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    I just wanted to say DON'T PANIC in large caps and post it, I feel some people have been expecting much faster progress on this game but fail to realise the large amount of boring ground work required in a game of this scale. Unlike modding games like ARMA III (with mods like DayZ), much of the game engine and foundation needs to be worked properly to have a stable yet adaptable foundation. Let's give the devs as much time and support they need to release a solid and fun game. I'll finish with the old cooking quote "If you're looking, it ain't cooking. Also always bring a towel.
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    HELLO EVERYBODY! I am in love with this game and cant wait for it to come out. I also can wait to meet the community! Im going to RP as either as a business owner or being part of a mafia! Cant wait to meet you all. Max
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    Hey guys, I've only recently started getting interested in Identity again! I was extremely excited about this when the Kickstarter was first announced although over time I kind of forgot about Identity! I've been reading and catching up with everything again and I'm very excited again, I can't wait for more updates on how the game is going. Anyway, My name is Danny and I plan on becoming a very successful business owner on Identity!
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    Yeah I would like to know more, hunting sounds fun and it would be even better if we can do it with friends, some cool aspects to hunting could include calling tools like those things that attract animals with the sound, I actually have no idea what they are called.
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    As I said, the boring stuff (and time consuming stuff) is being done now, I would rather the creators not spamming my twitter with code from the engine etc. Even if there are issues going on with production, Panicking will only put more pressure on the devs. I doubt that rage and anger spam will make them want to continue developing.
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    Thanks @Shimozukachi and @JamesLuck01
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    *cough* You know how Uber works (hopefully). I could pull up a smartphone, either download the app from an in-game app store if it is added in or it is just default there. But with that, people can call for and Uber or become an Uber. Lol you should know about this Uber stuff, you know what I am talking about! Anyways, this is a cool thing to do because it is an easy quick way to get around the place if you dont have a car or something and also a way to make some quick money if you have a car.
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    So what does hunting actually entail? We havent seen much on this subject apart from a deer being shot in the video but what happens after? Will we be able to skin the animals and sell their fur or use it to craft our own items? Will we be able to butcher the animal and again sell it on or use it ourselves? If theres anyone that knows anything or if anyone would like to suggest anything then feel free to post below. @HairyGrenade do you know anything on this subject? Thanks
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    short: no planes. why? if you use a plane you'll never again roleplay? well, who care's about this reason... the developers said no to planes
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    I hate to say this, but I'm starting to agree with the doubters. They gave eta's for the module's as 2016 and even though we are already halfway through the year, it's not really that which worries me, it's the lack of information. Identity is slated for a 2017 release, so we should be a long way past the '' large amount of boring ground work required in a game of this scale''. Some of our crew have as much as $300 invested in this, and I'm the one from our group who is designated to watch for information, and they're all worried because I never have anything to tell them. They still have five months to make good on the modules, but yes, the lack of information coming from them is more than worrying.
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    Hello and Welcome to the Identity community! Glad that you remembered again about identity.
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    How do you know what's going on right now? They haven't disclosed that information. Everyone needs to be vocal and demand to see real progress, else I urge people to start looking into getting a refund. The fact that this is a kickstarter and literally no progress has been displayed in this amount of time beside some ingame models is absolutely unacceptable. This isn't some cute project that they can take their time on and keep everything behind curtains, people invested in them and expect to see progress.
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    Welcome to the forums Danny! Let me know if you have any questions.
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    *Kevin grabs his coffee and moves over to the counter where Luca is sitting* "Hey man, names Kevin McNabb. I've seen you around a few of my meetups, but I've never caught your name" *Kevin puts his hand out to shake Luca's*
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    No footage after over a year and half is definitely reason for worry, a picture of a different model every few weeks/months isn't really proof that much is getting done, most models they've been showing could be done in a day. Just yesterday on twitter they said that there was still no ETA on the video, and I'm sorry to say but for people who don't think something is up they have to be truly gullible.
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    Welcome to the community friend! I think you will truly like it here. Let me know if I can do anything for you.
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    Hello and Welcome to the Identity community!
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    I went to the website and left a message and my info for joining a position, how long does it usually take to respond?
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    If i own a business, Am i able to share my business account (if thats a thing) with my Partner? Will i be able to give other players access to my bank account? And can i set up weekly (in game time) payments to employees? or will i have to do this manually (Automated payments) If so, If i fire a employee, Will it be easy to take said person off my accounts? Regards, Curtis
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    Karaoke singers and radio personalities have already been confirmed but will there be wrestlers, boxers, musicians, and acrobats?