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    This company will be dedicated to harvest the grain that farmers get from their fields, you will be paid by the amount of grain that farmers bring me. We will collect all types of grain and straw bales too, that will be paid x per straw bale. Furthermore, I will sell seeds for people who want to plant it. Finally, farmers who want to be part of this project can write me for more information ask me.
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    DEV BLOG #001 Greetings Citizens, It has been just over a year since you helped successfully kick start Identity into existence! We want to thank you all for your continued support by providing you all with regular updates following the development process for Identity. Engaging with our community is one of the best ways we can show our thanks, and a development blog is a perfect opportunity for us to bring you along for the ride. As you’ve seen throughout the past year, there is no game out there that is quite like Identity, and through your support, you have proven to us that Identity is a vision worth turning into a reality! Feedback has shown us that you all really appreciate our attempts to respond to virtually every question we receive on social media. Twitter and Facebook have been a huge boost in exposure for Identity, and so it is time we begin to explore other avenues of exposure to help our community understand a bit more about the game. In the coming months, our fans will see their first glimpse of gameplay for Identity! We are all extremely excited to show off our first gameplay video, which will fully explore the mechanics of apartment and housing customization. With this video, you will see that we have stayed true to our original art direction from the original Kickstarter trailer, while maintaining high standards in realistic lighting and graphics. We can safely say that we have improved many of the areas of our design that needed attention since February last year. Apartment & Housing Customization Apartments and houses within Identity will have a fully customizable interior. You will be able to change the wall paper on every wall in every room, place furniture anywhere there is space on the ground, swap out doors, windows, baseboards, crown moulding, and even wainscoting! We have made no compromise to the level of detail in which you can customize your apartments or homes, in order to truly express your sense of home decor. With this level of control, there is virtually no chance that the interior of two homes will ever look alike. There will be hundreds of furniture items available to purchase in-game in every style and design, from traditional to contemporary. Furniture in Identity can even be crafted, sold, or traded to other players, and those who wish to try their hand at crafting hand-made furniture from a variety of materials can place a crafting table anywhere they wish inside their homes! And if you wish to share your space with a partner, friend, or even a group of friends, homes and apartments will be available for sale throughout the world that support multiple roommates depending the size of the space and how many bedrooms are available. The home-owner may even grant build permissions to any number of roommates, even visitors, to help them decorate their living space. When you are finished, invite your friends over to compliment you on your interior decorating skills! If you’re anything like us, we know you will spend more time cleaning up this virtual home than you do your real one! Radio This week, our team has also placed a lot of our development efforts into building a functioning radio system that will allow you to listen to your favorite real-world radio stations through placed radio objects inside your virtual home, or car! Yes, you can flip through the channels in your car radio, which will also broadcast to the immediate area outside your car. Imagine driving down the street and having everyone you pass know you listen to NSYNC! One other major part of this feature that we are excited to tell you about is player operated talk-shows which you can personally host, or tune-in and listen to, from your car radio or home. The way we currently have this planned out for hosts, is to have actual physical broadcast stations on the map that you can enter as a player and begin hosting your own radio talk-show. Player’s listening from their car or home can browse a list of channels currently being hosted at that very moment, and listen to you live, talking about government conspiracies and UFO’s! We are really hoping that this feature will have a major social impact for Identity. Like you, we see a lot of potential in something like this for budding stars within the community. We would absolutely love to see many of you sprout a career that started in a game we developed, and ended with us listening to your lovely voice on our actual car radio! The Town Square (Social Module) Many of you already know of, and are eagerly anticipating the release of the planned “Town Square” module that is currently still in production. While we can’t give you an exact date on when that will be ready, progress is steady, and we are as excited as you are to meet you all for the first time in a virtual environment. You may already be aware that Identity is largely influenced by a landmass in the south-eastern portion of the United States. The Town Square itself is only a small portion of a larger city built into the final version of Identity called Ash Hill, a reference to Asheville, North Carolina where we had originally planned to move Asylum’s office. We picked this area of the world particularly because it offered a wide range of geographical variance. The transition between Identity’s mix of biomes needed to feel natural, and this area offered most of what we had been looking for. As for the other cities in Identity, their influences may become more clear to you now. Myrtle Beach is obviously Turtle Beach in Identity, and Roseport is less subtle, but a mix between Atlanta and New York City. When we first started, we kept everything, including the structures and world props level to the ground, a mistake we have since corrected. We quickly realized that cities are rarely ever flat, and knew that setting that precedent now would benefit Identity in the future. The next time you see The Town Square module, we are confident that you will notice the difference compared to earlier screenshots, what such a small transformation makes for immersion in a game environment. Moving Forward We want to thank our community for being so patient with us. Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen many work-in-progress screenshots of assets destined for Identity, and while we believe they serve as a sample of the work we have already put into the game, we know that many of you are still anxious to see video. Our current priority is to get things ready to show off, or more specifically, the housing/apartment customization first. We are convinced that many of you will appreciate the time and effort we have put into this feature, so that you will be able to fully express yourself through your character and virtual home. We know we’ve been pretty quiet this past year, and the criticism we’ve heard from our fans on that through social media and the forums have not fallen on deaf ears! We will start to release regular updates through development blogs and continue to find new ways to interact with our community, to show you our gratitude for your support. You yourself can become more involved by contributing to the discussion with your ideas at www.identityrpg.com/community. We’ll see you there, and thank you again! Always remember that we are gamers too and we are as excited as you are to play Identity at launch!
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    The reason I am so hyped for this game is that it will be a great place to roleplay seriously, and so far it looks like the devs are making something very special. My only concern is that people won't roleplay seriously and will run around being stupid and not actually roleplaying. How many of you guys actually intend to have your character live their lives out highly realistically? Thanks, Johnny.
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    I have never been more excited for a video game in my entire life!
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    There are so many types of protection. Police bomb squad FBI SWAT CSI Specialists do you think they will all be represented? What differences will each bring?
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    I think it would be cool if there was a D.O.T service with towing service included. like lets say a patrol officer is pursuing a traffic stop and he has to arrest the suspect for whatever reason what would you do with the vehicle ? my idea of the model of the tow truck is this... 1.D.O.T Highway Transport Tow Service
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    Thanks man. I'm actually looking to join your MC. With the dedication and trust I can see it'll be one to rival in game.
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    Oh and i almost forgot about the uniforms, will you be able to add equipment to your person like a tactical vest or a hat or even be FBI and have No uniform with a badge handcuffs and a gun?
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    I think Police motorcycles would be DOPE as well along with CIV motorcycles.
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    Instead @HairyGrenade can move this topic to the business channel where it belongs
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    Police Motorcycles would be dope
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    As of now we don't have much info on cars, but we do know that there will most likely be the cars you have stated. The Dodge Charger can be seen in the video on the about page.
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    Nice idea! You should put a post in the business topic of this forum, this sorta stuff belongs in there!
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    Welcome to Identity Shanthez! Let's hope I never have to use your services
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    DEA would be awesome. High traficing drug dealers are sought after the DEA organisation and are researched watched etc. I'd love to be DEA
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    TLDR: Cut the developers some slack, they have alot on their plate and they need to put their time into the game as they have a deadline to meet. So many of you are concerned with the state of the game so far, with people asking this game is never going to be out or if it is going to be released then its going to be the year 2034 by the time that happens well here's the thing; There's a team of approximately nine people all working on Identity, and there's one community manager known as @Motown that deals with uploading pictures to all of the social media outlets , writing dev blogs, keeping undesirables at bay, answering questions on here, twitter and Facebook, and I'm also presuming he is the one that also has to edit the video together then uploads it. Essentially you could say he largely on the marketing side of the game. However on top of this he has to admin for Asylum life (Arma 3 life server) which is a huge job on it's own. Also he has to 3D model. All of the models you have seen thus far of the game, have been made by @Motown and another 3D modelist in Asylum Entertainment. So you could say he has quite a job to do when it comes to being a 'community manager'. I put community manager in quotations because he does alot more than manage the community. But still there's the fact we haven't seen a video. People are drawing the line under, This game has been cancelled omg the developers are scammers. No, actually for a small team of nine we get quite alot of information given to us. @Motown tries to answer questions about the game everyday and gives new information on it, also we are given new pictures, once or twice a month. Yes we haven't seen a video but a video takes a long time to make. Time that the devs don't exactly have. Let me use an example real quick, if you know who I am, I upload Identity videos talking about the game, and giving news on it when I can, and usually depending on the length a video CAN take around 2-3 hours. Now why do they take 2-3 hours. Well first of all, I have to make a script, seems simple but yet it's not. You have to proofread the script otherwise you'll sound like you can't speak English and I have made mistakes of letting some words slide into a video and it just makes me cringe every-time I hear it back. But you also have to have the creativity to write it. This takes a while to do. The script is also there to structure the video out, just from reading it you will be able to see how the video flows. Now you could say don't bother with a script just do it without one. Well you could do it that way. However it would be extremely unprofessional with lot's of stuttering and the devs might not get everything in that needs to be said. Then once you are done with the script you move on to recording it, recording the video time wise. It depends really. If I were to mess up a sentence and slur my words, I would have to start it again, which is pretty goddamn annoying. I usually take half an hour, give or take recording it as I do edit the audio after each cut I do. Next we go onto the editing. Honestly I'm pretty quick at editing, I kind of just get into a rhythm with it and do it. It, depends solely on the person who is editing and how well they know their software so I can't get an exact number on it, but if the video is long it's going to take a long time to edit. Finally, you'll render out the video then upload it to the media outlets, e.g YouTube. This obviously depends on your specifications and on your upload speed. So... Why am I going through this. Well it's just so people can realise how long a video can actually take. Time that could be put into 3D modelling or coding for the game. Also these times are for me and what it takes me to make a video and they're 3-5 minute videos. Granted 3 hours for me would be for a much longer video but you have to remember that this gameplay video for Asylum Entertainment would take a long time because it has to be approved by @Paratus and if it's something he doesn't like he will make sure that it's done again because well he takes pride in the game. Remember nine people work on the game. Two of which work on 3D modelling and on 'community managing'. The rest have to work on coding for the game and people are coming and going from the company if I remember correctly. So give them some slack, the devs have alot on their plate. I really do recommend going to see a game being developed. You can see the YouTuber BrandonJla create his game 'Hover Junkers' and that is nowhere near on the same scale of a game like Identity, that also has around the same amount of people working on it, also to note that Hover Junkers is still in Early access. But as the consumers we do have a right to question the developers because at the end of the day we're the investors of the game, we determine it's success, and I really do understand peoples concerns. But like I said cut them slack because they're under alot of pressure and you know we should be happy that they want to take their time with a game like this. One last thing before I end this lengthy post, if you think its a scam why in the world would they still be answering questions and uploading pictures. If I were to create a scam, I would have got the kickstarter money and ran with it a long time ago, just saying. Also remember that they have a deadline to meet, Early 2017 but expect delays. Thanks for reading this post and I do hope that it helped clear up a few issues people were having. Oh and here's the Hover Junkers devblog btw (go watch to see how lengthy a game can take as it is quite a long and interesting process:
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    Gonna be a regular Cop. Defeatin the usual crime
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    i think medic would just be robbed for there supplies but i think some community servers will have rules that medic's MUST not be robbet becouse that's bannable
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    @DUCATISLO Well, that seems fair enough. Well, unfair to the medic, but that seems within the limits of role-play. I hope it wouldn't be abused a lot, but I don't see why that wouldn't be allowed. If someone was to straight up steal the medics supplies.... well that's a different story.
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    Sounds great, a proper RP story with a character and all. Nice!
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    If I were to join any police force, it would most probably be the FBI or SWAT Forces. They seem pretty cool imo.
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    How About a VIP protection squad. You need someone to protect the governors too..
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    Currently, the maximum jail sentence is 45 minutes. That could change! It's a simple value that we can set and modify on the fly, and will do so based on future testing! First off, there are two areas you may be placed in when arrested. Jail, for minor crimes lasting no more than 5-10 minutes where you will simply have to sit around in your cell, harassing the neighboring inmates until released, and Prison, for major crimes! The prison feature is like playing an entirely new game in itself! There is shanking, gangs, territory control, prison breaks, or even just social areas for those who don't want get their hands dirty! Prisoners can request a trial, and if accepted, will be sent to a court house where a jury of players will determine your fate. If acquitted, you will be released on the spot, where you can continue your life on the outside, but if found guilty, you will have to spend the remainder of your time in prison, and can choose to leave at your own will once your sentence expires.