in the family. It is also a big vault for basically when a new member or any member needs a new suit, weapon, car, etc, if they are short on cash, thats what the family is for.
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    Welcome new members Moriarty and VitoScaletta
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    I don't think you will find any luck outsourcing your service to any Mafia.
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    Vacinti Family, but i don't do that anymore. Now i'm USSS
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    I ran a Mafia on GTA V. It was fun, but gta does not have all the benefits that this game will have.
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    The Family Tree. Right click, open image in new tab if it is too blurry.